Effectively Write Advertising

Written advertising is the easiest advertising campaign. In this case, if you write the ad correctly, it will outperform any advertising campaign. But do not think that making it very easy because you only think. The main purpose announcement is to buy or sell goods or services. On the same goods or services can be written quite differently. And how you do it will depend on the effectiveness of ads and the end result, for the sake of which you place the ad.

For those wishing to make the right ad, below are recommendations for the compilation of effective ads, which will increase your sales and of course, profits. What, where and How much? Begin to write your ad is very important because the problem must be put clearly. Immediately check that you want to buy or sell. Specify a price issue. Check your benefits it offers. Make an offer which the buyer can not refuse, write as if you are a buyer, not seller. Think about what kind of ad caught your attention? Title The title – the main element of the ad it was he who first drew attention, so try to do, if not screaming, then enticing, informative, “delicious.” Title can be compared with a shop window, the brighter and more original looks like a showcase, the more Buyers will go to the store. From this it follows that if the title will attract the attention of the buyer, he, at least, read your ad, and on and close to shopping, if your ad will be no worse than the title.

At the same time should take into account the fact that the title should be short and “talking” about your offer, services, goods. Eye-catching words can be considered the following list of words: urgent, sale, good condition, cheap almost nothing. The main text of How to write an advertisement right? Outline in the main text, all on the subject matter, we are talking about the main characteristics of the goods, which often affect the client’s decision to buy. Not Remember in the declaration indicate the number of the product and its price. Phrases such as “prices below factory” or “contract price” means nothing and only scare. How can the product be lower than if it is to buy in bulk at the factory? A sneaking suspicion that the goods of poor quality or stolen. Neither the first nor the second option, as a rule, do not like a normal customer. Avoid these phrases. Specific price always attracts specific customer accounts that will appeal to you to find out the cost of the goods or services, or make a purchase or make a deal. Add Photos View ad is correct – it’s half the battle, we must also add a picture, at what is mandatory. That picture of the goods will increase the quality of your ad that you and evaluate search engines. What does this mean? When you request information in a search engine similar to the information in your ad, it will be displayed on the front pages. Try to add photos in jpeg format. Contact Be sure to include your contact information in the ad. The faster you can connect customers, the more the likelihood that they will not communicate with anyone else. For communication it is desirable to keep not only your telephone number, fax number and icq, e-mail. If you have a website or page on the Internet – and provide him / her. Successful sales and purchases, as well as the correct and effective ad!