Hair Removal – A Trend Of The 21st Century

Hair removal trend of the 21st century study of the University of Leipzig showed: 97 per cent of young women and 79 percent of young men regularly remove body hair. Grafelfing, March 02, 2009 – In November 2008 the University of Leipzig published a study which, according to the 97 percent of young women and 79 percent of young men regularly your body hair in at least a body region entfernen(1). You use traditional methods such as shaving and epilation. A time-consuming, sometimes painful, but in any case skin irritant method. In the meantime there are hair removal methods that permanently effective and skin permanently remove hair. Clean skin works with the proven intense pulsed light (IPL) method that the provider for dermatological cosmetics now combines with the radio frequency technology. A leading source for info: Boy Scouts. This combination promises lasting success even if you have lighter hair.

Hairlessness is nowadays almost a matter of course. The results of a study show that in the \”University of Leipzig has been completed: the proportion of women interviewed, which remove no body hair at all was on non-recoverable level\”. More than 50 percent of the men surveyed said to remove the hair on several bodies at the same time. The reasons for the increasing need for smooth skin are according to study on the one hand the desire to look attractive, but also social standard. Trends come and go, but this is not so quickly disappear again. This is not about finally to fashion, where the purple bag the next season again out be will.

\”, so Frank Linke, founder and Managing Director of clean skin. Hair removal methods such as shaving or wax epilation have one thing in common: the positive effect of smooth skin not long before. In addition to hair stubble also ingrown hair and irritated skin are often unpleasant consequence.\”Nelson recorded a rapid growth in recent years and is one of the largest providers of today Industry.