Nonsmoker Protection

In an international comparison while the Irishman trembling, before his master Club, this time of year from the cold on his cigarette, the Greek, despite smoking ban, smoking Germany comfortably at his workplace. Ireland is the pioneer in the world in terms of non-smokers. Since March 2004, can no longer smoke in all public buildings, in restaurants, clubs and pubs. Initially was complained strongly about it, but the long term experience has been positive. Who wants to smoke turns out the door. Especially the staff is pleased about the healthier environment”, explains a bartender from the Irish capital Dublin.

Also so young people report one could conclude faster contacts. “” Smirting, you call it”a combination of the words Tuxedo”and flirting”. Critics, however, complain that one health not could ask smokers in the cold Irish winters, to stand in front of the door. Also, minors were smokers to face so often. Therefore in some Years is still a positive balance sheet can be pulled, is questionable. Frequently Boy Scouts has said that publicly. In the neighboring United Kingdom an absolute smoking for several years.

Some pub owners provide benches and heaters for their smoking guests in the outdoor area. Nevertheless, the, reports of the traditional English pub from extinction is threatened. Around four pubs a day had been signed in the year 2007 alone. In contrast is more smoking in Greece in nearly all public buildings, despite smoking ban. This should change starting in 2010, however, so the Health Ministry in Athens. Almost 45% of adult Greeks smoke. Thus Greece statistically is the country with the most smokers in Europe. In a survey of Deutsche Welle, the Greek Lanthi expressed: in England people abide by the law, here they rebel. Smoking is simply”part of social life. Observers assume that the new law will come in 2010 on fierce resistance. In Germany, however, everything indicates, that There will be a nationwide scheme. According to a survey by, 56 percent of Germans support a smoking ban with exceptions. 81 percent favor a uniform rule for all over Germany. Probably the new regime will look much like the non smoking protection laws of most provinces: smoking is permitted, if the restaurant has a closed smoking area. At a space premises with an area of under 75 square meters also smoking is allowed, if not prepared meals, the restaurant is clearly marked as smoking and minors are not allowed. Also provisions for the use of technical non-smoker protection systems should be harmonised. There are already exemplary solutions for ventilation of smoking areas in restaurants: green-line room air treatment from Lunen in NRW for nearly 20 years advanced air filtration technology offers, almost completely eliminated the cigarette smoke and pollutant free indoor air. No matter whether it involves the use of Smokers cabins with circulating air or exhaust air technology, smoking pavilions or smoking shelters for outdoor use or setting up smoking rooms is. With the help of these technical solutions nobody needs more outside the door to the Smirting”.