Learning Styles – Visual, Auditory, Or Kinesthetic?

Some people think in pictures and need to visualize, to learn. Others learn best by listening to someone. About his learning style, brings learning easier. The visual style of learning: Visual learners learn by seeing and visualizing. They like it when information is conveyed through images, charts and graphs. Through demonstrations and watching videos, they learn well. They read texts themselves rather than getting them to read and like it when the texts through tables and lists have a visual structure.

The visual style of learning is caused by completely different Denkkonzepte the auditory learning style. Visual learners need to visualize, to understand the concept. Exercise brings them to nothing, and if they have understood the idea once, nor do they need more exercise, they will remember it that way. This learning style is often associated with ADD / ADHD, Asperger’s Syndrome and related autism. The auditory learning style: Auditory learners learn by hearing and listening.

You may lectures, audio material on cDs or cassettes andoral explanations and instructions. Expert advice from . In (oral), discussion and debate, they learn a lot, ebeso fact that they say aloud what they want to remember. They are easily distracted by noise. In the letter they have difficulties, they prefer verbal communication. The kinesthetic learning styles: Kinesthetic learners learn by doing and yourself. They like to touch, and manipulate objects and learn by doing something. With abstractions, they have problems and need to practice to really understand an idea. The learning styles are served in schools and other educational institutions in varying degrees. Especially people with great strengths in a learning style and great weaknesses in another part of a risk group in which neither her talent yet their specific problems are detected.