Government Money

Neighbors have historically followed the Bolivians, no doubt unconsciously, since Bolivia is not the best example to imitate, but serves as a parameter to predict what will happen in the rest of the continent. Govern with coffers full of money is easy. Evo Morales was not only filled with coffers because commodity prices are high, but that by nationalizing the country’s productive businesses and freeing the traffic of cocaine money was left. The only thing that never missed to Morales is money.

They filled him sack from Venezuela to celebrate their pickets with thousands of paid volunteers. Once acclaimed as the number one patotero, Hugo Chavez gave him more money for his presidential campaign performing at the humble Aymara peasant, who was effectively sold to the international press by removing the scoop to National Geographic. All cartoon created on the figure Evo Morales is slowly beginning to fade and it is because fortunately lies cannot sustain in force for an indefinite time, otherwise there would be no justice. However, Bolivia being the country where justice what is less works, Evo is still lasting. To his Excellency that said that rule is easy, that just have to solve every day, came the difficult moment.

It’s easy when they give you the money, you steal companies or you traficas drugs. But ceases to be when there are no funds and have no idea how it generates wealth decently. The fuels at its real price increase, was the only measure coherent and responsible Government, but obviously generated popular rejection make it blow. If it had been made according to the gradual rise which suffered fuel internationally, he had not felt. But Evo had ceased to be popular. As said an American politician in relation to economic policy for Obama: If the House is warm it is because we are burning furniture.