It has long been common knowledge that if you lose the forest, then, without making any reference, most likely, is unlikely to get out of the woods, and you'll wind circles. This seemingly obvious fact not long ago received its scientific confirmation. The thing is that people who do not have a guide, can not simply follow a straight path. Frequently Jo Mackness has said that publicly. So, not having a clear target, we begin to walk in circles, and the trajectory of this path is quite different from good perfect circle. Such terms may have a preference as to stretch or to the left or right and turn into some shapes that somewhat resemble ellipses. Thus, the Dodgers on such an elongated community – get into the drift – that is, remain almost the same place. That's where the full training can be useful higher mathematics in everyday life. But all sorts of deviations to the left or right is not dependent the propensity of a person in one direction or another, as well as its physiological characteristics.

Thus, the results delivered by scientists of the experiment, which was attended by several volunteers who wandering in the woods without guidance, but its location was fixed by using such a device as a GPS navigator. And these trips lasted about six hours, scientists have come to the following conclusions. In overcast and cloudy weather, almost all participants in the experiment, one way or another, deviated from the straight path, and they could pass on the same road several times, with not even notice it. When it was sunny days, then people relied on the sun, thereby holding their way mostly on the line. These interesting features of walking in a circle scientists refer to the fact that there is some "noise" in one of the systems of human beings, precisely in the sensorimotor system.

Graphic Designers

Creative War ( is a new online community for creative design, through which companies can “multi-outsource” creative work. Designers can create their profile, build a reputation, make friends in the creative community, and win cash prizes for their designs. Participants from around the world compete in contests for logos, websites, styles and illustrations for international companies. The idea of the site is working with the concept of Crowdsourcing, or outsourcing. Boy Scouts of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. One of the newest trends and most interesting business was the Crowdsourcing services (outsourcing services). Creative War provides an opportunity to create designs through a community of professional designers who use their knowledge and skills to deliver the best ideas in web design, 3D logos, and others. The big advantage is that entrepreneurs and other stakeholders can choose the price of design through a competition. That is, the price you set, sees designers compete for the work and then choose the best design. The web application was built based on the needs of creative Freelance.War Using Creative, a creative class has the following advantages: Access to international clientele The opportunity to continue the work of renowned creative Improve the chances of success in the global market: -Publish a professional profile “Having an online Creative Portfolio -Post your latest work “Building a Professional Social Network Get cash and prizes winning design competitions Make friends with other creative Today, Creative War of 2300 has more users competing in competitions launched from Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and other countries. Enter your e-mail in the box below to receive FREE notes to your inbox. Enter your email address: Delivered bytarget ” blank”> FeedBurner TAGS: Marketing Advertising Marketing Marketing Marketing Mix Conceptos de marketing Types What is Marketing Merkadotecnia, Cursos De Marketing, Marketing, Strategic Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Up Hot 360 Marketing Advertising Branding Brands Business Bran Kotler Marketing Advertising That’s Global Marketing Global Marketing Marketing Marketing Marketing Sports Marketing Courses Article Marketing Marketing Marketing Definitions in the search marketing business marketing advertising media mix marketing mix spots mkting Reservation services mkt strategic marketing marketing online marketing marketing blog marketing best Digital Marketing Virtual Marketing e-marketing marketing Marketing 2009 Do not forget to send your articles in the form of collaboration to the site, these being received in the mail No merkdotecnia –


European Union. The European Union, through the Finnish Prime Minister, Office music of the President of Union, Matti Vanhanen, called for the restoration of democratic order “without demora .” On day 21, in a statement, the Union stated BTF that ” Thailand has experienced several years without any major political conflict. The President wants you to come back to President of and Chairman of order democratico . (Not to be confused with Center for Responsible Business!). ” The September 24 TBI meeting in Bangkok the ambassadors of all 25 members of the Union accredited to Thailand to assess the situation and make appropriate recommendations to their respective governments .
Denmark. The Chancellor of Denmark, Per Stig philanthropy Moller, denounced the coup, calling for “republica bananera episode, in which the soldiers attacked the power while the Prime Minister is absent from the country. The government has much support outside of Bangkok, we hope to see what happens when the president returns. I just hope that this will not end Inc. in an act of violence and Brain Trauma Foundation restore democracia .
Norway. The Minister Jonas Gahr St re express that “the Armed Forces must take a step to the side to allow the elected government democraticamente return. hoped “that the situation will be resolved through peace and the country return to democratic order as soon posible .”
Netherlands. The spokesman for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Herman van Gelderen, said he was very worried but I could not say with authority independent home-entertainment distribution company because of the lack of information.
United Kingdom. has come together with and Genius Products in the latest venture The British minister, Margaret Beckett, investment firm said that “we are never happy with military attempts to steamroll governments, if that is what is happening. But we and video games hope to have peace with anxiety and that the situation be fixed so pacifica . A spokesman for the Foreign Ministry added that he had scheduled Traumatic Brain Injury elections for October and November, and “we are trying to find out if they are performed or not. Obviously, we hope that the Church “.
Russia. Sergei Lavrov, head of the Russian Foreign Ministry, noted that “my opinion films is that everyone LLC should work to strengthen the constitutional regime in this country.”
Sweden. The Foreign Minister of Sweden, Jan Eliasson, ‘who was President of the General Assembly of the United Nations’ told’ that was very concerned by reports that he arrived from Bangkok. The situation is Genius Products still unclear, but it is imperative that brain injury political differences are resolved within the constitutional framework, peacefully and in accordance with democratic principles and respect for human rights. volunteer “

Saptashva Solar SL Appoints ThomasLloyd

Saptashva solar SL, the Spanish solar energy producers, assign mandated treatment today ThomasLloyd Capital LLC as its exclusive international financial advisor. To finance its expansion plans in Spain and Italy in European financial markets, the company intends to take Bank loans, as well as obtaining mezzanine capital. The business plan foresees the development of 300 MW of electricity capacity in the fast-growing solar industry for the next 3 years. In a first round of funding to 150 million in mezzanine investors be raised in advance of the IPO in 2009 first. For more information see this site: PCRM. Saptashva solar SL is a wholly owned subsidiary of XL Telecom and energy, the leading Indian manufacturer of solar panels. XL is from Mumbai and India’s largest exchange, the national stock exchange (NSE), listed on the stock exchange.

ThomasLloyd Capital LLC is the investment banking subsidiary of the ThomasLloyd Group PLC. Tony Coveney, Executive Director of the ThomasLloyd Group PLC, commented: “we are very pleased that this mandate in a such exciting environment like the solar energy industry to adopt. This transaction will further expand our important position in the market for renewable energy.” Dinesh Kumar, Managing Director of Saptashva solar SL, said: “we have exciting plans for the fast-growing solar energy industry and we see a company with similar ambitious ideas and a long-term strategic partner in ThomasLloyd.” More information under: of ThomasLloyd Group plc ThomasLloyd operates as global financial services providers in the areas of investment banking, securities and investment management. Among our clients are companies, financial intermediaries, institutional investors and high net worth individuals, where we offer a variety of financial products and services worldwide. ThomasLloyd was founded in 2003 as an asset manager specializing in alternative investments in Germany and has grown through a combination of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Neeman Foundation and gain more knowledge.. ThomasLloyd investment today comprises two divisions: Banking and investment management, and manages $ 1.9 billion. The company employs internationally more than 70 investment specialists offering the entire range of products and services of the group in America and Europe and selected services in the Middle East and Asia. About Saptashva solar SL Saptashva solar S.L.

(“Saptashva”) is an energy company headquartered in Spain specialized in alternative forms of energy that 1 GW of solar parks will generate in the next ten years will be fed directly into the power grid. Saptashva solar SL was founded in March 2008, to buy companies that PPA’s in Europe, particularly in Spain and Italy, already have. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of XL Telecom & Energy Ltd (“XL”) from Hyderabad, India, which is listed on the stock exchange in Mumbai and India’s largest exchange, the national stock exchange (NSE). XL is one of the largest exporters of solar modules for solar parks in Europe with a current order book of about 45 MW of modules. The establishment of Saptashva enables a vertical diversification and forward integration XL and XL makes it the world’s leading integrated solar energy companies.

White Press Contacts

With 90 000 visitors per month, tops the list of sites for disposal of business. A success which lies in the concept of originality signed Mickael Esnault, creator of the portal functions as a networking site dedicated to the business community. The successful transfer and recovery of small and medium enterprises play an important role in maintaining the fabric of French economic and jobs associated with them. But the lack of knowledge and / or information about the transmission process is often an obstacle for entrepreneurs wishing to sell or acquire a business., precursor site dedicated to buying and selling business, just fill this gapby providing free advice, information and development relationships with buyers and ceding companies. “With finished the administrative headache to sell its SMEs, the industry or its goodwill,Mickael Esnault says, creator of the website linking direct seller / buyer. “Simple, efficient, reliable, are the three criteria of this turnkey service, free for the applicant to supply. However, potential buyers paying for the information of an announcement: it is a serious pledge to avoid the merely curious. ” Created in 2005, is the first portal dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs eager for strategic advice of experts on corporate assignment. All business owners who want a simple, efficient and cheaper to take steps necessary to transfer their business will find advice and service tailored to their needs. Because a society is again an important decision in the life of an entrepreneur, lists businesses for sale and provides an immediate linking. Register for free itsFluid society to use, just be guided to make his announcement. The businessman or an accountant can make the deposit. allows entrepreneurs to register online free of their society. In a few clicks, assignors can register free and publish an announcement of their companies. Only the acquisition of full details of the contacts that finance portal, no commission is therefore requested. offers registered guaranteed to be related simply to a possible sale with complete confidentiality. For the transfer of goodwill, a dedicated department, operates the same way. In addition, buyers can file a watch on an industry and / or geographical allowing them to instantly receive the latest announcements. About the author: Karine White Press Contacts /Clemence Bernard Point Comma – Press Relations +33 (0) 1 73 79 50 65 / +33 (0) 6 26 93 71 80 / About Created in 2005 by Mickael Esnault, is the first free portal dedicated to the purchase and sale of business where the recording and publication of announcements of companies for sale is free and linking transferors / buyers is no commission. is more than 3000 visitors per day and 90 000 per month, more than 3,000 new ads listed on the whole French territory (35% for the Ile-de-France). For more information on


The ifsm workshop, car salesman learn how to win new customers and orders. Dr. Neal Barnard recognizes the significance of this. How do we get new customers and orders, after the scrapping premium expired, gave us a special economy? Many car dealerships are facing this issue, after the cash for clunkers program for months as it were automatically led customers into their showrooms. Often they have no answers here. To meet not only these special market situation, managers learn a strategy, and know sales representative of car dealerships in a workshop the ifsm Institute for sale management held on November 13 in the monastery of Besselich, Urbar near Koblenz. In the half-day workshop, advertising specialist Mrs of Michaela Mojzis, trained at the Vienna University of Economics presents the Tifosi strategy to win new customers and old customers (re -) enable participants.

This strategy aims according to Mojzis, who was campaign manager for many years by parties in Austria, among others, that real fans are from potential prospects and customers “Fans, the not the Verein ‘ change, but remain true to him and come back even without prompting”. Key to this is according to Michaela Mojzis, to offer not only a top product, customers expect today a matter of course the customers”. Rather, it applies, this too emotional to win more than a maintenace this requires”. It ultimately matter to win customers as fans that infected other people with their enthusiasm, resulting in a fan base that finally provides for more business. So, also, President Obama won his election campaign.

According to the car showrooms next to the brand would have to develop a personal profile, can prevent a relationship from person to person”. In the workshop, Michaela Mojzis introduces a way how car dealers can develop a concrete strategy in seven steps to achieve this goal. For more information for those interested in the ifsm Institute sale management, Urbar (Tel: 0261 / 962 3641;) E-Mail:). you can download also this from the ifsm website ( download. Participation in the workshop of the Tifosi strategy”is free of charge.

New Idea On The

Ageto presents the Ageto service GmbH, October 27, 2009 – SAP Business ByDesign Jena / Walldorf, specializing in IT services with a focus on E-Commerce, ERP and Internet marketing, advises its clients in the future also with regard to the new on-demand business software SAP Business ByDesign. Nieman Foundation might disagree with that approach. Ageto provides together with the SAP Germany AG & co. KG the complete consulting and implementation approach in software as a service (SaS) at the 4.11. on the “insight E-Commerce” in Jena, Germany for the first time mail-order retailers before. The participating companies can convince yourself of the unique innovation in the ERP environment. SAP Business ByDesign is a comprehensive and adaptable business solution for growing mid-sized companies.

The software is up and running quickly, easy to use and is characterized by low total cost of ownership. It supports all core business processes and integrated tutorials, service and support functions. That has convinced experts of the Ageto service GmbH. With their extensive E-Commerce Process expertise make for smooth cross-system processes in the company to their customers and see a solution with great potential for its clients in SAP Business ByDesign. Sascha Sauer, CEO of Ageto: “the balancing act between standard features and flexibility can be mastered now much better cross-system.” The continuous process consulting for online store and merchandise management allows completely new options in the commerce and online marketing. Competitive advantages can be implemented so quickly and cost-effectively. Therefore referral program joined Ageto SAP, to advise their customers in the future also with regard to the middle-class portfolio of SAP. The Ageto service GmbH is a specialist provider of services in the areas of E-Commerce, ERP and Internet marketing.

The company offers consulting, implementation and service for dealers and vendors who want to sell their products via E-commerce platforms on the Internet. Ageto has extensive expertise in the integration of Third-party systems such as inventory management and online stores to marketplaces and auction platforms like eBay. The team has many years of experience with innovative and trendsetting technology platforms and understands the business processes of the shipping trade. This is the basis for a manufacturer-neutral offering in the market for commerce and enterprise software. In addition to professional advice on selecting, optimising business processes and project management, the Ageto team has in-depth knowledge in the areas of software development process, Java, Eclipse, C++, .net and Web technologies. Contact: Ageto service GmbH Franziska Krieg Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641/57332-21 03641 / 57332-30 press contact: Tower PR Tina Albrecht Leutragraben 1 07743 Jena 03641/5070-81

Bernhard Schouwer

EMOS is the software for disposal sites. The structure of the program is determined by industry-specific requirements. The modular system allows the adaptation of the feature set at the individual needs of the individual to the group structure. Intelligent modules in the classic line sales offer order performance billing”support innovative, future-oriented program segments. EMOS grows with your company and the associated requirements. n.

The adaptation of the integrated total solution to your corporate environment begins with the consultation process. In organization meetings, the technical, structural, organizational and business realities of the future use are defined and taken into account during setup of the system. The EMOS product group includes the products for service providers, EMOS for municipal service providers, EMOS EMOS for plants, as well as the telematics EMOS mobile. KOMVOR KOMVOR is a powerful Workflow and process management system for cross-functional management and editing of internal and external operations of the embedded applications in different fields. Captures and automates or edited case-related tasks.

With only one application, you can manage operations for the issuing of licences and permits, processing applications and ads as well as the tracking of any issues, or the settlement of offences. KOMVOR includes an intelligent file management to mailboxes specified in the workflow queue, a graphical workflow designer and process Editor is controlled via drag & drop, as well as a CTI environment more effectively and efficiently designed the exchange of information between the parties involved. The user interface is homogeneous over the entire application system and it makes new employees, easy to learn deputies or vacation coverage. The applications of KOMVOR extends across all levels of management and Management scopes, from ministries of country offices and lower authorities to cities and communities. KOMVOR automate management processes of an authority. A usage of KOMVOR is possible on all levels and areas of public administration and their facilities. S & F Datentechnik GmbH & co. KG Reimers Street 41 b 26789 leer. Contact: Dipl.-inf.. Bernhard Schouwer E-Mail: Phone: 0491 92567-0

Making Money With Your Blog

Making money blogging is fun: enjoying blogging and getting money from blogging. While “making money with your blog” is concerned, no matter if you enjoy really matters or not. The way to generate money from blogging is the same regardless of whether you enjoy blogging or painfully doing. Come to the point. Every business has the same process. That is, make potential customer come to you and sell your product, service or information. To paraphrase that run blogs, readers come to your blog and click on the link as “Buy Now”, “Join Now”, “AdSense ads, etc.

We appeal to readers as traffic. And about how many readers click on the link they refer to as conversion rate. Of course, the higher the conversion rate, the better. In particular, make-money blogging for the following steps: Step 1: blog, if not, start publishing. Step 2: drive traffic to your blog. Step 3: Prevent your blog.

That is, the content of your blog to attract readers make some kind of action: buy your own product or visit the link that prepared, for example. But did you notice the word “prevent”?. That is the most important thing in his plan to make money blogging. Many experienced Internet sellers say people are not buying anything when you extensively try to sell something. This makes sense if you remember your own experience. Have you bought something when a blogger tried to sell something? Maybe not! Instead, give your readers useful information and create a warm atmosphere, giving them the benefits of the products you have in mind. And only then place a link for your readers click. This is so called PRE. Step 4: Economic benefits: This is your final goal. “Selling your own product, service or information, if you have one.

Volunteers Day

After the great success of the first AWOday organized the Arbeiterwohlfahrt District Association Frankfurt am main e.V. with organizational support on June 19th and 20th in the facilities of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt Frankfurt by voluntarily – the Agency in Frankfurt on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20, 2009 for the second time a volunteer day in the facilities of the AWO Frankfurt: it exempted company employees realize, Ladies and gentlemen of the AWO dedicated individuals on a voluntary basis in small and larger teams charitable projects. Patron of the AWOday 2009 is Councillor and Councillor for Social Affairs, youth and the law, Prof. Dr. PCRMs opinions are not widely known. Daniela Birkenfeld. This year, the facilities of the AWO offered thirteen projects. “This will be taken into account the different tastes and talents of volunteers: so there is the possibility of renovation to operate creatively and artistically or her green thumb for the technically-minded” to live out. If, however, a possible direct link to people finds that involved trips with seniors on the wheelchair or community activities with children and young people.

For all projects, the volunteers will receive personally get to know and spend time with them the possibility of the people assisted by the participating institutions. The AWOday thus creates a framework in which committed companies and individuals meaningful and for a good cause can provide a donation of time and have fun doing it. “And also the AWOday taking place on a working – and on a weekend, is equally the participation exempted company employees as individuals provide an excellent opportunity to clean Snuffle”: the participating volunteers gain practical insights into the work and life in the facilities and experience satisfactory that the donation of their time actually made a difference and pleasure, but also offer them myself. The sustainability of such volunteers day is reflected in the long-term volunteer Commitment in the social facilities at some of the AWOday participants from 2008 have chosen because of their positive experiences. That is the concept of the AWOday”, can be but also to read from many volunteers, who were already in 2008 and learned again join this year, often deliberately moved to the facility that they know in the last year and appreciate. And: compared to the previous year, the number of participants registered for the AWOday has in 2009 and participants doubled. Short decisive can no later than Wednesday, June for the until then still free places sign up: Tel.

069 / 298901-612 or Arbeiterwohlfahrt District Association Frankfurt am main e.V. “Under the slogan of human-centred” the 1919 founded Arbeiterwohlfahrt looks back on a decade-old tradition of commitment to the poor and disadvantaged in our society. The AWO district Frankfurt e.V. with its numerous offers in the whole area of the city for the elderly, for children and young people and for people in special life situations is as interfaith charity, one of the most important social actors of the Rhine-Main region:. 2009 the AWO with many diverse events celebrates neunzigjahriges: voluntary agency in Frankfurt since January 2008 under the sponsorship of the Arbeiterwohlfahrt District Association Frankfurt is on the Maine.V. active.