Moscow International Music House

The new project of the Center, "The Knight" – a children's entertainment show "Tale of the heroes of the Russian land," New Year's Eve has launched a new project of the Center, "The Knight" – Children's entertainment show "Tale of the heroes of the Russian land." For the first time I saw the play published in December 2009 in Tula TOZ in DC, in January holidays have successfully toured the Moscow International Music House, where it was given 16 performances. Great audience interest and dynamic format performance and realism and sincerity of the actors play led to a decision on April 1, Fool's Day in Moscow to give a few more ideas in the "Goblin" translation. A pilot version of such an interpretation of the play now in operation. The only representation of the December Tula has not given the opportunity to see the show play for everyone, so for the first time this year residents of Tula may see a performance on February 23 in DC NBC. This is doubly true in the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, because throughout the play clearly seen military-patriotic theme and the love for the motherland. "The Tale" – a modern interpretation of traditional Russian fairy tales, the eternal struggle between good and evil, stories of heroes, which was always filled with Russian Land submitted in the form of colorful and unusual show. The main actors – the heroes Ilya of Murom, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich. Once again, the heroes will save Mother Russia from the scourge enemies fierce.

In their travels, they fall into the fairy forest and meet with Leshim, mermaids will lead them to water, once in the dungeon the heroes will battle with Lord of the Underworld, not interfere with them will be and Nightingale the Robber, and Baba Yaga. But the apogee of their heroic campaign will battle with the main enemy of the Russian Land – Tugarinov Snake. Our performance – is more than 50 unique costumes, the most memorable of which is a completely steel dragon – the serpent Tugarin is unusual lighting effects and scenery, this battle in real armor and fights on the light weapons, stunts and dances, heroic battles and comic scenes. The play consists of 2 total duration of action – 60 minutes. The target audience of the play – children 5 to 12 years. However, the performance will be of interest to both children and their parents. Times change – the belief in miracle is! Our story help children to believe in miracles! And adults will amaze fabulous special effects, stunts and original creative discoveries! February 23 at the DC NBC at 17:00

Paraguay Stores

The store in the Paraguay are great attractive for that they like to spend. All week, sets of ten of excursions leave Brazil in direction to the neighboring country in search of diverse products with accessible prices. The advantages to make Paraguay purchases are innumerable. Beyond being a next country, being very fast easy to arrive, the prices are, generally, much more low of what the found ones here. It are this, the variety of products is well great, being possible to pass hours and hours looking for what more it pleases to it. The options of products are really very diversified. You can find clothes of famous marks, tennises of the fashion that cost prices nonsenses in Brazil, devices of cellular telephone with modern resources, televisions of last generation, notebooks, perfumes, MP3 and its derivatives, at last, practically everything that you search can be found in store in Paraguay. If you have curiosity and interest in embarking in one of these trips of purchases, can go with some excursion of calls ‘ ‘ sacoleiros’ ‘.

These people go every month in search of products to resell in Brazil. She looks for that you know and already she participated of some excursion and she participates of the trip in safe way, tranquila and without problems in the way. Before making the trip, you she needs to know some basic and essential things. She has always taken its documents of identity and passport. The Paraguayan fiscalization does not possess the custom to accept as identification document the driver’s license, then it is with its other documents in the luggage. You will be able to take its item people as clothes, shoes and material of hygiene.

But he is not allowed that if light tires, drugs, narcotics, remedies, drinks of Brazilian manufacture and some other item. You will not be able to bring for Brazil everything that she desires without paying a tax. Each person possesss a quota has limited of exemption. If you to make the bus trip, car or through the airport of You make of the Iguau, its quota you have limited you are of US$ 300,00. But if to make the trip through the airport of Ciudad del This, this value starts to be of US$ 500,00, therefore it is about an international trip. If to pass of this value, you will go to pay a 50% tax on the price that it exceeded. The quota has limited is intransfervel and personal, that is, you will not be able to join its quota with the one of another person. For example: you bought a photographic machine that costs US$ 600,00. It will not be possible that you join its quota with the one of another person, nor if it to be part of its family, not to pay the tax. Now that you already know some basic things on as to make purchases in Paraguay, looks for an excursion and good trip. In case that it needs some aid, This looks for the Brazilian consulate in the Ciudad del. It is located in the Street Pampliega, number 205.

Simon Fraser University

Therefore, if there are no results after having invested time, money and visits to a particular healer, develops an internal imbalance. Before admitting to themselves and to others that the efforts have been in vain, many people tend to try to find some value to the treatment and defend it strongly. Charlatans and their clients are predisposed to misread signals and remember things as they wished that they had succeeded. They can be selective in what they remember, over-estimating the apparent success of therapy and ignoring the failures. The evolution of science is due in large part to the need to reduce this human tendency to justify everything with beliefs. In addition, many people feel compelled to say something worked if someone offers them help. Due to alternative therapists believe sincerely that they are helping, It is natural that their patients want to demonstrate reciprocity with gratitude.

Without realizing it has, that obliged reciprocity contributes to enlarge the perception of the magnitude of the benefit received.So beware when buying! The ability to distinguish the real thing from a relationship of false causes requires well-designed studies and logic of a large amount of data abstractions. There are many sources of error that can lead astray the people who trust in his intuition or informal reasoning to analyze complex facts. Before accepting make you any type of treatment, you must have the certainty that has been scientifically proven by several studies that control responses to placebo. You should suspect treatment if evidence only consists of testimonies, books or brochures published by who offers the treatment or other popular media. Dr. Beyerstein is a biopsicologo of Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. For more information (in English), visit Quackwatch.

Work From Home Tips For Internet

Today everyone wants. Why? Because you can choose your own hours, be there with their children, run errands, avoiding traffic on the streets to get to work. Some companies allow their employees to work from home, but have you ever considered working from home for their own welfare? Internet has become the gold rush of this century due to rumors of untold riches that abound. Those rumors are true. You can live pleasantly simply solving the problems of a large number of people, teaching them to do something, or just writing. There are many ways to earn money working from home via the Internet, and these are some: 1. Affiliate Marketing: This is to promote and sell a product or service from another company.

The advantage of becoming an affiliate is that you can implement relatively quickly, because they do not have to create a product. You can find products to promote in, CJ, etc. 2. Marketing writing articles: If you can write and comment on a product or service, you can get a steady stream of income and often abundant. 3. Blogs: a blog can generate profit in just a few minutes with Google AdSense program. Registration is free, easy to implement and have AdSense ads on your blog related to the content that you write.

When a visitor to his blog click on one of those ads, Google pays you. 4. Create your own product to sell. There are eBooks on many topics that sell well online. Once you have created your product, you must create a website to sell it. You can also attract affiliates to help you promote and sell their product. Join Clickbank as a seller and forget about the payment problems because Clickbank takes care of that for you. These are examples of the thousands of people are earning lots of money and realizing your dreams. Once you have found the method that works best for you, you can adjust, refine it and make it point to your Internet business work with minimal effort and time possible. If you are looking real income from home, Internet is the best opportunity to work from home.