Miracles Need Time

Uwe a transvestite with plenty Kopfkino? Miracles take time – will describe In the novel a love which finds its own way. It is a novel which deals between search for life’s meaning, search for identity, life, love and dependency, partner relationships that do not succeed, but also to the loss of the female in the male. “” Book Description: the situation for the main protagonists Lissy “and Uwe” is very extreme and the reader wonders whether the two make it to each other to find – and this is quite difficult. The book shows what mental problems is a young man who believes to be a woman. It is a serious topic that is told with humor, without it to make. Lissy separates from her husband Roger and moves in temporarily with her friend.

Uwe encouraged her empathetic nature to confide in her, and he confesses that he actually wants to be a woman. Because Uwe is still the work colleague of Roger, the situation is still It’s much more difficult. Seems strange the statement of his colleagues he was a female hero. And properly it is complicated then, where Landry must admit are to have love with Uwe. Where does friendship end and where love begins? Lissy wants to withdraw from Uwe but their longing for him is limitless. Not only helpless to get this problem, she informed about transsexuality and accompanied him to a self-help group. At the same time, she met the Japanese teacher Walter, who makes her a marriage proposal.

“Nicole, who for two years their operation to the woman” has already behind, Landry admits that their OP was a huge mistake and wants to warn the others. The blue out of, Uwe says his employer the truth about himself. Finally, he wants to be a woman! There is no going back now for him? This communication between the two main actors reflects almost all facets of life: anticipation, curiosity, anger, tenderness, disappointment, betrayal, love, Erotism, determination, Inconsistency, fear, sadness and despair.


And just where I write here I hear on the radio that a Thai film “Oncle Boonmee”, which deals with the topic of repatriation, was awarded in Cannes Golden Palm. I remembered again this return in the future, especially for the reason that moves the reality in the present, exactly in the opposite direction. I made about thoughts again and again, how can this representation from the year 2042 to reality and there is a Way that can achieve this utopian for me drawing the future -. How should a world in poverty with daily approx. 15,000 hunger deaths without war and terror death, a world in the greenhouse effect, poverty, hunger, education emergency, terrorism and wars, but 2010 looks like our world, turn to the positive. Policymakers around the world, further away from a solution of things every day. With all good will, which is also available, only more and more poverty and hunger, more climate problems, terrorism and wars are created and for the education of our children not being done what would be urgently needed. You have not long to think about, where the real problem lies, because we can hear it daily in the media, see and read, it is located right in front of our eyes: “lacks that it urge means necessary, lacking money, in cash,” that is so easy.

Lacking the financial resources to people and Nations and pointing out these “Enlightenment” and reality in the present, the inevitable way. Miracle There, but there is a way that won’t cost a penny and at the end of this path are incredible, positive Yes, described utopian episodes and a “new world”, as in 1974, the year 2042 in a return in the future and was drawn. I’m not a writer, I have no lecturer and have not studied probably German, but on where it is and what everyone will understand. I hope so at least. On my website under download, do I put the text anyone who wants it to read available and hope he brings some hope and confidence to deal with the problems of our time and help, look for the a way out which.

Acid Number

Basic physical and technical properties sovtol-10: Dissipation factor at 90 C (no higher). . 0.08 Breakdown voltage at 65 C (minimum )……… 40 kV , mg Koya 1 g of oil (not more )….. 0.02 Viscosity at 65 C (not more )…… 14 Water contamination …………. The disadvantages are absent sovtol include toxicity (it pairs with prolonged exposure to the human respiratory system can lead to poisoning), and the high hygroscopicity of Compared with the transformer oil, a sharp increase in viscosity at low temperatures. For impregnation of windings of magnetic isolation plates, paint details and assembly units used varnishes and enamels.

Insulating varnish insulating GF-95 is a solution glyptal resins, oils and resins used for impregnation, followed by zapechkoy windings. Time to dry (zapechki) – 15 hours at 105-110 C. Insulating Varnish ML-92, obtained by adding to lacquer GF-95 15% melamine formaldehyde resin, used for the same purpose as the GF-95. Time to dry 10-12 hours at 9-100 C. Bakelite lacquer, which is a resin solution resin in ethyl alcohol, has a color from reddish to reddish-brown, baked at 120-130 C, produced brands LBS-1 and LBS-2 and used in transformers for the bonding of insulation strips, rings and other parts. Glued these parts are painted a high mechanical and electrical strength. For the bonding of insulation is used as adhesive stamps MC made on the basis of methylcellulose.

Insulating Varnish number 302, made from the resin, tung oil, kerosene and other components used to isolate the plates of the magnetic system. As the solvent, varnish is a pure filtered paraffin. A number 202 and to use for the same purpose as the lacquer number 302, but in Unlike the latter, it is prepared to linseed oil. Instead of expensive scarce varnishes 302 and 202 of insulating varnish is used more often CF-965. Oil-bituminous varnish 458 black, baked used to impregnate the windings dry Low-voltage transformers. Lacquer solvent is benzene, toluene, benzene. The time it zapechki no more than 4 hours at 105 C. Glyptal-oil enamel GF-92-GS Gray, baking, oil resistant, baked for 3 hours at 105-110 C and used to coat varnish impregnated GF-95 and ML-92 windings and painting of steel parts dry-type transformers. For these purposes use enamel gray XB-124. Oil resistant enamel GF-92-XC gray, cold, drying, dries in for 24 hours at 18-22 C and used as a casing for dry-type transformers. Oil resistant enamel GF-92-HC in red, does not require zapechki used to paint bare branches and steel construction parts and components. Nitroenamels 624S gray, air-drying, dries in 10-12 minutes at 20 C and used for coating the inner surface of the tanks of transformers. Nitroemali 1201 and 1202 air-drying, dry for 10-15 minutes at 20 C used to cover bare busbar and steel structural parts. Enamel PF-133 black and gray colors used for painting the exterior surfaces of tanks, radiators, filters and other thermosyphon the transformer, not in contact with oil.