The Interior

If you have no necessity for the two rearmost seats, can they just flat disappear in the trunk floor. So this is Loading volume of very scanty 89 litres to everyday 458 liter. It works out to the second row of seats, 856 liters in the Orlando fit (mind you, this measure goes only up to the lower edge of the window). The seats in the second row forward also folded up with charge backs and thus facilitate the entry into the third row of seats. Hidden talents as befits a compact MPV, not end the storage possibilities with the trunk. Beverage holders, shelves and storage compartments in the doors are a matter of course. But if one is particularly proud when Chevrolet about the secret compartment”on the center console. Using button the control unit of the CD radio can be folded upwards.

A not so small storage compartment for sunglasses, MP3 player, wallet is hiding behind it. The dashboard is also miles away from the term plastic desert. PCRMs opinions are not widely known. The designers have proved stylistic skill and Corvette taken loans from the Chevrolet icon. The ads are clearly geared towards the driver. A blue Instrument lighting makes for an unusual atmosphere. The design of the center console was supposedly inspired by a waterfall. You practically throws herself down. The Interior is not confined to sober functionality, but promised a stylish appearance at Orlando.

That was not always the case in the early days of Chevrolet and Daewoo models. The blue-lit instruments are clearly laid out. The steering wheel is nicely in the hand. The center console is trimmed to a high gloss. The comfort no shortage of three trim levels in the Chevrolet Orlando. Part of the standard equipment in the base model LS CD radio, power mirrors, electric Windows are front and manual air conditioning. In the second trim level LT, the air conditioner works automatically, there are also parking aid back, electric Windows front and rear, a better audio system with USB port and steering wheel remote control, leather steering wheel, fog lights and 16-inch alloy wheels.