Spanish Constitution

Protective or repressive socialism of social coexistence? Act of spiritual weakness democracy brought us implorada political freedom, on whose nonexistence suffered our elders and sought vigorously. Freedom of the vote would lead to our ancestors, and even to many of us, the majority election of a party of classes: for the benefit of the socialism of Pablo Iglesias, framed in the PSOE, as a guarantor of rights and freedoms. In search of the needy and implorado model of common welfare they collapsed urns that largely intelligent citizens, today shy away. The socialism of the 1980s is arroparia in the sale of moral necessity and the welfare of citizens in freedom to achieve the power and the glory of his fief. However, that model of socialism has changed over the past seven years; and it seems that you have forgotten the progress in social benefit and the principle of love of liberty of classes. Consequently, grandparents, parents and children and grandchildren, to a large extent we feel imprisoned, spoofed forcibly, helpless and useless, with our vapuleados rights, weakness of sights and rise of mistrust. Modern socialism, however, more far from addressing the real problems that plague us and us away from welfare, has placed us a new latch taxation and coercive: another one of so many that they suffocate us pocket, the emotions and the feeling of freedom. The Socialist fiefdom has turned to sudden, once again, in the middle of curve, and no room to return us has gotten in the privacy of homes, small shops, the rights and the privacy of families in social coexistence socialism that us overrides, as free citizens, has proclaimed itself guardian of our children’s educationour customs and our way of life.

Current socialism has gone from the simple, humble and free, model into the captivity of the collective impositions. Where has the foundation of the egalitarian socialism Pablo Iglesias founded been us? In the des-proteccionismo, in the social clipping of? freedoms, in the inaccessibility of markets, in the confrontation and the uninhabitable, oppression or repression of the State? What more coercive, proprietary and tax, idols with name of suppression of freedom and economic assessment that suffocate the well-being it remains for the fief of socialism to pour over citizenship? The Spanish Constitution would give a puff of breath to our citizens, inhabitants and suffering within the framework of an oppressed country; a country that came out of political silence, not freedom of social coexistence that yes there was. The feud today, instead, snatches us individual maneuver and freedom of thought, with exorbitant charges, monetary impositions or hostile persecutions that only seek to swell the coffers of the State, with absurd fees: up by defecating the socialism of today has become the great protector of multinational feuds and banking, to the detriment of the workers welfare, and kinds of stockings in general. Workers at Fortune’s Since, they can feel desolation, tax burden, tax hikes, high costs of living and prohibitions of all kinds which taxed to working-class pocket and takes us back to the auguries of misery.