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There are three main factors influencing the style of the office: 1 – the taste and wishes of the head, 2 – geography, focus on European or American styles, 3 – Profile of the company. Generally assumed two concept design office: a classic cabinet-corridor system and the Open Space, open space. The first variant can include, for example, most public institutions in our country: the long corridors, signs on doors, private offices and various departments. With TZ performance, classic office optimally tuned to the linear-functional organizational structure of the traditional managerial verticals and ways of coordination. The concept of Open Space demonstrates the idea of a democratic office, which is organized in a fairly large room, not a divided main walls. Office space is structured, and it creates the necessary functional areas, with widely used mobile and fixed office partitions. With TZ management, organized in such a manner more consistent with modern office management forms and enables new ways of internal coordination and communication. Furthermore, the lack of doors and corridors significantly saves office space.

Many companies choose the third – hybrid – an option in its own way combining elements of classical and open offices. Practice shows that in Russia in the regeneration of the taste of the head office in most cases it plays a fundamental role, although competent organization of the working space requires the participation of specialists that provide functionality, size and ergonomics of the office. In the world there are two main approaches to the design of office buildings: the U.S. .

Certificate WebMoney

If you need to replenish webmoney in Odessa, then in this article, you'll see a description of the different methods of implementation of this operation. Many prefer the method of buying specialized WM-card (similar to mobile phone vouchers communication), this map contains code completion of a purse, if you enter that your account is replenished by the amount indicated on the voucher. But there may be times when you are in regions where not so easy to buy a voucher replenishment. But in this situation, you can recharge your account using one of the following ways: updating through sms through any Internet portal, to seek help in one of the points of exchange WebMoney; should be noted, however, that using the first method, you will regret it from the material point of view, since it is quite expensive. With the first method, you get to own a purse only 40-50% of the amount that you need to spend to send sms. The second method of replenishment webmoney most efficient and fastest. Just ask for support from the operator to exchange the item and clearly follow all his instructions. Top-up using webmoney currency exchange on the Internet quite easily, as well as bring WebMoney.

Similar operations are performed in the shortest possible time. Once you have contacted the operator of the exchanger wm in Odessa, you will be required to tell him what you want to do – withdraw or supplement webmoney. Operator, depending on the type of surgery, tell you a credit card number or other method of placing funds at the expense of the exchange point. As soon as the amount of money will be received by the exchanger, their will translate into your personal account. With the help of the operator of the exchange the item, you can also carry out an operation to the conclusion webmoney, as it were, the completion of the contrary. You transfer the operator exchanger title signs WebMoney, and after some time to get cash directly appearing in the exchanger, a bank or postal money order, or directly to your bank, which today is the most popular method. Most comfortable with the fact that Currently, many currency exchange offices of Ukraine signed an agreement with Privatbank and gained access to his e-office – Privat24 that significantly simplifies the procedure for transfer of funds from the wallet to a bank account. Using this system, the output WebMoney, you can for an hour to get them into the accounts and cash from an ATM. If you wish to receive detailed advice on any matters relating to webmoney or get Certificate WebMoney, simply visit the site Exchange office in Odessa works for you, we are always happy to answer your questions, hold you any operation in this payment system.


Seasonality, for example, large. And staff turnover, for example, too. But income is not very much. And anyway, to get it to work so that it can be quite a feat. And if you're on vacation, what happens? All of this suggests that technologies and techniques is not enough. Maybe I will be some 'loaded', but in all this is very much a positive thing! Problems listed above are in the majority of Russian companies, right? You can talk with a businessman from Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Sochi, and be sure to find something that I had already discovered.

Problems in all of them will be roughly the same. From this we can conclude that such is the general state of Russian business. You can disagree, but I have already made this conclusion. Just look around and you see it. But once those problems are in the majority of Russian companies, tell me what happens with a company that finds a good, economical way to solve all or nearly all of its main challenges? It turns the dream, is not it? The dream of every maker of business. She is beautiful and elegant, but there is another plus. If this company will find solutions to their problems, it could cease to worry about is that there are competitors. Between the company and its 'competitors' true love in style 'as Tuzik warmer'. Like I said, and perhaps you will agree with me is a dream. Perhaps someone impression that such things can believe only one who even sleeps in a single glasses.

Out Information Waste

Dear reader, what kind of person do you feel – knowing or strong? Why? To answer these questions, it is necessary to understand that such a power, where and what she is. Widely known for a catch phrase: "Knowledge – the power!" Interestingly, what is the deeper meaning of this statement. After all, if to take it literally, it goes nestykovochka with the facts. Among your friends probably have two people with higher education, which does not include strong get (language does not turn). Then what is knowledge? In this article we will talk briefly about the main issues of this important topic. Who knows more about life – a child or an adult? And who are more happy? What is the reason this paradox? The answer is simple – in the way of perceiving the world.

The child does this directly, sensually. Adult – through the acquisition of patterns, charts, familiar logic. And thus sees, perceives and understands the world limited, not completely. Moreover, the average person to build their world view, his "map of reality" on the basis of only the material component of life. Without taking into account the phenomena, processes, patterns, which are the reasons the material world.

Examples? Thinking man enough to match some of the causal relationships. Many miracles have become a reality is the result of the materialization of thought. From Recent achievements of mankind: cars, aircraft heavier than air, telecommunication, space flights and moon, and computers. First – an idea that thought-form, on the correct energy-filled and support, the output result.

Business Weaknesses

The purpose of all issues of this paper is to identify weaknesses in your attitude to business, ie pinpoint weaknesses and show you the line of work you want to pull up to continue get the best results. Answer these questions simply yes or no or not SURE: Do you have a specific and clearly stated goal for yourself or a group of goals that you want to have as a result of its activities? Are these goals correct and very clear to you now? Do you have formulated for myself the intermediate sub-goals and objectives, without which performance would not be possible to achieve possession of the main objectives? Not lose if your main goal its significance in the process, until you will realize they are not in your reality? Do you have a high enough emotional lift just at the thought of its main purposes? If you answered at least One question no or not sure, then you are not yet defined their proper purpose. And without the faithful goals you can not long and effectively to achieve results. Also, you'll always stay the direction, because there is no accurate data on how, where do you actually want to really get into. Idea. Direction of movement.

Naturally, after you have defined goal, then you start to actively seek methods of achieving it. If the aim is true, then sooner or later you will find a way to get it. Therefore, the objectives begins with the fact that you attend some sort of idea that seems to you an original and very profitable.

Federal Service

There is a strictly regulated procedure as registration and reregistration of the media in the Office for permitting work in the media of the Federal Service. For registration (re-) media you need provide the registration authority the following documents: 1. Application for registration or reregistration media – encouraged to apply to the printed version in the prescribed form. Remember that every mass media, which is necessary register, fill out an application. In the column "founder" of legal persons: legal form, full name, legal address (required states zip code) bank details; individuals – first name, middle name, passport details, address, place of residence. As for the media, which are named in a foreign language, indicate the translation of the names in the Russian language in the column "name" in parenthesis.

The request must be necessarily specified form of periodical dissemination of mass media. This may be: a radio program, TV show, newsreel program, audio programs, video, print media, with the obligatory indication of its form (magazine, newspaper, newsletter, book, almanac), electronic periodicals edition, the news agency. Filling in the registration statement, under "Address of the founder, specify the address of the registration of the founder, and in the" editorial office "- the actual location of the editorial board with the number of home street name, area, region, republic, city or zip code. The addresses of the founder and editorial may coincide. You will also need to fill in the application graph "topics and (or) specialization. For this we recommend use the supplied thematic list.