Brothers Spirituals

It is always impressive to all reread and to remember the effort made for this group, led for a spirit of great light and the largeness of all the Workmanship, especially in the narratives made for its founder, in the task of physical construction of a space, that according to its proper stories and in accordance with the orientation spiritual, already all was prepared back in the High one. Without a doubt, what today we know of the House is loaded of the effort and the devotion of people really compromised with a cause and that they had known to tranformar, each one its way, the individual effort in a collective project come back toward the Love and the practical one of the Charity. But, because it will be that I am bringing these questions all for the paper? After all, it moves what me to think and to reflect on these facts that, I begin it me they seem so distant and they would have to be kept in the memory of oldest or in a book forgotten in a bookshelf. I find that the question is this. I believe that our necessary action firmly to be established in the Knowledge, and since that I come becoming involved itself more seriously with the Esprita Doctrine, I come trying to deepen my commitment and to increase each time more my agreement concerning ' ' coisas' ' of the Cause and the House in which I am on. Therefore it is that whenever I want to justify my effort and the commitment with regard to the Doctrine, I remember the impressive stories of the founder of this Workmanship, mainly in the registers contained in its books, that would have all to be obligator readings the diligent espirita truily compromised with the House. It is always very good for being able to rescue the Saga lived for these involved brothers with an only, consistent and humanitarian intention and that it finished for creating the basic ambincia and the tunning all the approach of Brothers Spirituals afinizados with the project that was for if developing. .