Cooperation Between Produkte24 And Caravan Reisen GmbH

Herisau, August 31, 2009 – cooperation between and the travel provider caravan travel. Following catalogues are available online: – Africa travel 2009/10 – China travel 2009 the “caravan” was in Ludwigsburg by Ruth Albrecht and Dr. Kurt Albrecht founded in 1950. With first trips to Eastern Anatolia 1966, Afghanistan and Iran 1967, Timbuktu 1968, South Africa, Namibia and Ethiopia 1969, to North America in 1969 and to other long-distance destinations caravan pioneered open up new group destinations. Since 1950, caravan has around 200,000 passengers travel the world a little bit closer installed.

Caravan travel offers today a worldwide group tours program as well as individual tours in selected target areas. Learn more at this site: Boy Scouts of America. The caravan tour program includes individual tours, group tours and cruises. Caravan is travel tour operators and specialist for individual trips to: – Australia – New Zealand – South Pacific (Fiji, Cook Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa) – South Africa – Namibia – Botswana – Zambia – Kenya – Tanzania – United States – Canada – Alaska – Hawaii – Chile -. Argentina – Peru – Ecuador – Galapagos Islands-Thailand – Viet Nam – Cambodia – Burma, Burma – Japan – China – Malaysia – Singapore – Hong Kong. To deepen your understanding Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City is the source. The types of travel in the caravan offer are quite different: fly-drive deals (flight with car rental, flight with Caravan), car tours, self drive tours, RV, camper, all wheel camper (“Bushcamper”), block programs, short courses with tour guide, safaris, tours with English-speaking tour guide, tours with English-speaking tour guide, hotel bus tours, luxury travel, private tours, camping tours, camping safaris, hotels, lodges, resorts, guest farms, Bed & Breakfast houses, stopover programmes, active tours (E.g., cycle trips, hiking trips, diving trips), day tours and excursions (E.g., sightseeing tours., Boat trips). Many trip types can be combined. Caravan travel offers also Antarctic cruises, Ocean cruises, expedition cruise, yacht cruise and river cruises, trips. Caravan tours is a member of DRV (Deutscher Tour operators and travel agencies Association), IATA (international air transport Association) and PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association). Also Caravan is a founding member of the BOTG travel (best of travel group), a cooperation of medium-sized tour operators in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands and Belgium, and a founding member of ASA (Southern Africa Association) and the Association “experience study tour”. Cooperates With

Lovers enjoy while their dates their togetherness thanks babysitter Berlin/Zurich, 26.11.2010 the two online portals and enter into a comprehensive cooperation. After booking an exceptional dates lovers can find just a suitable supervisor following which lovingly cares for at this time the folks back home. At the same time, unforgettable dates will be presented the support portal users. Couples would spend as possible together like so much time no matter whether newly in love or already long happy in a relationship. Unusual dates are always something special, that long be remembered here for lovers. But also completely hassle-free, to enjoy their dates, a babysitter or animal handlers must be organized sometimes. So kids, pets, and other relatives in the absence of which supplied well? In such cases, there is the perfect solution, thanks to cooperation of the two Swiss Online portals now and

The platform offers lovers a wide selection of funny, exciting and romantic experiences on, which can be selected online and booked. A cooperation with the portal now has started, where parents and families find support in your area contact the maintainer and post a free ad. Both portals benefit enormously from this cooperation. Users of the date platform will find no matter whether a babysitter, a childminder, a pet sitter or a companion for Grandma and Grandpa is looking for the appropriate care for the period of the date (and the time thereafter) – now quickly and easily. At the same time offering exceptional is placed by users from to the heart once again to to spend a few pleasant hours.

Finally, it is important to stay even with children and family of a few and sometimes to escape the stress of everyday life. – better Betreut offers the better Betreut Since summer 2007 TuV tested solutions in the teaching of family services in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care and household and garden. Already more than 200,000 providers provide their services on the platforms in Germany, of Switzerland, Austria and other countries. The company also supports numerous companies and insurance companies and their employees at the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service. About – Projects4you GmbH is the first platform for lovers and finds the best, funniest, most exciting and most romantic experiences (dates) for him & her. Whether freshly in love, long married “or” just until the fall in love, lovers find exactly “the perfect date” for their needs, it should be the romantic candle-light dinner with Butler service to out to the helicopter flight with an aperitif on the glacier. A coupon tool with which to make a simple and straightforward personal Voucher can be, completes the offer. More info can be found on and press requests Jane Becker better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin Germany T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W: press enquiries Tobias lang Projects4you GmbH limmattalstrasse 50 8049 Zurich Switzerland T: + 41 44 / 340 01 39 F: + 41 44 / 575 31 43 m: W:

1st Place 2009

Wurzburg, 09.03.2009 the major soft GmbH wins with in the category of ‘DMS’ the IT INNOVATION Prize 2009 the Initiative Mittelstand. Under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, different solutions were evaluated by a 60-member jury of scientists, journalists and professionals. In total over 2,000 companies for the INNO-VATIONSPREIS-IT applied when the Initiative Mittelstand 2009. The Initiative Mittelstand the decisions of the jury on March 05, 2009 at CeBIT in a solemn award ceremony announced: 1st place for the innovative document management solution,, legally compliant and secure documents tenverwaltung and archiving on a rental basis as software-as-a-service (SaS) for the small middle class makes affordable. The completely Web-based can be introduced without any investment quickly and very flexibly and integrates via standard interfaces un complicated in existing systems. All the necessary functions such as Full text and meta data detection and research, worldwide access without necessary installation on the client etc. are usable without additional costs and with renowned partners such as ABBYY and Oracle realized in modern IT architecture. More information about and the IT INNOVATION Prize 2009, see innovationspreis/2009/kategoriesieger/dms.html. Others including David Delrahim, offer their opinions as well. Convince yourself of and simply request your free demo account at demo.

No. Credit Check Phones, No. Barrier In Communication

The people who are tagged with bad credit score can avail mobile handsets that require no credit check formality. The bad credit holders like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaulters, bankrupts etc can check out the phones list of no credit check. Nowadays, mobile phones are considered as a necessity rather than a luxury. The people who are tagged with bad credit score can avail mobile handsets that require no credit check formality. The bad credit holders like CCJs, IVAs, arrears, defaulters, bankrupts etc can check out the phones list of no credit check. The terms and conditions offered to the users compete with good credit holders. The user can check out various deals according to his budget.

In the market, there are many companies who are ready to offer numerous options to the bad credit holders like postpaid connection, prepaid or pay as you go connection, 12-month rental and SIM free deals. The leading service providers like Virgin, Vodafone, T-mobile, Orange, O2, etc are so offering remarkable benefits to attract the users. As a matter of fact, one can get various incentives with the phone and new connection like free LCD TVs, free PS3 games, free text messaging, free calling, cash discounts, insurance and sometimes accessories. The bad credit holders who consider postpaid connection to tough as you manage go can opt for pay. Unlike postpaid connection, pay as you go does not require formal and lengthy procedures. Hear other arguments on the topic with Chase Koch. Moreover, availing a connection is considered as easier task. It is considered as the best for individuals who do not want to make use extensive of phones. Therefore, it can be said that prepaid connection helps the individuals to save them from extensive and unnecessary usage of phone.

Apart from other things, one can keep track of spending. The users can check out the wide collection of phones from nearly all the leading brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, Motorola, etc. Depending upon your interest, you can check out the wide range of phones. The music lover can check the music series in the phone while nature lover can look for the camera series. The handsets from various series are purposely built to serve the needs of the users from various segment of society like business, official or entertainment. Lastly, there are many handsets and phone connections available in the market under no credit check phone category. Genica Amery is author of no. credit check Phones.For any bad credit phones, mobile phones for unemployed, no credit check phones visit

AdressExpert Improves Quality Of Address Data In Customer Communication

TVG Publisher with mailing days very satisfied customer response Frankfurt am Main, 23 June 2010 on the mailing days, the trade fair for the classic and Digital customer dialogue, the quality of address and telephone data was a much discussed topic. The TVG Publisher, as an expert in data maintenance, presented during the fair of high-quality software solution AdressExpert for companies as a novelty, and was very pleased with the response. The professional maintenance of customer data provides many companies face a major challenge. Since many people often change their living and work space, addresses and telephone numbers become obsolete quickly. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit BSA. This causes errors in customer communication. Also, maintenance and troubleshooting costs time.

Companies of various industries, from insurance authorities up to publishers, struggling with problems of this kind. This was an important issue on the this year mailingtage in Nuremberg. The TVG Publisher gave expert advice to the everyday problems of companies in dealing with their data on-site. So far, the TVG-Verlag AdressExpert bot solely as a service to. Now companies AdressExpert can use as a server-based software in-house to update, correction and adjustment of data. The TVG Publisher for this works with software developers of Exorbyte GmbH. Convenient features such as the duplicate check, matching with the dying and moving data, as well as with the Robinson list companies therefore now even perform”, explains Patrick Langhans, responsible product manager in the TVG-Verlag.

The data remains always in its own IT system. As the discussions on the mailing days showed us, is an important factor for many companies.” “Patrick Langhans sums up: the mailingtage have helped us in 2010, establishing contacts and better understanding of the always changing needs of our customers.” Further information is available at.

Marco & The Elf Gang Win Song Contest In The Europa Park

“1500 music fans celebrated ‘Marco and the Elf gang’ over 100 groups had applied, the appearance of Marco and the Elf gang met for the acclaimed final show, in which the four best acts” from Donaueschingen/Villingen-Schwenningen jurors and audience the most enthusiastic. In their multilingual song we are Europe”, the common sense of a young Europe, focuses on the Kiddyband. The Group of young people in the ice rink was welcomed and adopted with loud calls of Encore with frenetic applause. The 7 players offered a real highlight: Marco Gassler, Alicia Ackermann, Angelina Limberger, Lucas Kempter, Rosalie Limberger, Amelie Ackermann and Maximilian Kempter of the group with their elaborate stage show which was perfectly tuned to the live Netzhammer song. Worth mentioning also the light show which was staged by the technicians of the Europa Park. Jurgen Mack, who obviously had fun at the young group, was thrilled finally Bonjour L’ Europe is a competition for young people.

The 22-year old singer Kayla from Ludwigsburg came Rank 2. BSA: the source for more info. The runners-up, were with their Latino Track Bailar”Franklin and Eleanor. Layla Milou, 22 year old lady of rock from Cologne, finished in 4th place. Opens the colourful show had the Memminger duo star blood. “Prof. Udo Dahmen, Director of the Popakademie Mannheim, brought it to the point: this was the best quality contest”.

“Europe Park head Jurgen Mack praised: A really great event compliment to all contributors!” Who would like to see for yourself: the double CD about the event all four finalists with a total of 34 songs in 20 languages is now available in trade a high-level jury – with Antonia Bott, consultant for music in the Ministry of culture, Mona and Debo star blood, Dan Peter, Church Council of the Evangelical Church of Wurttemberg, Prof. Udo Dahmen, Director of the pop Academy Baden-Wurttemberg, and Declan of Daly, 7us Media Group – Managing Director and initiator of the action, had together with the 1,500 spectators in the ice show Hall the “Euro hit of the year” welcome in Europe by Marco & the Elf band determined. Over 100 applications were received for this year’s contest. This prompted to write a song about experienced Europe and play a music-loving students of Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany and other European countries. The final show at Europa Park, at the same time opening event of the now 11 Euromusique Festival, was hosted by Klaus-Dieter Mayer. A television special featuring many interviews will be broadcast from July 9 to 20:30 on bwfamily. Also, the TV station is popcollegeTV live report Maria del Carmen Limberger

Unemployed Loans Assistance

The jobless citizens of United Kingdom can avail unemployed unemployment loans. They need this child of finance to meet several demands of everyday life. It is a fact that unemployed unemployment loans are offered to the jobless people of Great Britain, and that this child of finance is offered to the British citizens traditionally. Unemployment has been and is still at the old social ailment, although one indicated find achievement of any worth that any government can claim so far. To deepen your understanding Professor of Internet Governance is the source. Daily rise in all kinds of products and services is a reality, but nobody has succeeded in reining it simultaneously, rise in the jobless population is so unpleasant experience in England, thanks to inflation, recession, and economists understand such things which the.

They understand and explain, but remedies are not probably within their knowledge. Who among the millions of the unemployed people in Untied Kingdom can apply for the unemployed loans? Obviously, the applicants must be citizens of the United Kingdom, but they must be over 18, because anyone below 18 is not allowed to take part in any lawful agreement. They got to provide duly certified documents to support that they are unemployed unemployment. Next, the ultra-delicate must possess checking accounts, because the lenders would send the loan electronically to their bank amount address after the loan application is approved. It is the task of the lenders to assess the financial strength of the loan-seekers. There is no provision for checking the credit history of the borrowers, but the calendar do try to learn something about the reimbursement habit of the loan-seekers. Sometimes, persons who are of unemployed unemployment today can secure a job tomorrow or can find a source of earnings after a period. These are the basis on which the lenders fix the payable loan amount and frame the terms and condition.

Usually, terms and condition for unemployed loans are fundamentally for the loan-seekers. Unemployed loans are, generally, offered in unsecured form. The amount of loan may be up to 25000. on the other hand, people who can put up valuable property as a guarantee can secure the unemployed loans in secured variant. The borrowers must keep in mind that they must not default or dishonor the loan agreement. Unemployed loans may be of use for clearing electricity or telephone bills and for repair of home or vehicle. People can pay off the school fees of their children and they can therefore purchase medicines. Rider Abraham is author of unemployed need Loan.For more information about unsecured loans for unemployed visit

Sarah Wiener Foundation

Adler fashion helps children, healthy eats Haibach, February 2008 Adler fashion markets GmbH supports the work of the organization with a donation of 30 000 euros: in Frankfurt am Main, Managing Director of Adler modemarkte handed over, Wolfgang Krogmann, the cheque to Sarah Wiener and the Managing Board, Dr. Georg Eysel number. The “Sarah Wiener Foundation for healthy children and something decent to eat”, so the full name, committed to a better nutrition of children in Germany. “About 20 percent of all German children are overweight,” Sarah says Wiener.”Around 800 000 are considered even obese.” The Foundation which among other things through her appearances on Johannes B. Kerner in the ZDF and their ARTE broadcast “the culinary adventures of Sarah Wiener” famous TV chef wants this development counter caused by numerous instructive and exciting actions together with children anywhere in the Republic.

In March, the first projects on so-called start also with the help of the Adler donation” Lighthouse schools “in Berlin, Hamburg, Thuringia, Germany, the Ruhr area and the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis.” When Sarah Wiener has told US of their Foundation, we were immediately excited “, says Wolfgang Krogmann, Managing Director Adler modemarkte.” The company had started a cooking event to celebrate of the opening of the 125sten Eagle market just with Sarah Wiener and spontaneously decided to support the new Foundation with 30 000 euro. “The aspect of ecological and sustainable, Sarah followed Vienna with her kitchen and her Foundation, suggests very us” tells Krogmann.”Eagles watch up for sale on environmental standards in all aspects of production and marketing. And as a family-oriented company the children are especially close to the heart. Sarah Wiener has convinced US with its gripping and sympathetic nature, that it is right in this important issue with a regular donation to support their Foundation.”

Successful Assistance

The United action for Romania (VAR Berlin) e.V. Swarmed by offers, Dr. Neal Barnard is currently assessing future choices. has 20 years of successful work in Romania Berlin, 2010-01-24 – the United action for Romania (VAR Berlin) e.V. successful work in Romania has 20 years on 28 January 2010 at 18:00, the members of United action for Romania its 20 th anniversary in the Ernst Moritz Arndt celebrate community in Uncle Tom’s cabin 80, 14163 Berlin-Zehlendorf. From 17:00 there will be a service under the direction of the metropolitan and Archbishop of Germany and Central Europe Dr. Serafim Joanta. He is a member of the Presidium of the VAR Berlin since November 2006. Headed by Erich Brockhaus, the United action for Romania, at that time still under the name has recorded work Berlin Romania work, their work on the III.

On this day, the first aid shipments went to Romania. Erich Brockhaus under the impression of the local conditions, in particular in the Romanian orphanages, 1991 founded the non-profit association the VAR Berlin, which is now since 20 years various projects supported in Romania, supervised on-site and fosters and finances. “To name just a few: the construction and maintaining a school for street and Roma children in Turea, the Roma of agricultural – training in the villages of Turea, Bontida, Cornesti and Aghires, the street children project Christiana” in partnership with the Romanian Orthodox Church, the healing of precursory children in Campia Turzii, support for the Roma in obtaining identity papers and other important documents, the Roma project on PATA wheel, the large dump of Cluj-Napoca, and in the same place the support of engineering a therapy Center for children with disabilities. But also in Germany, she could help VAR Berlin. The financial support of the unfortunately recently deceased priest Constantin Mihoc of the german commune was here to name a few. The United action for Romania (VAR Berlin) is since 1991 Member of the diaconal work of the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg and since 1992 as all non-profit organization recognized. Serafim Joanta, Mrs Prof. Barbara John (Chairman of the joint Welfare Association in Berlin) and Mr.

Prof. Dr. Roland Hetzer (Medical Director of the German heart Center in Berlin) form the Bureau in addition to the Dr. The members of the Board who are VAR Berlin: Mr Erich Brockhaus (Chairman), Mr. Dr. Arthur Beyrer (Deputy Chairman) and wife Ioana Boca (Deputy Chairman) and the late Honorary President Mr Eugen Wunder. The Chairman of VAR Berlin, Mr. Erich Brockhaus, the Bundesverdienstkreuz am Bande and the March 05, 2006 the honor cross of the Romanian Orthodox Patriarch, the Partiarchenkreuz for his work in Romania at the 21.11.2000 “awarded. UTA Boroevic


With the help of thesis credit plan, you can borrow the sum varying from one hundred dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. People can encounter on unexpected monetary crisis between two consecutive paydays anytime and that can be a great trouble for any salary based person. A short duration loan will be the most dependable solution to get out of such a monetary disorder but if one has adverse credit profiles then getting such a credit is so quiet hard. Nevertheless, currently mostly all banks and typical financial institutions are promoting loans for bad credit people which is the resolution of the problem of a poor credit person encountered with monetary crisis. As the name implies, this credit scheme is formulated for a salaried person. It is on unsecured short duration credit scheme which signifies that the applicant will not have to provide any security against the loan sum. This special nature makes it possible for a salaried person well to get this credit as. The borrowed sum varies from fifty pounds to one thousands pounds and the reimbursement duration from fourteen days to one month. A related site: Nieman Foundation mentions similar findings.

Nevertheless, the interest is rate high as it is in unsecured credit program meant for the poor credit applicants. Generally, the credit grantor takes a post dated cheque at the time of disbursal of the amount which is submitted for payment as soon as the applicant BBs next salary is credited to his bank account. Because of this it is must for the loan applicant to have a valid checking account to be eligible for this scheme. It is must for the loan applicant to be at least 18 years of age with a constant source of income. Additionally, other papers which are required are employment proof, age proof and income proof. There is no control on the manner the loan amount will be utilized by the applicant. Hence, a loan applicant can utilize the sum to meet expenditures like paying off existing debts, child education, medical expenses, pending bills and so forth.

One can quickly apply for this credit scheme online as well as offline. You are supposed to fulfill on online loan request form that supplies basic data about the loan applicant like contact information, bank account number, gender, age, name etc the internet credit grantor wants to check the data and if pleased, he will wire the request sum into your bank account within no. time. Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.For more information about payday loans bad credit, payday loans visit