The vast majority of people who ask me about their relationship is because they suffer. They suffer from love, suffering from unrequited love, suffering from abandonment, suffer infidelity and also suffer from uncontrollable jealousy, among other situations. Suffering and love is an idea that is at all times present in lovers. Songs, poems, literature, cinema and novels talk about this intense pain that you when she loves. It is truth be in love involves risks and commitments, which at times, lead us to experience pain, suffering, or insecurities. It is obvious that love and its risks are lurking all the time in the life of couples. But if only you suffer in your relationship, and you’re not enjoying and enjoying the solidarity of the company, to share, to feel that you are important for this couple, then your relationship is not being constructive or functional.

Men and women consulted to end his suffering love, however, want their partners to change so they are happy, or at least, for which his aquiete heart and your pain slows. Nobody can give what you do not have. And if your only partner is capable of giving you suffering, it is the only thing that can give you. At least in that moment of life as a couple. Relations are also desgatan, love has just been or is transformed, but definitely, if you are not able to accept a man or a woman, let’s say unfaithful, then, because you tolerate the first, the second, the third and you become a guardian of their days, their nights, their actions, their calls, their words. I.e.

If the infidelity is not something that you accept in your scale of values, then you suffer, but you decide not according to your conviction, by contrast, remain in relationship day and night crying your misfortune. What keeps people in loving suffering are not their conditions, but their decisions, their indecision and doubts. They fear that if they leave or break with this couple they will suffer, but I wonder: what are not in any way suffering and despair all the time? Only everyone inside knows, although not the recognize if their suffering is tolerable or not. But spend life suffering because does not love us, because we are infidels, because they abandoned us, because we feel abused, then, is necessary to undertake a path of personal development to regain the trust in love. But I speak from personal love, dignify our own person to ourselves. If you’re in love you and suffer speaks of a very big personal abandonment. You’re more pending the other or the other than you. And therefore, you need to start taking actions that take you to a recovery not of your partner but of yourself. Do not suffer more by love and begins to do something for your life, for your dreams, to build healthier and more constructive relations. Thanks for reading, my mission is the quality of emotional life and its impact on the social. At Cecreto have material for which you start to think about your ways of loving and living and the e-book: how to regain the trust in love: wounds and scars in the couple relationship, is a guide that takes you step by step to help you achieve it. Stop suffering and He begins to live. And if not now when?