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With 90 000 visitors per month, transmission-entreprise.fr tops the list of sites for disposal of business. A success which lies in the concept of originality signed Mickael Esnault, creator of the portal functions as a networking site dedicated to the business community. The successful transfer and recovery of small and medium enterprises play an important role in maintaining the fabric of French economic and jobs associated with them. But the lack of knowledge and / or information about the transmission process is often an obstacle for entrepreneurs wishing to sell or acquire a business. transmission-entreprise.fr, precursor site dedicated to buying and selling business, just fill this gapby providing free advice, information and development relationships with buyers and ceding companies. “With transmission-entreprise.fr finished the administrative headache to sell its SMEs, the industry or its goodwill,Mickael Esnault says, creator of the website linking direct seller / buyer. “Simple, efficient, reliable, are the three criteria of this turnkey service, free for the applicant to supply. However, potential buyers paying for the information of an announcement: it is a serious pledge to avoid the merely curious. ” Created in 2005, Trans-entreprise.fr is the first portal dedicated to innovative entrepreneurs eager for strategic advice of experts on corporate assignment. All business owners who want a simple, efficient and cheaper to take steps necessary to transfer their business will find advice and service tailored to their needs. Because a society is again an important decision in the life of an entrepreneur, transmission-entreprise.fr lists businesses for sale and provides an immediate linking. Register for free itsFluid society to use, just be guided to make his announcement. The businessman or an accountant can make the deposit. transmission-entreprise.fr allows entrepreneurs to register online free of their society. In a few clicks, assignors can register free and publish an announcement of their companies. Only the acquisition of full details of the contacts that finance portal, no commission is therefore requested. transmission-entreprise.fr offers registered guaranteed to be related simply to a possible sale with complete confidentiality. For the transfer of goodwill, a dedicated department, operates the same way. In addition, buyers can file a watch on an industry and / or geographical allowing them to instantly receive the latest announcements. About the author: Karine White Press Contacts /Clemence Bernard Point Comma – Press Relations +33 (0) 1 73 79 50 65 / +33 (0) 6 26 93 71 80 / About transmission-entreprise.fr Created in 2005 by Mickael Esnault, transmission-entreprise.fr is the first free portal dedicated to the purchase and sale of business where the recording and publication of announcements of companies for sale is free and linking transferors / buyers is no commission. transmission-entreprise.fr is more than 3000 visitors per day and 90 000 per month, more than 3,000 new ads listed on the whole French territory (35% for the Ile-de-France). For more information on