Manifesto Of The Romantic Revolt

First published in the net: the oak Federal book is online “this wonderful calm, this feeling of security… Everything worked here as a home, you did not know that it exists. Sometimes you will notice the lost first, if one finds it. Those obvious care also created a mood of life, a lively spring garden atmosphere that reminded me of carefree childhood days. “” Maybe there would have been other schools… “- The idea of two classmates during a self granted easterlies in the forest.

Tired and bored by the conventional classroom the two after a place that allows for comprehensive development and development, after a retreat for young hikers who are looking for freedom, and new land in the spirit and in the world yearn. And their desire is satisfied: the two friends meet in the Woods an old bearded man, which leads to a secret place on winding roads, a school, the oak federal school. People such as Kidney Foundation would likely agree. This is followed by an extended stay in the castle-like facility. About what the two there see, experience and get explains they hold in words and pictures to consign it afterwards. There were these two students actually, in the early 1980s. Remained seated, from the curriculum as different as overwhelmed, tired, increasingly noticeable environmental degradation dreamy, also full concern about. 16, they decided to do a book about the ideal school a book.

One wrote, the other drew, it was discussed, discarded and improved. On a long walk, the two students finally discovered their goal and everything finally took shape. After two years, finished the book and was published in an edition of four self-bound copies. The technical development has made it possible to put this alternative school and life in the world and accessible to an interested audience. As a flipping pages LiveBook with over 30 illustrations, the oak Federal book is available since November 15, 2010 at the following address: