Seasonality, for example, large. And staff turnover, for example, too. But income is not very much. And anyway, to get it to work so that it can be quite a feat. And if you're on vacation, what happens? All of this suggests that technologies and techniques is not enough. Maybe I will be some 'loaded', but in all this is very much a positive thing! Problems listed above are in the majority of Russian companies, right? You can talk with a businessman from Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Moscow and Sochi, and be sure to find something that I had already discovered.

Problems in all of them will be roughly the same. From this we can conclude that such is the general state of Russian business. You can disagree, but I have already made this conclusion. Just look around and you see it. But once those problems are in the majority of Russian companies, tell me what happens with a company that finds a good, economical way to solve all or nearly all of its main challenges? It turns the dream, is not it? The dream of every maker of business. She is beautiful and elegant, but there is another plus. If this company will find solutions to their problems, it could cease to worry about is that there are competitors. Between the company and its 'competitors' true love in style 'as Tuzik warmer'. Like I said, and perhaps you will agree with me is a dream. Perhaps someone impression that such things can believe only one who even sleeps in a single glasses.


The vast majority of people who ask me about their relationship is because they suffer. They suffer from love, suffering from unrequited love, suffering from abandonment, suffer infidelity and also suffer from uncontrollable jealousy, among other situations. Suffering and love is an idea that is at all times present in lovers. Songs, poems, literature, cinema and novels talk about this intense pain that you when she loves. It is truth be in love involves risks and commitments, which at times, lead us to experience pain, suffering, or insecurities. It is obvious that love and its risks are lurking all the time in the life of couples. But if only you suffer in your relationship, and you’re not enjoying and enjoying the solidarity of the company, to share, to feel that you are important for this couple, then your relationship is not being constructive or functional.

Men and women consulted to end his suffering love, however, want their partners to change so they are happy, or at least, for which his aquiete heart and your pain slows. Nobody can give what you do not have. And if your only partner is capable of giving you suffering, it is the only thing that can give you. At least in that moment of life as a couple. Relations are also desgatan, love has just been or is transformed, but definitely, if you are not able to accept a man or a woman, let’s say unfaithful, then, because you tolerate the first, the second, the third and you become a guardian of their days, their nights, their actions, their calls, their words. I.e.

If the infidelity is not something that you accept in your scale of values, then you suffer, but you decide not according to your conviction, by contrast, remain in relationship day and night crying your misfortune. What keeps people in loving suffering are not their conditions, but their decisions, their indecision and doubts. They fear that if they leave or break with this couple they will suffer, but I wonder: what are not in any way suffering and despair all the time? Only everyone inside knows, although not the recognize if their suffering is tolerable or not. But spend life suffering because does not love us, because we are infidels, because they abandoned us, because we feel abused, then, is necessary to undertake a path of personal development to regain the trust in love. But I speak from personal love, dignify our own person to ourselves. If you’re in love you and suffer speaks of a very big personal abandonment. You’re more pending the other or the other than you. And therefore, you need to start taking actions that take you to a recovery not of your partner but of yourself. Do not suffer more by love and begins to do something for your life, for your dreams, to build healthier and more constructive relations. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. At Cecreto have material for which you start to think about your ways of loving and living and the e-book: how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars in the couple relationship, is a guide that takes you step by step to help you achieve it. Stop suffering and He begins to live. And if not now when?

Poetry as Salvation

The poetry is the soul of salvation of the world them human beings. An integral exercise to gain the universe in each poem sent to the universe of the spirit. In that sense, each poet that we are reading must leave a track, a tremor. In that context, to find us with the high poetry of Andres Milohnic Morals (Santiago of Chile, 1962) has been a invaluable and rewarding benefit.

Andres Morals Is licensed in Literature. Doctor in Philosophy and Letters. in the University of Chile directs to the Literary Factory Codices. Here, Boy Scouts of America expresses very clear opinions on the subject. It has published seventeen poetry books from 1982 until now, that is to say: By nsulas strange, Soliloquio of fire, Lazaro always it cries, Not the chance, Exercise of saying, Verb, Vice of beauty, Vision of the oracle, Breaking the eyes, the art of war, Scenes of the landslide of the West, Rquiem, personal Anthology, reunited Poetry, died Memory, Demon of the anything, the songs of the Sybil. Also, like academic rigorous and diffusing cultural, it has published ten books, as much florilegios as of literary critic: Poetic anthology of Vicente Huidobro, an angle of the world..

Window to Hope

Often thrown into face before youth believe that the world starts with her. True. But old age even more often believed that the world end with her. What is worse? Christian Friedrich Hebbel Poeta and German dramatist to my granddaughter Irene we are at the dawn of a new year. Boy Scouts of America is likely to agree. A book with blank pages and that us, just us, we will be responsible for writing with our true or false words and our actions. We have before us an immaculately white canvas in which we imagine wonderful images that we have to paint. Giving more to be a canvas or a book; In short is an open window to hope.

Outside that window still nothing, but we have the illusion of finding that perfect paradise that we all yearn for and which we call the future. A future that we will have to make reality among all and whose main engine generator of energy as always has been in the history of mankind should find their origin in our youth. Recently, my granddaughter of twenty years who is attending his second I showed joyous year of University studies, a work carried out jointly with a group of fellow. The same me revealed as a beautiful fruit which found fresh fragrance that always emanates from youth; It was the rich harvest produced by the contribution of each of the team members; the work that projected the exciting joy and multicoloured luminosity with that morcelas always looks to the future; the sum of a conjunction of efforts and wills that it gave off the uncontainable strength and vivacity of the spirits with the aim of conquering the infinite, of having it at your fingertips. I felt joy and admiration by many youth groups, which are applied with determination and enthusiasm to build their future by acquiring such knowledge like this, that morning will be necessary, not only to consolidate its way of life, but to be useful to society, and at the same time, I thought about dark and doubtful tomorrow that are on the horizon.

Safety Online

Throughout the evolution of the Internet, there have been malicious programs that negatively affect the operation of computers. In fact, long before the Internet became popular, the computer programmers created and installed applications that ruining his colleagues as a joke. However, it is fair to say that in the world of cybercrime has advanced considerably since the days in which malware was used only for harmless nonsense. Fast forward to 2012 and there are now hundreds of organized gangs that are aimed at the exploitation of computer networks for their personal benefit. Considering the importance of computer networks, Internet access and electronic commerce for many companies today, arguably it is more important than ever to protect a computer from malicious software that can be found online. Early warning signs several experts have referred to the development of the virus of Vienna in 1987 as an important landmark in the world of cybercrime. See Boy Scouts of America for more details and insights. The code source of this virus became public and it is thought that this did much to help the formulation of computer viruses to become a popular pastime. Dr. Neal Barnard may not feel the same.

Took the idea of the creation of viruses with nonprofit actually not off until the 2000s, little once known as ILOVEYOU e-mail virus affecting nearly 45 million computers around the world. The ILOVEYOU virus was widely credited with introducing the idea of non-profit public, malicious programs. In the course of the century, the hackers began to create and spread malware with the motivation of a potentially huge economic reward. Soon became a common practice to spread viruses through web sites in order to infect thousands of visitors from that domain all in one fell swoop. The protection of computer networks Fortunately, the online world has grown knowing scams, such as the ILOVEYOU virus. Now it is common practice to have an anti-virus software installed on computers and there is a lots of tools available to protect web sites from malware attacks.

These include analysis of vulnerability, the software’s detection and managed firewalls. Those who use the services of accommodation website in a data center can be found that the service provider offers these services as standard, however this is something that companies should be reviewed. Other computer crimes unfortunately, malicious software is no longer the only problem that internet users and web site owners have. The 2000s also saw the proliferation of attack known as denial of service (DDoS) distributed and phishing scams. Any hosting site Web business that boasts must now provide its clients web monitoring software to detect a potential DDoS attack on your website – as well as an SSL certificate, which can help customers feel more secure when they buy under your domain. Even for companies that are not selling products online, SSL certificates they are key to providing a secure intranet and hinder the possibility of that can be invaded by hackers. Online safety in 2012 in spite of that basic online security measures are far more advanced today than they were when the cyber crime began, there is no doubt that hackers have become smarter also. A large number of high-profile companies, including Sony, Citibank and even MI6 have had important files stolen in 2011, leaving his significantly damaged reputation. In addition to the growing importance of e-commerce, this is one of the main reasons why online business must make electronic security one of its major investments in 2012.

Paid Surveys

Wherever you nowadays go, you will see an announcement that offers to pay to him by its opinion in cash. It is a survey or a paid group of opinion, the idea is the same – the companies of market studies want their free opinion and are arranged to give effective and merchandise him so that you pass his time answering his surveys. In this article, we will review the most frequent questions on the paid surveys. What is a paid survey? A paid survey, or survey of investigation of market, is a series of questions that are presented/displayed to an individual or group of people, to see as they perceive and they respond to certain products or services. Each person falls in some type of demographic category (separated segments of population by age, sex, income, etc.), to which certain products are directed. For example, the athletic equipment can be promoted towards young and physically active people, while the luxury cars can be directed towards people with higher income. These surveys in line is offered free of charge like means to understand certain markets better. What is a Focus Group? Focus Group is another type of survey where a group of individuals is invited to discuss certain subject related to the company that sponsors the Focus Group.

You can or not to know the point the discussion and they are realised generally by a moderator who will guide the discussion. These Focus Groups can be realised in physical locations or in line and usually they delay between 30 minutes and 2 hours. The compensation varies from 10 dollars to 250 dollars, depending the subject and the involved time. Why my opinion is so important? The companies spend hundreds of thousands, if new or existing nonmillion dollars in publicity for products and services. These advertising campaigns can sometimes be a complete cost of time and money if the company does not investigate the market that tries to capture.

The Contributions Of Sankara

When all duality is absent and one does not arise either confusion or suffering many avatars, everything is identified with the Atman, Hindu teachers has gone through this plane and they have bequeathed us his teachings so that those who are awake and identified with its growth considered them and out of them what they clarify their thoughts, help you stay awake in function of the opportunity to grow spiritually while on this dimension In this opportunity we stop to remember the valuable contributions which bequeathed us the Sankara teacher, philosopher, Vedic and the Bhagavad-Gita rigorous the Brahma Sutra, the history interpreter, puts man in a relative and illusory world, in which the self is the only authentic reality, which is identified with the universal self. His achievements during more than three decades of his earthly life constitute a wonder of rare type. Sri Sankara belonged to a Nambudiri Brahmin of Kerala family in the village of Kaladi situated on the banks of the River Churna… Dr. Neal Barnard may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He is said that pleased by his devotion, God appeared to them in a dream and asked them to choose between a series of long life that children remain ignorant and stupid and the other to be endowed with phenomenal intellectual. Sivaguru and his wife did not hesitate to choose the latter thus born Aryamba where it was considered that proclaimed himself an incarnation of Lord Siva same was given the significant name of Sankara (Sam Karoti ITI Sankarah: Sankara is the one who does good). Sivaguru died before the child fulfilled the five years remaining under the protection and care of his mother. With the help of relatives, Aryamba was performed upanayanam ceremony for his precocious child who in turn dominated all the Vedas and Sastras… Among some of the reflections that invite us to stop us to inquire what this can generate attention, actions towards our growths are: There is a ban on crossing the shadows (for teachers and superiors of one); but that does not prove the reality of a shadow, because a statement that expresses a meaning can not express another at the same time.

The Process

Some steps may be eliminated. To reduce the process time many companies perform several at once (what is called concurrent engineering). To facilitate the successful introduction of products in the market and eliminate any deficiencies, the latest trends involve interdepartmental meetings where all those responsible for key areas of the company are to participate in the creation of the product: purchasing, production, logistics, marketing, sales, after-sales service, etc. This is to avoid inefficiencies in product by small errors in approach that can derail it. For example: that the packing is too big to optimize the load; There are problems of procurement of certain components or that a suitable repair time cannot be guaranteed.. original author and source of the article..

Rules Of Play

Wars, extreme inequalities, economic crisis, torture, secret prisons realities that makes us ask us about institutions and international agencies that try to govern our roads to live in a world better. After the disaster of World War I, the leaders of the victorious countries created the League of Nations, an instrument which should serve for the harmony of peoples. However, he failed. World War II broke out in September 1939. Millions of deaths in the world and a devastated Europe was the result. More info: Center For Responsible Lending. Before such barbarism, when leaders created the United Nations. A meeting place where States could discuss before reaching the field of battle. The agreements of Bretton Woods, for his part, created the international economic order we know today: World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the dollar as international currency.

The idea was to avoid a crisis like that lived after World War I, when the soldiers returned to join the labour market and to support the reconstruction of the global economy. Until today, based on the market, the supply and demand. NATO, the Geneva Conventions, the Universal Declaration of the human rights bodies and law international which should be the rules of the game. However, there has been Viet Nam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan but also, crisis in 1973, in 1992 and the current. And billions of people who are hungry, who do not have access to medicines, drinking water. =onepage&q=Patrick%20Dollard%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery. There is torture, child exploitation, climate change becomes every day more necessary a change in international organisms, in laws, in economic models when one wants to play soccer learns their rules: the outside game, what means a red card, how should dress and behave.

And the player knows what to expect. However, that does not occur in current international relations, every moment and personal interests make sure the rules are constantly changing. There are many voices; writer Eduardo Galeano, Economist Jeremy Rifkin, Susan George, Vice-President of Attac, Federico Mayor Zaragoza or Jose Saramago, Nobel in literature, who speak of the need for another international order based on relations of equality and to seek the common good of the planet. The former President of the USSR, Gorbachev speaks of the need for a new perestroika that takes sustainable development into account and the different voices of civil society. The UN needs to be reformed, its Security Council no longer responds to the reality of the world in which we live, the capitalist system has entered a process of decline that no one knows when will end some economists speak of the need for new formulas that are not based on obtaining maximum benefits, if not the most suitable. There to stop bleeding the weaker populations and stop the hypocrisy. Only with the aid of Northern farmers receive you could end up with hunger in the world. Already in 1979, Mayor Zaragoza, spoke of the new economic order entailed disarmament and global solidarity was an essential requirement in an new international order. His words are now more current than ever. The change in which all the peoples of the Earth have a space should be. The change must be achieved so that the causes of poverty, exploitation and social exclusion, which are the breeding ground for violence, end up and begins to glimpse the world of peace. Ana Munoz journalist original author and source of the article.

Vogue Eyewear

One of the muses of fashion that has not lost the rhythm after many years in the limelight is Kate Moss, which after Gisele Bundchen and Daria Werbowy, takes over for Vogue Eyewear and becomes the brand image for the next advertising campaign. Despite his controversial union (and subsequent separation) of the singer Pete Doherty, the image of glamorous diva timeless and chameleon-like in Kate Moss has not lost strength. That is why large firms such as Vogue resort to it to represent them at a commercial level and bring prestige and aires renewed brand. Another strong point of the campaign is that it will be Mario Testino, great friend of the model and famous photographer, who has been immortalized to Moss with precious glasses, six models of see and Sol, chosen by herself. The color palette of this minicoleccion goes from the poppy to the glycine through Topaz and dark blue, without forgetting the classics, hawksbill and black, with mounts of smooth lines, sophisticated and rounded bicolor acetate both in smooth shades as blurred. The first results of this partnership between the model and the brand will have already noticed, and Kate Moss has expressed his happiness of collaborating with Vogue Eyewear and Testino. Do not wait to you tell him you and already visit his website to see fantastic new models for the season coming!