Then, either blog or site we go to the criteria. The first step is to face them as a book, or periodic any. A peripheral reading in the first page can disclose to the estruturao and the easiness that such space has in if communicating with its public. In this stage it looks for to identify to which the subject, or subjects, that such space prioritizes. It analyzes the disposal of the writings and the images, the index, the main postagens, the amount of access and the time where it is in air. If it never forgets that sites or blogs can leave air quite frequently, from there the importance to see the time where it is in air. will be to cite it in academic work, is interesting to place the date in which they had been had access. Made this, it looks for to know manages who it and who writes.

It notices that, to the times, a site or blog has some authors and each one signs its postagem. The administrator is the responsible one for the space, that one that answers for what ece of fish there. He sees which is the qualification of these people, but without discriminating them for the possible absence of academic formation or for the fact not to be detentoras of headings. Or still for not having socioeconmica projection and/or politics. The relation has that to be made in agreement the content disponibilizado in the site or blog. For example, a manual person who publish practical subjects related to the artisan ones and services (ornaments of parties, toys, croch, etc.). This person does not need to have, necessarily, academic formation. On the other hand, if you will be searching an academic subject: medicine, architecture, mechanics, engineering, history, languages, etc.

Are good that its authors have specific formation. Another important thing is to know a little of the authors and the administrator. Normally it has a specific space for these constataes, if not to have already is a bad signal. It analyzes the experience of these people in the area where they write, where they work, where and where if had formed. They give attention if it deals with an opinion article or another type of text. A scientific article, a clarifying text, a book summary, a chronicle, etc. In the case of not being an opinion article, look for to notice in the references that they had been used, where and where (or in who) the person if based to defend an idea or to write on some thing. This is essential. The person has that to be very qualified to write without if basing on nothing. She analyzes and she does not confuse, to use a reference is not to copy. A reference, a source, a bibliography is necessary to the research processes. Test that such person read certain workmanships and produced its writings. The last stage is to consult other sites, blogs and until looking for, if possible, in written sources. This procedure is essential not to be doubts on if what it was consulted is viable to be used in research or not. Made everything this, does not have problem none in enjoying of the Internet to carry through research or to extend the knowledge.

January Date

However, these 2,75 represent 2 days and 18 hours. does not advance to beat in Excel, because some will not make difference. We go to assume that an employee initiated the hours of working in day 29/06/2004 and finished two days later 01/07/2004 to the 18 hours. When taking off the difference between the two dates Excel returns (2 days and of one 2,75 day) and a total from 66 worked hours (24+24+18 or 2,75*24). The repetition can be boat, but it is important that the reader understands that for Excel 66 hours do not exist the such. What it exists are 2 days and of one day. Click Boy Scouts of America for additional related pages.

does not exist a better way of to point out this of what repeating what already it had said. Now that already I above disturbed its judgment with the repetitions, makes the following test in the spread sheet: it types 0 (zero) in a cell any and formats it for date. What it occurs? The date is 00/01/1900! The first thing that comes in them to the head is that bug of Excel is one, therefore does not exist the day ‘ ‘ zero of January of 1900’ ‘! Or it will be that it exists? For the calendar that we know this does not exist and can be considered one bug. But for the logic used in Excel it could not be different. As the hours, minutes and second they are represented by the fraction of one day, when forming one day (from date zero) we get 01/01/1900. If this first date did not exist, when adding the 24 hours to the first available day would get 02/01/1900, that is first the serial one would be 02/01/1900. It is clearly, therefore, that when formatting the 2,75 as being a date we get 02/01/1900 18:00: 00, that is, 2,75 are, in the truth, 18 hours of day 2 of January of 1900. If 00/01/1900 is the first serial date, which is the last date then? All must remember the racket caused for ‘ ‘ bug of milnio’ ‘ , not? Therefore it is, in Excel until version 97 this age seen with a problem and from the version 2000 this moved.

Different Looks For An Interface

When we enter in a site, either with objective I specify or same without an idea of defined search, it is natural that let us execute in a fraction of according to decision of which link to have access first. To take this decision we mount a mental model of the available options following the logic that we perceive of the site. This perception is not equal for all the people, not even it is equal for the same person in different occasions. To develop an information architecture that takes care of to all the mental models eas necessities of each one of the users who have access a site, is much more complex of what it is imagined. It is common, when analyzing some projects, finding structures that take care of to the companies, the employees or same to the desenvolvedores, disdaining the motivations that make with that the user, consumer of content, carry through the search. Further details can be found at American Diabetes Association, an internet resource. When it is said in mental model and access motivations it is common to think about canals.

For example, the existing one in companies who possess diverse areas of performance or segments. As one assembly plant that can manufacture different lines for the attendance of different markets, trucks, vehicles of stroll, utilitarian and even though motorcycles. Our challenge is greater that this, is as to present a navigation model that the same delivers to content for all the users who carry through buscasatravs of stimulatons and different necessities. Estruturade a site must prioritize a fast curve of learning, must be pedagogical, already queo objective of the sites does not have to ocarter of continued use as of applicatory or a system. Our objective is to make with that user the necessity originate the content delivery, and the more fast will be the agreement of the interaction process, better the originated experience. Of practical form, the interface of a site precisaauxiliaro internautaa to understand what they are, as they are organized and as if they hold its more complex elements. The more effective it will be the interface in this aspect, more easy will be the approach of the delivery of content with the necessity that it originated its search.


Thus, the propostodurante conceptual model the stage of analysis does not lose in the stages of project eimplementao. . What in general it occurs is its extension. Classification/Instanciao the capacity to classify objects (in classrooms) allows to expressarrelaes of the type classification/instanciao. The relationship is made to apartir of the comment of diverse dosmesmos phenomena for categorizao in groups (classrooms), on the basis of the set of properties comunsa all. Others who may share this opinion include Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine.

For example, two computers, IBM PC and Machintosh, can serclassificados as instances (objects, models, or specimens) daclasse (category) Microcomputer (Figure 3). The inverse relation it is the deinstanciao of a publication (IBM PC, for example) from classeMicrocomputador.Figura 3. Relation of classification/instanciao Generalization/Specialization This type of relation occurs when, to break the comment of duasclasses, we abstract from them a more generic classroom. For example, asclasses Microcomputador and Mainframe can be considered casosespeciais of the classroom Computer. This classroom is considered umageneralizao of the two first ones, that they are called especializaesda classroom Computer (Figure 4).

The idea dageneralizao/specialization is the base for the classification of espciesnas natural sciences. Of the point of view of properties, pressuposto that the subclasses have all the properties of the classrooms of quemelas are specializations. It must have at least a property quediferencie two classrooms specialized (subclasses) from mesmaclasse generic (superclassroom). This is the type of relation used with omecanismo of inheritance.

Enterprise Journalism

For it, they instituiesbuscam if to become plainer and flexible, thinking about organizations as net. Boy Scouts of America might disagree with that approach. We will see more ahead than, the companies pass for this transformation in respostaao new capitalism, that appears with the demand of a new model of consumidorque searchs for diversified markets each time more. The used feudals comoexemplo in the citation serve as comparison to the mentioned archipelagoes porSennett, with the communication if making for islands, as on computers arede. 1.2. The ComunicaoInterna Natentativa to analyze the development of the Enterprise Communication, to vamosutilizar the studies of TORQUATO, cited for KUNSCH (1997, p.55). Progressodas industries, had the Industrial Revolution of century XVIII, that trouxeconsigo the automation, made with that significant changes occurred nasrelaes between employers and employees, who before were interpersonal efamiliares. In consequence of the division of the work and the necessity deaperfeioamento on the part of the employees, which had creation separation porsetores in ' ' structures organizacionais' ' , &#039 appeared; ' necessity of melhorentendimento of the process as one todo' ' . The context where the Enterprise Journalism and the ComunicaoOrganizacional had appeared can be based on the period of the RevoluoIndustrial.

The great expansion of the companies throughout century XIX that, segundoKUNSCH (1997, p.55), ' ' norelacionamento propitiated the sprouting of radical changes, in the ways to produce and the processes of comercializao' '. The call agricultural exodus, that is, the coming of peasants for acidade, in search of jobs in the plant, caused the growth of the cities eprovocou a cultural shock, also generating social problems. To break dessesfatos, the organizations had left of if also worrying only about produopreocupando itself with a strategical planning. ' ' The inherent easinesses to the regimen of production in massapassaram to demand of the organizations, in the context of a competitive regimen, bigger efforts to become known them and to promote its products and services, initiating itself then all a communication work mercadolgica' '.

Head Shot

It makes possible you to the Internet to play diverse types of games, where the interaction with other participants makes with that also if they form friendship bows, that exceed the virtual environment and pass to the real plan. This type of interaction, that at the same time amuses and makes possible that if people of diverse cultures know, is focus of study of psychologists that try to analyze and to understand the functioning of the mind human being in this type of environment, offering the possibility to study the diverse variations of behavior of the involved ones. ' ' In fact, games on-line in real time takes to the limit the marcante trace of the playful field in the psychological research: the envolvement and the espontaneidade (MATOS, s/d, p.1 apud Lynn 2004 p.45) ' '. We perceive in this point one of the new ramifications of the culture of the games, where if it has a proper language and a definite style to play. Expressions as ' ' Head Shot' ' or ' ' Ownado' ' , are examples of slangs used for the players.

It has diverse communities on the styles of games, where its participants in common argue and approach subjects referring to one definitive game. In style MMORPG the creation of Guild or also Clans of players is more frequent, who are as a family in the game, where the leader determines the rules and politics to be followed for the members of clan. 4,2 Social games Currently, with the growth of the social nets, on-line appeared a pursuing of games that she is on directly with the interactions made for the users of these nets. Where you play and collaborate or have the contribution of all known its. The great potential of these nets sample that this pursuing tends to grow. The social nets open a fan of diverse forms of the users to interact in the games using or I do not assist it of known its.