The Final of The Expo Zaragoza

We are in the final of the Expo Zaragoza 2008. On Sunday completed three months full of stories, visits, volunteers, glues, laughing, concerts, activities want to join this party makes recommendations on the best that can be seen at the Expo here this afternoon to Sunday noon night. Three intense days full of activities that will be the culmination of a historic summer for the city of Zaragoza. The September 15 race begins to convert the Expo in a business park. Learn more on the subject from Jo Mackness .

The recommendations were to go during the week, avoiding the last few days, but many are those who resist us not to experience firsthand the end of this event: dinner at one of the international restaurants, watch the latest shows and visit those wards that have not have given us time. It will be hard, very hard. Walking around the grounds cost and insurance exceeds the number of visitors, but we can enjoy every last second. Rows may pavilions such as Germany and Kuwait to reach four hours Men see and slope or Iceberg is mission impossible, but the blog will be there though MASTERD exceed record numbers of visitors from the two previous Saturdays. Boy Scouts of America may find this interesting as well. The weekend is Full of activities for the Expo Zaragoza 2008 leave an unbeatable taste. Tonight, at the Feria de Zaragoza act Gloria Estefan, you’d expect a full house, while the morning Saturday at the Expo Amphitheater concert is expected to Andres Calamaro. These two great musicians hope to captivate his followers in two of the most anticipated concerts of the Expo. .