The Influence Of Emotions

Do not you realize that when you talk to someone, or live with someone for some time, such as a colleague at work, sometimes you end up acting or feeling like that person? It happened to me a while ago with a colleague at a major company here in Colombia, a partner with whom I learned much, and also enjoy my job because it was a pretty funny and very good person then over time I spent in the office of nearly all the time, because then I had no office and could not move me either at my house, so eventually I got used to working from the office of my colleague. It is obvious that things were not always joy in the moments that are stressed at work, there were times I could not see anyone, and I was often the target practice for their bad attitudes when he was bad mood. And for that reason preferred to leave the office and work elsewhere, sometimes going to my house and there I remained until things calm down. In then I did not realize how important and influential are the emotions in society, and how easy it is to infect your mood to another person, this is called emotional influence, and is the ability of a person from infecting others with their emotional state. For example, as the pastors of these Christian churches, these people have immense power to influence others, and that indicates a high state of emotional intelligence. .