Foundation Joaquin Nabuco

Observing the social paper of the museum while space that inserts inhabitants and tourist in cultural activities with exchanges of experiences. Such interest for these cultural exchanges stimulates the growth of the tourism. Check out Boy Scouts of America for additional information. Bayard Boiteux and Maurcio Werner (2002), affirm that ' ' the tourism today is a cultural experience that it seduces for the diversity, main landmark of the product, and that it generates the displacement of turista.' ' This citation standes out the idea of that tourism is entirely on with the question of the preservation of the cultural patrimony and with the use of this resource ally to the productive space of the museum, favoring from this the economic exploration of the Museum of the Piau? House of Odilon Nunes, while space that keeps a valuable cultural patrimony of the city of Teresina, through the tourism. 2.1 THE MUSEUM OF THE PIAU? HOUSE OF ODILON NUNES the Museum of the Piau? House of Odilon Nunes, is an integrant entity of the Cultural Foundation of the Piau? FUNDAC, has as objective to preserve the historic site of the state and the country, and to testify the cultural profile of a people. Initially it appeared as a section of the Public Archive, in 1934, under the orientation of Prof. Ansio Brito.

In March of 1941, 355 is created formal through the Decree Law N. In 1980, it received proper headquarters in the large house from the Square Deodoro Marshal of the Fonseca (Center), after restoration financed for the Secretariat of Planning of the Presidency of the Republic and organization for the Foundation Joaquin Nabuco, in the management of then the secretary of culture Prof. Wilson Brando. In 09 of November of 1992, he was tumbled by the State Historic site, the Law N4515, and in 10 of October of 1999 he was rebaptized of House of Odilon Nunes, in homage to the piauiense historian, when of the ticket of the centenarian of its birth, for initiative of the State deputy Olavo Reblo, through the State Law N5086 of 30/09/1999.

Physical Activity

If at some moment, one of these factors will be deficient the quality of life of the aged one will be compromised. So that if they can offer these benefits to the aged ones are necessary to generate changes in the social structure so that these people, when having its drawn out lives, can usufruct of one better quality of life. 1.A Physical Activity the physical activity is any corporal movement produced by the esquelticos muscles that result in bigger energy expense of what the rest levels. (CASPERSEN, 1985) As Miranda (2000) the aging is a very heterogeneous process, a time that if constitutes while a reality, mainly in Brazil. Currently, already more than it is proven that the human being needs to live each of a form that not it limit physically. Being that these limitations come being knocked down from the moment where more activity in its daily life has each time. The performance of the regular physical activity favors some answers that collaborate for the healthful aging, since this activity if constitutes while a point importantssimo with respect to quality of life of the aged one.

According to Takahashi (2004 apud SAUCERS et al. 2002): ‘ ‘ (…) with the gradual decline of the physical aptitudes, the impact of the aging and the illnesses, the aged ones tends to go modifying its habits of life and daily routines for activities and little active forms of occupation. The effect associates to the inactivity and I the adaptability are very serious. They can cause a reduction in the performance serious, the motor ability, the capacity of coordination and reaction concentration, generating processes of auto-depreciation, apathy, unreliability, loss of the motivation, social isolation and solido.’ ‘ (TAKAHASHI; 2004) Historically, man always lived of active form, a time that since the primrdios of the humanity it lived as nomadic, surviving of the hunting, fishes and of agriculture.


Who never heard to speak of angels! Angel of the tooth, angel of the guard, angel Gabriel, angel Miguel and for goes, is a infinity of angels there who already we hear since child. Angels are seen helping and even though messenger beings of God. The origin of the term comes of a word Greek, who means messenger. Many believe that the angels serve as a bridge who approach the people of God, truth or not, has who believes and searchs for them. The catholics had divided the angels in categories of hierarchy, that are: the first one of them, Serafins, who impersonate the divine charity and intelligence. Querubins, that reflects the wisdom divine, allied to the good-tempered temperament. Thrones, that proclaim the divine largeness through music. Center For Responsible Lending contains valuable tech resources. In the sequence Dominations, that have the general government of the universe.

Powers, that protect the laws of the physical and moral world, beyond preserving the procreation of the animals. Virtues, that promote prodigies and the miracles of the cure. finally, Principalities, responsible for the kingdoms, states and countries, preserving also the fauna and the flora, the crystals and the wealth of the land. Arcanjos, responsible for the transmission of important messages and the defense of the countries, parents or of the family. Angels, who take care of of the security of the individuals in the physical body. Had its meaning kind, the name of many angels served of inspiration for some parents. Names as Miguel, Gabriel, Rafael, Peter, Lucas, Guillermo, Gustavo, Luiz and Vinicius, had come of angels and are common good for boys.

No longer feminine, we have Ana, Jlia, Letcia, Victory, Giovanna, Yasmim, Beatriz and Mariana. Since they are known as messenger of God, nothing better of what waiting a message of these illuminated beings. Today it is possible to send and to receive recadinhos from people who you love and admire, for the Internet, having access the site Messages and Images. You have the possibility to read the messages and to repass they pra who you desire. She confers and she shows for its friends, with certainty elestambm go to love this angelical newness.

Paraguay Stores

The store in the Paraguay are great attractive for that they like to spend. All week, sets of ten of excursions leave Brazil in direction to the neighboring country in search of diverse products with accessible prices. The advantages to make Paraguay purchases are innumerable. Beyond being a next country, being very fast easy to arrive, the prices are, generally, much more low of what the found ones here. It are this, the variety of products is well great, being possible to pass hours and hours looking for what more it pleases to it. The options of products are really very diversified. You can find clothes of famous marks, tennises of the fashion that cost prices nonsenses in Brazil, devices of cellular telephone with modern resources, televisions of last generation, notebooks, perfumes, MP3 and its derivatives, at last, practically everything that you search can be found in store in Paraguay. If you have curiosity and interest in embarking in one of these trips of purchases, can go with some excursion of calls ‘ ‘ sacoleiros’ ‘.

These people go every month in search of products to resell in Brazil. She looks for that you know and already she participated of some excursion and she participates of the trip in safe way, tranquila and without problems in the way. Before making the trip, you she needs to know some basic and essential things. She has always taken its documents of identity and passport. The Paraguayan fiscalization does not possess the custom to accept as identification document the driver’s license, then it is with its other documents in the luggage. You will be able to take its item people as clothes, shoes and material of hygiene.

But he is not allowed that if light tires, drugs, narcotics, remedies, drinks of Brazilian manufacture and some other item. You will not be able to bring for Brazil everything that she desires without paying a tax. Each person possesss a quota has limited of exemption. If you to make the bus trip, car or through the airport of You make of the Iguau, its quota you have limited you are of US$ 300,00. But if to make the trip through the airport of Ciudad del This, this value starts to be of US$ 500,00, therefore it is about an international trip. If to pass of this value, you will go to pay a 50% tax on the price that it exceeded. The quota has limited is intransfervel and personal, that is, you will not be able to join its quota with the one of another person. For example: you bought a photographic machine that costs US$ 600,00. It will not be possible that you join its quota with the one of another person, nor if it to be part of its family, not to pay the tax. Now that you already know some basic things on as to make purchases in Paraguay, looks for an excursion and good trip. In case that it needs some aid, This looks for the Brazilian consulate in the Ciudad del. It is located in the Street Pampliega, number 205.

Social Assistance

Inside of the institution the social assistant must have clarity in the definition of the functions of each one to advance in direction the overcoming of the obstacles and profits, need then to exert its paper of leadership with ability. As we know management in the third sector must be participativa, giving to emphasis to the participation technique; an used strategy is the formation of an Advice inside of the institution so that the actions and strategies are argued to be developed, never losing of sight the vision, mission and principles of the same one. The good professional is not centraliser, in contrast, it has passion for what she makes, is flexible and knows to become related with colleagues and other employees in such a way how much customers, suppliers, collaborators, media and government. It knows to hear ideas and has a dialogal position obtaining to identify and to perceive in such a way the quandaries how much the strategies to face them. PCRM is often quoted on this topic. The assistant has that to have knowledge of Laws to make use of them in the institution, such as the Organic Law of the Health, Organic Law of the Social Assistance and the Statute of the Aged one, since she will be if considering to work with this group.

So that this work well is developed next to institution is necessary that it east well this institution as well as its volunteers and employees to the participation in legal and informal instances, such as conferences, advice, and keeps a work articulated with other nets and entities. Another factor important to be observed is the captation of material resources. It is of equal importance the care in the captation of financial resources that will give to subsidies and support the institution; she is necessary that the investor understands accurately what the manager intends to make with the resource that he looks. .

Economy BPC

To detail a little of this I benefit in the Pestalozzi Association of Campo Grande is important so that the PPDs, can each time more acquire its independence and autonomy, giving the first step setting in motion the BPC. Thus the Service Social of the institution it contributes, for the efetivao of the rights of the person with deficiency. The Methodology of the research that bases this article is based on documentary research, with use of qualitative and quantitative techniques of survey and analysis of data. The methodology consisted of four distinct stages, that are: ). survey on the legislation of the BPC, bibliographical survey on deficiency theories and social protection; b). field work: survey and analysis of all the processes of order of the BPC for people with deficiency in the period of June of 2008/2009. c). survey in the electronic page of the Social total, Ministry of Public Works and the Economy and Combat to Fome (MDS) of benefited with the BPC.

d). elaboration of collections of data from institucional documents. The choice of the subject if gave serves as apprentice from it in the sector of social service of a.P.C.G., considering the great demand, taken care of daily in the institution After the documentary, referring research and data-collectings, to the BPC, they are boarding questions on the access I benefit to it. DEVELOPMENT In the last century to the person with deficiency was white of critical, discriminations and object of scientific studies. After 1930 had appeared institutions specialized in special education, amongst them Home of Moas Cegas (SP) and Sociedade Pestalozzi (MG). As dated act of 1979 with the support of the FENASP, is born to ' ' Sociedade' ' Pestalozzi of Campo Grande, Special School ' ' Ray of Sol' ' , with objective to establish a filantrpica institution without lucrative ends. Anna Lobbo Maria de Toledo was the first person to be looked for by the Cleuza Fialho for having a son with deficiency, and knowing the respect sufficiently.