Miracles Need Time

Uwe a transvestite with plenty Kopfkino? Miracles take time – will describe In the novel a love which finds its own way. It is a novel which deals between search for life’s meaning, search for identity, life, love and dependency, partner relationships that do not succeed, but also to the loss of the female in the male. “” Book Description: the situation for the main protagonists Lissy “and Uwe” is very extreme and the reader wonders whether the two make it to each other to find – and this is quite difficult. The book shows what mental problems is a young man who believes to be a woman. It is a serious topic that is told with humor, without it to make. Lissy separates from her husband Roger and moves in temporarily with her friend.

Uwe encouraged her empathetic nature to confide in her, and he confesses that he actually wants to be a woman. Because Uwe is still the work colleague of Roger, the situation is still It’s much more difficult. Seems strange the statement of his colleagues he was a female hero. And properly it is complicated then, where Landry must admit are to have love with Uwe. Where does friendship end and where love begins? Lissy wants to withdraw from Uwe but their longing for him is limitless. Not only helpless to get this problem, she informed about transsexuality and accompanied him to a self-help group. At the same time, she met the Japanese teacher Walter, who makes her a marriage proposal.

“Nicole, who for two years their operation to the woman” has already behind, Landry admits that their OP was a huge mistake and wants to warn the others. The blue out of, Uwe says his employer the truth about himself. Finally, he wants to be a woman! There is no going back now for him? This communication between the two main actors reflects almost all facets of life: anticipation, curiosity, anger, tenderness, disappointment, betrayal, love, Erotism, determination, Inconsistency, fear, sadness and despair.