Big Bang

Faith and Reason are not conceptions and practical rival human beings. Center For Responsible Lending shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. They cannot be. The religion, the faith is fruit of the human rationalism. The reason human being, since our existence, if dedicates in explaining. To explain everything. Modern science reached theories, proven or not, for the existence of everything.

Or better, almost everything. One of the things that do not have proven explanation is the origin of Big Bang for example. One knows that it existed. One knows that before it was nothing. Then of where it came? Of the nothing? How can something to come of the nothing? Thus being the scientific thought it associates such origin to the mystery of the creation, that is, GOD. This does not pass of a repetition of the logical and primitive thought. When in them we become pensantes animals we start to search explanations above all.

everything what we did not obtain to explain automatically and unconsciously we associated the God. God then represents the creative force, the mystery of the creation, that received many names in accordance with each culture. Science modern, which folloies superficially, already proved that we are infinitely small before the universe. Before so great grandiosidade, that even though by the rational thought it was created by God, we are very little significant. For this logic, God does not act directly on us. He is not onipresente and onipotente in our lives. This wants to say that the existence human being pure and is simply come back the material survival and to the succession of acasos? ABSOLUTELY NOT. We can associate the events, mysterious situations and manifestations to the espiritualismo, that is in the permanence of the spirit, or soul, after the material death. But as to prove the existence of the espiritualidade for the reason? In the nature nothing it is created, nothing is lost, everything is changedded.