Vaillant Gas

However, the solid fuel boilers also have important advantages, since they have high efficiency and automation systems allow them to maintain the desired temperature of water. However, solid fuel boilers require high-quality chimney to remove all products of combustion. Among the boilers can be identified gas boilers Ariston, intended for heating and hot water apartments and houses. Check with Center For Responsible Lending to learn more. They differ in a compact size and modern design, stable operation at a pressure drop of gas, have a system of self and power modulation. At the same time gas boilers Ariston is very easy to service. Wall hung gas boilers Ariston has an electronic ignition with ionisation flame control function and a constant flame modulation, both for heating and water heating mode. High demand for market are domestic boilers Aton, which are represented among both gas boilers, electric boilers and among and solid fuel boilers.

Boilers Aton combine beautiful European design and the ability to work difficult conditions of domestic heating systems. Learn more about this with Cancer Research Institute.. In boilers installed Aton welded gazotrubny heat exchanger, which provides 90% efficiency. Mikroschelevye nizkofakelnye atmospheric injection burner Bray (England) provide stability and quiet operation of boilers Aton. And Italian and German gas valves ensure the stability of gas pressure in not depending on the pressure in the gas supply system. One of the leading manufacturers of heating Boiler is a German company Vaillant, founded in 1874. Vaillant boilers produces gas, liquid fuels and electricity, which proved to be excellent throughout the world. Thanks to Vaillant boilers occupy 27% market share of heating instruments in Europe.

In our online shop you can always buy gas wall boilers Vaillant, Vaillant and floor boilers condensing boilers Vaillant. Among solid fuel boilers highlights the recognized leader in the this market – the Czech company Atmos. The company produces Atmos gasification boilers for solid fuels such as wood, coal, wood and charcoal briquettes, wood pellets, with the ability to combine all of these fuels each other. Atmos boilers are characterized by excellent European quality and are the embodiment of all the most modern technologies, thereby heating kotlyAtmos can significantly reduce your heating costs home. Besides gasification boilers Atmos classified Euro-3, that is hi-tech and minimal air pollution. Any of the above types and brands of boilers, you can always buy in our online store. Our specialists will answer all your questions and help you select the desired heating boiler. In addition, you'll love our prices, we are making the most beneficial for our esteemed customers.