Spanish Constitution

Protective or repressive socialism of social coexistence? Act of spiritual weakness democracy brought us implorada political freedom, on whose nonexistence suffered our elders and sought vigorously. Freedom of the vote would lead to our ancestors, and even to many of us, the majority election of a party of classes: for the benefit of the socialism of Pablo Iglesias, framed in the PSOE, as a guarantor of rights and freedoms. In search of the needy and implorado model of common welfare they collapsed urns that largely intelligent citizens, today shy away. The socialism of the 1980s is arroparia in the sale of moral necessity and the welfare of citizens in freedom to achieve the power and the glory of his fief. However, that model of socialism has changed over the past seven years; and it seems that you have forgotten the progress in social benefit and the principle of love of liberty of classes. Consequently, grandparents, parents and children and grandchildren, to a large extent we feel imprisoned, spoofed forcibly, helpless and useless, with our vapuleados rights, weakness of sights and rise of mistrust. Modern socialism, however, more far from addressing the real problems that plague us and us away from welfare, has placed us a new latch taxation and coercive: another one of so many that they suffocate us pocket, the emotions and the feeling of freedom. The Socialist fiefdom has turned to sudden, once again, in the middle of curve, and no room to return us has gotten in the privacy of homes, small shops, the rights and the privacy of families in social coexistence socialism that us overrides, as free citizens, has proclaimed itself guardian of our children’s educationour customs and our way of life.

Current socialism has gone from the simple, humble and free, model into the captivity of the collective impositions. Where has the foundation of the egalitarian socialism Pablo Iglesias founded been us? In the des-proteccionismo, in the social clipping of? freedoms, in the inaccessibility of markets, in the confrontation and the uninhabitable, oppression or repression of the State? What more coercive, proprietary and tax, idols with name of suppression of freedom and economic assessment that suffocate the well-being it remains for the fief of socialism to pour over citizenship? The Spanish Constitution would give a puff of breath to our citizens, inhabitants and suffering within the framework of an oppressed country; a country that came out of political silence, not freedom of social coexistence that yes there was. The feud today, instead, snatches us individual maneuver and freedom of thought, with exorbitant charges, monetary impositions or hostile persecutions that only seek to swell the coffers of the State, with absurd fees: up by defecating the socialism of today has become the great protector of multinational feuds and banking, to the detriment of the workers welfare, and kinds of stockings in general. Workers at Fortune’s Since, they can feel desolation, tax burden, tax hikes, high costs of living and prohibitions of all kinds which taxed to working-class pocket and takes us back to the auguries of misery.

The Sonoran Desert

The already classic Terminator or the Mojave Moon starring a very young Angelina Jolie.son examples of films shot in the desirtos of Sonora – Escarlante or Sonora-Mojave which rondamos the fifties because remember us the mythical television series such as Bonanza, Member shot in the desert of Sonora Mexico – or the high Chaparral Ranch nicknamed El Leon de Sonora of Don Sebastian Montoya (Frank Silvera) professionals, the western Richard Brooks directed starring Burt Lancaster a few scenes were also filmed there and a long etcetera of Sonora desert-also called desieo Gila, by the proximity of the River Gila – begins in the southwest of California, runs through southern Arizona, again part of Mexico, as well as in the Mexican State of Sonora which gives its name. and it has some regions where falls not a drop of water for four or five years with others in which rainfall is not greater than 250 mm per year. l Sonoran Desert is subivide in 7 regions: Valley of the lower Colorado, Highlands of Arizona, Sonoran plain, Foothills of Sonora, coast of the Central Gulf, El Vizcaino, and La Magdalena. It is one of the deserts hot and great in the world, covering an area of 311,000 km.Hermosillo is the region’s largest city. The Sonoran Desert is the separation of the United States with Mexico, one terrible but beautiful obstacilo natural rather than any physical barrier, where every day from Mexico to United States immigrants trying to escape, they have lost their lives in the nearly 1800 people between 1999 and 2009. Inhabited by Indians Tohono Oodham or Papago, marked by the imposing presence of the saguaros, enormous centenarian cacti with their arms that resemble human forms. Stood on a cliff of the Organ Pipe Cactus National Park or explore a road of the Indian reserve of the Papago, the second largest in the U.S., in the Consulate of Mexico in Tucson Arizona – have map geographical of the Sonoran Desert marked with points of three colors: red, indicates where there is a dead, yellow man where it is believed that there are other but still not found, blue, a woman. There are Ongs such as Humane Borders borders compassionate which are responsible for leaving water in places senaliados, to cater to the undocumented is not to cross to the illegals.

And maintain scattered throughout the desert leaflets that warn that cross the desert can end in death, scorpions, sand, cacti during the day not be sees nothing, only see white cars with a green stripe to indicate that they are the border patruya. Nothing in this desert is harmless unless you are dead this shows to what extent can be dangerous crossing of the undocumented. At dusk, the sky changes, the temperature drops, and you begin to see movement by the border areas begin to aparecerr patrols everywhere, is go fly an elicoptero and shortly after currency is a bus with tinted glasses, it is that they will return to the undocumented migrants to Mexico. Arrested the previous day. Although just the day, when the rest of the world ends the day, in the Sonoran Desert begins the activity.

American Government

It is also known that in 2007, is when the Office has registered the highest number of deaths in a year of immigrants that they crossed illegally, 140 bodies had been brought to the coroner until July 15. Parks said, that his Office, which receives the bodies of immigrants who come to three counties, it is storing some 250 bodies and had to start using a truck refrigerated this month due to the increase in deaths of undocumented. The coroner noted that most of the bodies appeared to be coming from the desert Southwest of Tucson, where usually make more heat which in other parts of the border or the metropolitan area of the city also has a history of that, California as well as sectors of Laredo and the River, in Texas, and Tucson, Arizona sectorIt is where is recorded the largest increase of deaths. CITES,, that a risk analysis made based on the number of bodies of emigrants recovered in the deadliest section of the border found that the risk of dying was 1.5 times higher in 2009 than in 2004 and 17 times more than in 1998.Ante this sad reality of wanting to emigrate to the United States and enter illegally is a big risk in 2009When the American Government has made the deportations and the toughening of immigration laws in the United States do not stop the nightmare in the wilderness for hundreds of emigrants seeking daily the trite American dream, those who expose their lives, as said Sonia Garcia Ochoa, unaware that the expected deaths and injuries on the inhospitable road to that country.

How To Learn To Play A Guitar

If you want to learn to play the guitar you have many options. There are many ways to tell if you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you are interested in learning the guitar you must examine your options and make the best decision for you. Here is some basic information about how you can learn to play a guitar. Learning Tab: If you know read and play tablatures you can play almost any song. Tablature shows where to place fingers through a diagram of the strings and frets. The major disadvantage of the tablature is usually not showing how long you must press a note.

To learn tablature you could download an electronic book, buy a book or search the Internet for free classes. The good thing is that it is easy to learn and easy to access. Through courses online guitar lessons: you can now learn to play guitar over the Internet. What great way to learn, with streaming online videos, sound files and instruction in writing.! There are two main of this form of learning, price and comfort advantages. For little money, which can cost you two good books, you can take high quality guitar lessons that will teach you everything you need to learn. And the classes are at home in front of your computer, more can ask? Guitar tutorials: is the traditional way but not always the most personalized and comprehensive way to learn guitar. Your you’ll have an adapted study plan and you will be able to ask questions when you need help, that’s a good thing. But tutorials are expensive, and you have to scroll to the center of the professor.

No mistake in this regard, there are many methods of guitar lessons to consider. In order to determine the best method for you, you should consider: price, convenience, and the seriousness with which you wish to learn. Learn to play the guitar takes time, practice and perseverance. Why not try one of the methods above and see if the guitar is for you? makes it easy to choose the correct way to learn to play the guitar. Visit us today same and will help you in your choice.