State Insurance

The age and State of health of the car insured does not matter when a change of tariffs within the private health insurance. Only if the new car tariff includes higher power ratings than the previous, the car insurer may request a re-examination of the health. This only refers to the range of additional services of the new car price. A PKV tariff change is possible at any time within one year of insurance. Tips for a PKV tariff change: PKV insured persons suffering from a chronic disease, or are in an ongoing treatment, should definitely sure sure that the achievements to date in the full amount maintained at PKV tariff changing. First of all, PKV tariff switching in a car base or PKV-standard tariff of for their private health insurance should be avoided. These tariffs are the latest possible solution to a change of tariffs within the existing private health insurance.

First if all alternatives to a contribution reduction without loss of medical Power quality are checked. Distance should be taken first by an increase in the deductible in the respective car fare. The consulting and implementation to a change of car tariffs should be performed by a qualified insurance consultant. Privamed 24 is on the area of the private health insurance specialist insurance advisers. Insurance consultant are obliged honorary consultant and only their clients to. This is prohibited by law to accept commissions from the insurance industry. Privamed24 guaranteed his clients for a PKV change of tariffs to achieve the best possible solution for the respective car insurer.