Fashionable Finish

Design space, as well as any other branch of modern fashion, is in constant dynamics. It is very difficult to guess what will be popular this season. But recent trends dare say that the millennium will mark the return to the style of Soviet times, the period of 'old school' (old school) will be incredibly popular. Let us try to ignore the contemporary decor and design review of the sixties and seventies. Lack of technological progress in the construction and finishing strongly affected the general state of the fashion of the time. Conditionally distinguished ascetic modest style, color and the predominance of pre-emptive use of natural products. Because the dearth of wallpaper, but also because of their prices, the basic material in the repair of the premises is paint, the foundation of any finishing.

Distempers, which include dry powders, paints (pigment), a solution of wood glue and Ground chalk, used for the walls in rooms that do not have high humidity – children's and family rooms, and bedrooms. Paint colors are made up of dry paint, stir in the drying oil (natural, semi-subsistence aksol or artificial). Issued in the form of a paste (you want to grow in the varnish) or prepared or ready for use formulations. Oil paint should be used for decoration with high humidity – bath rooms, kitchens and doors and windows. Synthetic (water-based) paints. Have high performance properties.

Paints, water-resistant, durable, with good decorative qualities. Used for painting the walls of kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms. Enamel paint is prepared from dry pigments, pounded in oil varnishes. After drying, these paints offer a smooth, glossy, beautiful surface. Enamel paint recommended for painting the kitchen furniture, built-in cabinets, doors and windows. In addition to the paint in the repair of apartments often uses a number of tile materials that can give a sense of comfort and design style. Polystyrene tiles – facing material with resistance to hot and cold water and mild acids and alkalis. Are available in different colors – white, yellow, green, blue, etc. Recommended for the walls of bathrooms and kitchens, wall sections. Ceramic glazed tiles. Issued and rectangular in shape, usually white. Used for walls, bathroom walls and areas in kitchen. Ceramic tiles. Are manufactured with smooth, rough or uneven surfaces, different colors, square, hexagonal or octagonal shape. Used for finishing floors and lavatories. Fiberboard, covered with water-resistant enamels are used for wall covering, bathroom and sections of walls in the kitchen. With modern flooring materials proposes to use the beautiful in the aesthetic and operationally different parquet or carpet components. But this, as they say, fashion trends, but before all used linoleum. Linoleum – roll material for flooring in the living room, kitchen, sanitary node. Produced in different colors (monochrome and color). Floors covered with linoleum hygienic, well washed, have a beautiful face surface. Living room is better to use solid color linoleum in the kitchen and dignity. nodes – color. Based on the linoleum tiles are also available in synthetic, having similar characteristics. Many argue that all these materials are remnants of the time, because today's repair, renovation apartments has gone far in its development, a high-tech is a lot of synthetic chemicals, has an excellent aesthetic and performance qualities. On the other hand, given the materials used, and sow per day, not only as an indicator of style in design works, but with a simple (not expensive) decor and home improvements. After all, we should not forget that all new – it is well forgotten old.

Comfortable Furniture

Upholstered furniture can be considered earned an excellent proposal capable of satisfying any opinion. They are commensurate with: democratic value, the natural eco-friendly materials and original design. Choose and order a kit of upholstered furniture in the style has become even easier, it would be a traditional classic or new-fashioned modernist. Through this unique combination of quality, environmentally friendly materials and design, sofas and chairs Belarusian factories 'Pinskdrev' went far beyond the country – so far, to find a set of furniture from the Belarusian producer can around the globe. Any set of upholstered furniture in Moscow, you can pick up off-line store and branded sections 'Pinskdrev'. Begin to familiarize with the products and the manufacturer can use a computer – all models on the site. If, however, in order to make a decision and buy a set of upholstered furniture, you want to see her live, personally appreciate the elegance of design, test the reliability of natural materials and upholstery, you can do it, by calling one of the salons of the company.

The catalog of Belarusian companies each pick up a set of furniture which price his suit. Moreover, it will not be second rate furniture that will not last a year in use, and is really good, solid furniture. However, unlike the Italian and German upholstered furniture, which is designed more for the premium class, the Belarusian furniture for the living room is not that expensive, but it is not inferior in quality. In the manufacture of furniture 'Pinskdrev' uses only natural and eco-friendly materials, it is absolutely harmless to human being. The range of furniture 'Pinskdrev' innovations are replenished with admirable uniformity. Do not come and the season, the company has not declared output new collection. The Belarusian furniture factory adjusted release collections of Italian, German classical styles, adding their own innovative ideas. Upholstered furniture 'Pinskdrev': quality, affordable for everyone!