Emperor Nicholas

1884 – Open Theological College. March 25, 1885 at the expense of the residents of Krasnoyarsk opened a shelter for prisoners' children. On November 11, 1886 in September 1888 held a telegraph chess match between the teams of the city of Krasnoyarsk and St. Petersburg. It was played two games. February 3, 1888, Emelyan F.

Kudryavtsev opens first private printing. February 12, 1889 opened Regional Museum of Local Lore. February 12, 1889 was timetable established by the means of citizens, city public library. August 7, 1889 in Krasnoyarsk, observed a solar eclipse, which lasted from 9 h 30 min. up to 12 hours 27 min., ie 2 hours 57 minutes. To observe the eclipse in the city comes scientific expedition. The expedition, as Popov. October 10 1890 open division of the Imperial Moscow Society of Agriculture.

February 5, 1891 – Aleksandrovskoe established Jewish charity. 1892 year – the first in a charity exhibition of paintings. Held at Easter in favor of immigrants from the provinces affected by crop failure. 1893 – the first phone in the merchant of the first guild ng Gadalova. The first urban telephone station with 50 rooms started to work in Krasnoyarsk in 1896. October 2, 1894 opening of the first Siberian Technical College behalf of the Emperor Nicholas ii. 1894 – established the 'Book Warehouse Company care about Primary Education '. The purpose – to protect the young from insipid literature, widespread popular books among the literate population, provision of textbooks, teaching aids urban and rural schools.