Ghostcrawler Explains: Revenge For Our Tanks

Vengeance is a new, passive skill that we get if we opt for one of the tank trees: protection Paladins and warriors, blood Death Knight and feral for Druids. Revenge was designed for a single purpose to help ensure that the threat caused by tank scales, if other players improve their equipment. Imagine a RAID with properly equipped characters at level 85. Without revenge, perhaps a tank would dish out 50% of the damage of a damage class. Greg “Ghostcrawler” Street is the lead systems designer for world of Warcraft and once killed a dinosaur with a spreadsheet.

So he will at least see his latest blog post on the new WoW community page described. Ghostcrawler will remain us of class changes, Nerf and buff, but probably also as the face forever in memory. In his latest blog post “Revenge for our tanks,” he explains the aims behind the introduction of the new passive tank capability “Revenge” or even Called vengeance. With this ability it should be tanks also in long battles possible to keep the aggro without zutuhen of the classic tank help such as misleading. A very nice Paladin player asked me before recently something about revenge. She had a few concerns about this mechanism and this I noticed that we not well explained you players what to actually achieve exact revenge. Vengeance is a new passive ability, which you will receive if you decide for one of the tank trees: protection Paladins and warriors, blood Death Knight and feral for Druids. When a tank with one of these talent distribution takes damage, he gets a bonus to attack power depending on the damage.

This bonus can exceed not more than 10% of maximum health. … Vengeance is a new mechanism and how many changes to the design could some fine-tuning needed to get it right. Maybe needs it too long to be fully stacked or it expires too easy. Maybe It does too much of the work of the tank for him, producing a generation of lazy protector. Threat is a tricky thing to balance. If it is too easy to keep, the tank has no fun. If it is too hard to hold, no one has fun. Believe it or not, but we want that the role of the tank is fun. Markus T. Szyslow (