Remember now How has he reacted to a generous praise. Probably you tried to act to really deserve it. Practice the art of tolerance, understanding, generosity suits you. Think about policy. What differentiates a statesman of a single politician, is the ability to compromise and reach agreements of State, for the benefit of a nation. The statesman invites the opposition to join the both, agree and move forward on important subjects for a country.

It is impossible that a modern statesman use acidic critique and playing with his political adversary. Think about the company. Large employers are generally great leaders, people able to motivate hundreds or thousands of people, of making equipments, excite them and inspire them with their goals and win the hard battle of competition. They do not criticise, they praise, they motivate. Criticizing is a waste of time and money. They know very well that the productivity grows with motivation.

Lycos users. is. Us provides, please handle the criticism, considering the following aspects: 1. delineate the behavior that want to criticize. 2 Make your criticism as specific as possible. 3 Make sure that the behavior which criticizes might change; and if not, do not criticize him. 4 Use statements in first person, and avoid threats and accusations. 5 Make sure that the other person understands his criticism and the reason for the same. Not sputter or talk too fast. Not even the best criticism serves, if the other person does not understand what he says. 6. Do not insist too. A long and repetitive criticism induces, simply, to which the other person is turned off. Nor turn his criticisms in speeches; When the listener is bored, he does not pay attention. 7. Provide incentives for behavior change, and commit to work together to resolve the situation. 8. Do not leave your own negative feelings, stain what is saying.


Now, the average banks if prepare to follow the trend. In the case of the institutions of lesser transport, what it allows the retaken one of the credit is the return of the captations by means of deposits the stated period. In accordance with given of the Cetip, already 6,5 billion in DPGE had been launched more than R$ – the total supply of CDB surpasses the R$ 755 billion. Most of the emissions of new DPGE, 42%, is intent in the band of up to one year of expiration. But one has left excellent, 23%, is successful in up to two years and more than one tero of the total (35%) has stated period above of three years, compatible with the wallet of these banks. According to BMG, at a first moment the bank did not make many captations with the DPGE, that complete two months of life, on account of the stated periods, that were very short. Now with the decision of the CMN, the product it starts to be sufficiently interesting: ' ' Our funny average wallet around two the two years and way and beyond the deposits the stated period we can balance this with cessions of crdito' ' , it said, remembering that they start to also appear signals of opening in the external market. The papers offer returns that in accordance with vary the stated periods of expiration and the appetite of the banks.

They oscillate between 108% and 130% of the CDI – with average around 115%. On of this, the bank has to pay a percentage to the FGC, on account of the guarantee. Test of the high demand for the DPGE is that HSBC only mounted a deep one to buy these headings. Already 140 million had been caught R$ and have opened deep other stop to catch more R$ 90 million: ' ' The guarantee is not Treasure, but it is risk next to sovereign. It is a good paid chance because taxes interessantes' ' , according to bank. Another example is the Bank of Brazil (BB) that it this week launches a family of deep of fixed income that will buy only DPGE.A family, baptized of Strategy, will be formed by five deep ones: two will be for private, two for the retail segment of high income Style and one for institucional. All will be deep closed. The investor will have a period of application and alone he will be able to draw the money two years after.

The idea of the bank is to catch R$ 100 million in each one. The minimum application in private and the Style will be of R$ 10 a thousand. The expectation is that the emissions can surpass the R$ 30 billion in the next months with the entrance to the great institucional investors. the pension funds already had started to buy papers, affirm the consultoria RiskOffice. According to it, the taxes of the traditional ones Certificate of deposit Bank clerks (CDB) had been reduced after period of high in 2008 and the DPGE appeared as a good chance. The foundations have 23% of the wallet of fixed income placed in private credit e, of this total, more than the half (53%) are deposit the stated period, about R$ 30 billion. Bibliography: Periodical Economic Value of 28 of May of 2009 Periodical Economic Value of 01 of June of 2009


Sorya Silva2 Summary: The mercantilista economic doctrine foiadotada by the majority of the European monarchies in order to stimulate odesenvolvimento of the economy and the kingdoms. The distribution of the comrcioInternacional one was made for merchants was carried through d forms unilateral eagressiva. It is object of study of this article to make a comparison between ocomrcio and the excessively practical mercantilistas with the theory of the ComrcioInternacional. For this the article was divided of the following form: 1.Introduo, 2. Mercantilistas ideas, 3. Theory of the International trade and 4.Concluso. Word-key: Mercantilism, Theory of the ComrcioInternacional and Interveno of the State. 1.INTRODUO: The form of mercantilista thought invigorated in perodode1450 the 1750 in such a way sendofruto of some transformations in the intellectual, religious scope, politician, geographic and economic.

In Spain and Portugal, it observed-sea prohibition of exit of precious metals and the entrance of mercadoriasestrangeiras. In France, the Colbertismo searched interventionism in the industry eo customs protectionism, to develop internal industrialization, to export more and to reduce the importations to the possible minimum. In England, ocomrcio and the navigation had appeared with the main sources of national wealth. The conception metalist characterized the mercantilism in suasvrias forms bulionista, industrialist, commercialists, ecolonial trustee. The bulionismo corresponds to the initial phase of the mercantilism, where Europa possua money enough not to take care of the docomrcio increasing volume.

After the bullionista time, to the will of the mercantilistas to demaximizar the gold ea silver inside of a country assumed the form of dosgovernos attempts to obtain a favorable balance in the trade balance, wants to say thermal money entering in the country of what of it leaving. (Hunt, 1981) a special protection of the main indstriasexportadoras of England against the foreign competitors was given who to tentassementrar in the domestic markets of the exporting industries. Added to restriesdo foreign commerce, also had restrictions of the internal production.

Property Purchase Dream

The people, generally, when they think about acquiring a residential property, costumam to form in its mind the image of an ideal property. That one that, beyond pretty, comfortable and with the maximum easiness of acquisition, takes care of its taste, its emotional side. E, above all, that he is cheap and inside of the ideal conditions. All want ' ' good, pretty and barato' '. However, this is the great dream of all. However, we call the attention the reader so that if it does not leave to delude for the dream. She is necessary that each one makes a previous analysis of all its necessities, gostos, interests and financial possibilities, as much for the money possibility as for the good viability of that if it can undo for the concretion of that purchase.

This everything, beyond analyzing its availability month-the-month to pay a possible monthly fee in the purchase of its property. As all we have the right to dream, most of the time we create an ideal above of our real possibilities. Generally the purchaser desires and looks a property above of that effectively it can pay. This is understandable because it does not know the prices of the market, for not being of the branch. Thus, at the moment where it idealizes the property of its dreams, of its ideal, and goes to the market, it will not find certainly everything that for the price for which it thought about buying, that is, almost always its financial availability will not be compatible with the values practised at that moment, and this brings to the pretense purchaser a very great disillusion and frustration. What it imagines is not viable in relation to the money of that it makes use. In many cases, this cause a great discomfort and until failures in meeting with its familiar ones.

Credit Cards

Although this entity is useful for financial institutions, operators of credit cards and banks, it is extremely harmful those consumers who even so must money to these institutions, are not refused to pay the debit, not being offered conditions for the repayment of the debt. The test of this is in the fact of many institutions of this nature, passed some time later, depleted the attempts of negotiation always in favor of them made for the service of telemarketing? also in abusive way – to deliver the legal offices of accounting or to take the steps due. there that this position is not understood. Simply passed? let us say five months after the expiration of the first invoice or billet of payment? they send the house of the consumer an extrajudicial notification with softer and attractive alternatives of payment for it, resulting in a reduction of at least 30% of the debt for at sight payment. Still thus, in case that the consumer does not have conditions to pay the not concordant debit or with the value for finding that it still is raised and abusive, finishes not paying to the invoice or the sent billet. Not having another alternative? since these offices prevent to take measured legal as, for example, the judicial collection, in reason of the delay in the solution of the process that will be crawled per long years? they finish directing another proposal with a still lesser value one more time so that the consumer has conditions to pay. Thus, if it does not understand the attitude of this entity in registering in cadastre the consumer in its controls, punishing it through the prohibition to effect new purchases in the commerce, to take loans banking, to buy in another etc., credit card that does not have More worse still is the attitude of the commercial companies, banks and operators of credit cards, that instead of negotiating the debits of the consumer directly, also renegotiating the debt thus if it can pay, finish sending information the Serasa and to the SPC that finishes punishing who wants to honor its commitments and they do not make it in reason of lacks of understanding on the part of store, establishments bank clerks and companies of cards of credit.