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Destimate Brings To The Moon

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Why travel even between strangers, if passengers can become friends, business partners or dates? Munich launches a new destination with destimate these days based app in the closed beta phase. “The first fictional wayside earth moon” the Munich-based startup wants to enable its users while traveling a targeted becoming acquainted with interesting companions. Compared to our often stressful everyday life the willingness for talks with longer travel times is very high,”said Michael Brau, founder and CEO of destimate. Whether for a car, train, bus or air travel: after the successful mission to the Moon destimate is Germany’s launch in the summer its service between major cities. This user on long-distance routes are appropriate contacts spontaneously can look for or advance socially to plan their trip. Michael describes the best beta-tester as iPhone in love, professionally or privately, often travelling and interested in exciting trips Talks to do”. In addition to the fame and glory of early adopters, the tester about three destimate month tickets can enjoy. Interested in?.

WebAward Award For Euro Web And Philipp Lahm

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Website of Philipp Lahm awarded summer camps the project by football player Philipp Lahm has is aiming, sustainably to promote the skills of young people in the areas of nutrition, movement and personality. The Internet presence of the summer camp while primarily aimed at children aged from 10 to 13 years. Factual and informative website provides all relevant information to the summer camps in Berlin and Munich public and participants. Now the jurors of the internationally recognized WebAwards convinced the site design implemented by euro Web and concept. “Equal in two categories, education (education) and non-profit (charitable), could the coveted the site standard of excellence” back up. Design and usability of the website reviewed the independent jury well above average and implemented as a model: “good clean design.” Great choice of fonts, very audience appropriate. Very strong images as well. Gallery had some powerful images …

“.” Art Director Sebastian Kollat, who held the project management at euro Web, can only confirm the verdict of the jury: the external feedback on the website of Philipp Lahm summer camps was positive. The same dual award within the framework of the WebAwards makes us not only proud, but rewards the class project.” About the WebAwards In the framework of international competition are outstanding Web site projects by the Web Marketing Association since 1997 awarded. Publicity representation should be promoted not only the visibility good Web designs, but raised the standard of quality throughout the industry. Each site admitted to the competition is evaluated, by three independent judges based on seven different criteria. While the experts put yourself in the role of the user first visited the site. This allows to make a possible practical assessment of the quality of the site.

About Euroweb Euroweb Internet GmbH is a company of the Euroweb Group headquartered in Dusseldorf. Has 50 agencies in Europe the Euroweb group one of the largest surgically make agencies for European SMEs in the segments of Web design, online marketing and online video. The Euroweb group was in 2001 by the managing directors Dipl.-ing. Christoph Preuss and Dipl. kfm. Daniel of Fathi in Dusseldorf. More than 600 employees in Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and of Switzerland are involved in the implementation of the full service concept. Socially engaged in the form of specially established Foundation and the Euroweb Euroweb sports funding

Christmas Trends In Online Shopping 2009

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Social shopping with new tools on Stuttgart trumps November 11, 2009. Find cross-shop wish lists, personal gifts or automatic price comparisons with the increasing number of online purchases in the Christmas business increase the areas of application for social shopping. Platforms such as have adapted to the interests of the Geschenksuchenden and offer new tools for the users just in time for the feast. A survey of the price comparison site 2008 revealed that eight out of ten Germans their Christmas presents on the Internet search. Save time and stress are the main reasons for buying online. To meet exactly these two interests of the buyer, shops and social shopping offer new tools platforms for the holiday shopping season. The virtual wish list”of is an example of these new features.

Users can collect their desires at all online shops of the world on a central list and send it by mail to friends and relatives. This prevents duplicate or inappropriate gifts and hence the Exchange stress after the holidays”, explains Thorsten vulnerability Garcia, Director of marketing at edelight. Many shops guarantee their customers up to 24 hours before the Festival a timely delivery to the Christmas Eve. Especially in men is the decisive criterion”delivery time, Thorsten vulnerability Walter white. He watch edelight, that it repeatedly are the men first begin a few days before Christmas the gift search and are therefore under high time pressure. “Well received another tool, however, especially in women: the human Gift Finder” on Users can ask other people to a perfect gift idea. The personal Exchange and search for inspiration when choosing a gift, are important for women “, observed gap Meier. The tool by edelight already premiered last year and achieved over 3000 users requests in the weeks before Christmas. It is important, that fit the social shopping tools to the products and the audience”, so Thorsten vulnerability Chandran. The benefits of price comparisons He sees especially in the field of Hi-Fi and electrical equipment, sources of inspiration and opinion polls in the field of fashion and lifestyle products.

Photographer Model Community – Has Been Launched!

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Social networking for photographers and models at the highest level more than two years operators conception, development and programming today with pride and expectation say: is online! PhoMoCo – photographer-model community is an international, multilingual Internet portal, which allows amateurs to professionals from the photographer and the model scene to present themselves, to communicate with like-minded people and hobby or professional activity by a stat-of-the-art Socialnetwork-platform to support. PhoMoCo offers even more. u0085 more in width; So what is unique in the world, there, a total of 22 target groups, by the photographers and painters, from the model to the stylist. Each of these audiences is according to their individual needs space created, voted clearly and in terms of content. u0085 more in depth; unless extensive possibilities of multidirectional communication, about the pictures in the Sedcards and galleries, or current topics in the various forums and groups. The private messages Live chats and message boards, which offers extensive possibilities of communication in the manufacture as well as for maintaining and deepening of contacts. u0085 more on quality; not only that PhoMoCo has of course set an eye on the quality of their own sets value on the quality of the Sedcards and the pictures of the members. So each new comp card is after a completeness check by the editorial staff only publicly displayed and monitored.

u0085 more clarity; quick survey-like search for a direct result, but also the detailed search function, taking into account each component of the available members, form a basis for research. Several different Sedcards for each Member enabling the uncomplicated handling of several professions. So a photographer can also model or dedicated to image processing. Each comp card (model, photographer, picture editor) refers precisely to the respective activity and provides the corresponding Functionality for free. u0085 more on interaction; It is through the creation of contests and a Hall of Fame. In these formats can be found both a rating by the own members, as well as the assessment and award of individual work carried out by an international jury consisting of renowned professionals in the photo industry and experienced editors.

u0085 more on innovation; is a new concept in the management of the surface for the individual Member. A smart collection, in which each Member can put together any content from the community’s own priorities and needs. It doesn’t matter whether it is often used to links to pictures, posts in forums or groups, contacts or recurring search parameters, all this is now merely a click away. u0085 more on business; is achieved by an additional function for free for the Member, which provides another way for professional members to present themselves. This is done in the form of a yellow Pages “-like manner, but in the unique PhoMoCo style. u0085 more glamour. offers the PhoMoCo magazine, an exclusive medium of PhoMoCo in among selected members of the community have the opportunity to showcase their best work and give an insight into their work. The offers but also a distinctive place to expose relevant news, news and trends from the industry. PhoMoCo is similar to a large Orchestra. Each plays his instrument and can in turn that, to him compose matching musicians and a completely new piece to emerge in this creative process. An eye-candy that comes to life and brings each Member of our target a little bit closer – enjoyment, fun and shared benefit from and with our common passion. Expose yourself contact: