Can be laid without the use of adhesives, fixing skirting around the perimeter only. Disadvantages. Carpeting on the basis of foam placed on the entire surface of the floor from baseboard to baseboard, because Rubber has a tendency to stick to the floor surface, and therefore the probability of moving coating without damaging the bases is very small. One word – carpet with this type of foundation is laid one time. Can not be laid on parquet floor, if not expected restoration of the floor surface, because after removal of the coating can remain * * whitish spots. Cause occurrence of these spots is the moisture that falls to the floor as a result of wet cleaning, and not always evaporating, leading to peeling clearcoat. 5-7 years after the installation of carpeting in the foam-based process begins Drying of latex – and rubber starts to crumble. The consequence is the emergence of indentation * tracks * on the surface.

It should be noted that the design life of coatings according to the manufacturers is 5-7 years, but these Data for Europe. In our country, covering exploited, as a rule, until the abrasion. It must be remembered that this type of foundation is very easily damaged during shipment and transportation, so the cuts of coverage must be very carefully packed. With 90 years of popularity-based coatings on foamed in Europe began to decline due to environmental considerations. Currently, such a substrate in coatings for home use successfully replaces artificial felt, and in contract (office) styles – carpet tiles (for pvc or bitumen-based) or a carpet on a textile backing.

The Use Of Waterproofing Materials

Foundation – it is very important and significant part of any structure, quality and strength which greatly affects the strength and duration of use of the building. It should be noted also that the reconstruction of the basement – some of the most costly and time consuming. Thus, the timeliness and waterproofing of the foundation of literacy can save much time and money, which makes it very important aspect of any construction work. Effective waterproofing of the foundation requires, first, use a good waterproofing material, and, secondly, the quality of workers. Accordingly, it is very important in this case to apply to highly specialists. We can distinguish the following approaches to basement waterproofing – penetrating, , and powdered waterproofing. Undoubtedly, the most effective penetrating waterproofing. Penetrating, or penetrating waterproofing involves a special method of penetration of the working of a work surface, which greatly increases its water-repellent properties. The choice of method of waterproofing foundation depends on many different factors: the specificity of the forthcoming operation, construction materials, characteristics of the soil and so on.


Are you aware that your partner needs to make changes. You know that you and he / she may be better, give more, not only as parents, leaders or employees, but as companions in life, as they have chosen some time. However, how do these changes? How do we tell the other that has to change, the need for better? How can we accept face to face we have made mistakes, when the world tells us we have nothing to recognize or nothing to negotiate? Any relationship is like an escalator in operation: either going up or downhill. Think for a moment: Would you like to be in the best relationship that may exist in the universe? Would you like to feel completely happy with your partner for life? Ask you to meditate, at least 60 seconds, this question and answer with complete sincerity. Please do not read without responding, because they will exercise.

If your answer is NO, then I hardly think you’ve read this article. Goes to next, because what comes next will only generarte yawns. If you say SA, then from now begin to act accordingly. In my dictionary, now means now, in the present. Not tomorrow, not in five minutes, there is another time that has no grudge . Do not care if your wife barked at you when you woke up today, or if your husband is a bigot that you take for a walk from vacation two years ago.

What we are going to start, it is NOW, no excuses, no stories, no “buts” a First, you will write on a sheet which features have the perfect relationship (humanly speaking, of course) that can exist throughout the universe. Be honest / or, but, above all, realistic. I recently did this exercise with a student of my NLP course and I replied, “is a relationship where no one ever fight or argue, where are all the time together, looking at each other in love, passion and desire to be also constant” Okay, to be a fairy tale. But do not think reality is. If I want to believe I can be a basketball player for Argentina in this sport no matter how much it has not convinced how good my intentions with my six feet tall I will not go far. Similarly, if you think real would not have a perfect relationship now for exchanges of views (some more heated than others), or saturation (which is good not to be at least for a while) or where everyone wants to do their own things depending on their particular interests and talents, or where no such passion as before, and so on. Now, said that, write down everything that you feel would be your perfect relationship with your current partner / o. If you do not have one, no matter, write how you think this would be also. Very good! You just design the model, the level of your relationship perfect. Then going to start with the foundations, the foundations of this you’ve viewed.

Requirements Base

Self-leveling floors – solid, reliable, wear-resistant coating, widely used in both industrial buildings and in indoor public facilities. It has many advantages, among which the solidity (No seams), moisture resistance, impact resistance, resistance to temperature changes. Simplicity and ease of cleaning liquid floor allows their use in rooms facing higher hygiene Requirements: in hospitals, dispensaries, beauty salons, etc. The rich colors of the composition and use of color chips can create not only functional, but beautiful and exclusive coverage. However, in order to floor fillers served long and pleasing to the eye to its attractive appearance, you must comply strictly with the technology of their placement. Work on the device filling the floor divided into several stages. Preparation founding of the first stage is to prepare the base, which can be virtually any: concrete floor, cement and sand screed, anhydrite or magnesite, tiles, wooden floor.

In each case, require their work in preparation – surface degreasing, stripping, sanding, priming. Most often the device self-leveling floor is carried out on the concrete base, so the main attention will be devoted to him. Requirements for the concrete base to concrete foundation presented a number of requirements. Its compressive strength must be at least 20 MPa, tensile strength – not less than 1,5 MPa. Humidity of the concrete base must be no more than 4% or you may be separation of the polymer. In the case where the base lies on the ground, the device must be high quality waterproofing. When carrying out a very important temperature-humidity regime.

Importance Of Writing And Rewriting

More precisely, it is better to say, easy perception of information and ideas of the writer when reading this work. Plays an important role and rule on the number of repetitions of words and phrases on one page, one paragraph, or one sentence. Such work can have a small stretch of the imagination be equated to the artwork. The article will be read, the more easily comprehensible than the will of speech and expression, trafficking and supply that are used for writing your story. To write an interesting and original article should not only desire, but also an understanding that you want to write and what information you want to convey to the reader. An important component part in the writing copyright – the original stories, and rewrite – presenting existing information in your own words, is the awareness of the chosen topic. Well as possess sufficient knowledge not only on related topics, but on areas of expertise are far from the theme itself, which may lead to the creation, in fact, the original masterpiece creation of new words. Idea of the article appears usually as a passing thought.

As the desire to understand and explain himself anything. Here and seizing a pen, or keyboard, or voice recorder, so as not to miss rush to the creation of new words. A further matter of technology and practices, development of themes related information, editing style. And finally, reading own work, if it is of interest to you and you read it at least three times, did not feel bored, it means that this something is, and your work will be interesting to other people. Preliminary assessment of the number of characters in the article can be approximately, if not use special programs. Calculate the approximate number of characters in a string in the format in which you work and multiply by the number of rows on the worksheet. If a page is fully occupied by the text, then knowing the number of lines per page, it'll be quite difficult. The second option, when downloading an article in a text editor, look, there are no such function in the program, as counting the symbols on the page. In Word 2003, when the page loads at the bottom of the opened window you can see this information. Within a few seconds indexed number of the approximate number of characters on the page. Usually it is less than the actual number of characters.