The Spirit

In way that after all that time I had in hands two kilos of diamond of the best quality. I obtained a copper safe, I placed all there that wealth I embedded and it close to one grota the 5 meters of fundura. Never, nobody never discovered nothing, but I died in such a way of working and that immense wealth is still in the same place. I want that you travel until that place, have pulled out that safe, you catch diamonds, but attention, you only goes to be with the half of them. Sales to another half and give everything for the charity institutions.

Thus for I to only feel me here of this another side of the world happy, since I also was not good alive part when. You go to make this for me and you? I that I lived in the greater pindaba, its priest, raised the ears well and gave attention in the spirit well. He was offers very good and I spoke quickly: – I will make this with much taste, is enough you to indicate me the place and to teach the way to me most easy to pull out that wealth. What I have that to make? – In first place you go to arrange some money, therefore she goes to need, this I do not want to know as you go to obtain. Later you it goes to travel for Sant' Ana, looks for to sleep a night in an open pasture any. There I appear and it education as to make.

He does not need to have fear of me. I do not go to obtain to speak with you in a hotel, therefore somebody can hear the colloquy. – Humblly, its priest, vendi my barraco and all the stolens good that I had and travelled for Sant' Ana.

Sweden Nature

Kailash KOKOPELLI, an internationally known artists, musicians, and music therapist, is committed to the goal, to collect euro for the conservation of nature reserve in southern Sweden 335.700.00. Leipzig, 22.8.2011 – it is a milestone in its young history of Crowdfunding platform With the project “save (y) our sanctuary” not only the first international project, but also that launched on August 9, 2011 with the highest sum of targeted support. Project founder Kailash KOKOPELLI, an internationally known artists, musicians, and music therapist, is committed to the goal, to collect euro for the conservation of nature reserve in southern Sweden 335.700.00. The sanctuary retreat, research and education centre for sound medicine, organic seed preservation and sustainable solutions, the official name of the reserve in the vicinity of Malmo, is an exceptional place where you can find to themselves and draw new strength. “In the curative silence of nature of southern Sweden are the conditions ideal to regenerate itself through healthy diet, pure spring water, clean air and fertile soil. So can be seen as a balanced and peaceful man of all relatives in all realms with respect and love”, explains Kailash KOKOPELLI.

In addition to nature are two more elements at the heart of the Sanctuary: the therapeutic effects of music and food. The sanctuary included training programmes include sound medical and biological seed conservation, to the children of our children healthy, to assure full food that is free of genetic manipulation and toxic treatment, so KOKOPELLI. For his Crowdfunding project, he hoped for support from all parts of the world. Finally, toured with his inner World Music KOKOPELLI already through all continents and built up an international network in over two decades. In the VisionBakery he found the best place to, to draw attention to his project. “The VisionBakery offers a unique platform to innovative and charitable projects to” realize.

Two Balance

In the same way, our spiritual energy, our individuality (fire), tends to radically change the way we perceive and assess the world that surrounds us (Earth) the smaller arrows that emerge from each of the four directions symbolize the powerful trend that every item has to find its own opposite. This process can be even more confrontational, because to redress the balance between the two, both must yield to the other part of importance or rid of excess that represent and which have accumulated in our lives: just as the Earth makes us realistic and worldly, the air makes us imaginative and utopian; Since one represents the physical and one mental, our own nature and personality almost always make that we value more to one another, have more land, so we will be more stubborn and materialistic, or have more air, which we will return more restless and dreamers. Water and fire also must find its own equilibrium, as adaptation to what surrounds us, and the other one represents own expansion of individuality (respectively); Since one governs our emotions and the other our will, our own way of being is usually make us becoming more emotive and charitable to others or more self-centered and shortly considered. This is how the elements tend to influence each others to balance and how we ourselves encourage and appreciate more ones that others in the process, unbalancing our own inner balance and people becoming extremists. Commonly our imbalances come already marked from the day in which we are born, and are our astrological signs that give us the first track. Find out which item belongs your sign of the Zodiac and their strengths and weaknesses. To do so, later on, a section is dedicated in our study. If you are sincer @ Contigo mism @ you will recognize what or which of the four elements have more weight in your life and are unbalancing to others, and you will have to make an effort in pursuit of the balance for ti mism @ and for those around you. But do not you blame itself none of these four forces or adjudiques them with negativity, because they are not the cause of your lack of harmony; nothing further, are that will help you to retrieve it. Do not hesitate to contact with nature to help you in this purpose, and how not, remember that the Tarot will guide you on each of your steps.

Human Body

Which is the better drink – coffee or tea? The Germans love their coffee, and many need this morning to get awake. But now the black hot drink of the dark bean gets competition: tea. Also in tea, caffeine is included, so that more and more on this change. What few know: both hot drinks have unprecedented powers, but very different work. Researchers amazing figured out now. Effect of coffee and tea whether tea or coffee now represents the better and healthier beverage, raises frequently heated debate between tea drinkers and consumers of coffee. Since it is not surprising also that science has addressed this question and found amazing: tea can help prevent tooth decay and rheumatism, caffeine helps Alzheimer’s and coffee to protect even against gout and diabetes. One cup contains coffee an average hundred milligrams of caffeine and that is sufficient to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, so at least the scientist Jonathan D.

Geiger of the school of medicine and health in North Dakota (United States). Also the tea drinkers are in good company, and on the safe side. Although caffeine is just 50 milligrams contained in black tea, two cups here too can fight every day the forgetfulness. You should know but that the caffeine in the coffee completely different, because it is tied to tannins, which the human body just slows down the caffeine and can not fully absorb. This effect occurs only after a certain time, lasts for but longer.

Which the beverage is now healthier? Scientists don’t want to commit himself on one of the two drinks, since both have their advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, coffee and tea in bulk should be drunk. The health effect is a matter of the dose! Two to three cups a day are perfectly in order. But, too much can affect the water content of the body. Beware of the milk in studies cardiologists of the Charite in Berlin found that tea should be consumed only pure. The reason is, that the Milk and the casein, which is included in the milk, in the tea binds to the healing toffee and suppressed so its effect. Coffee drinkers, however, can breathe safely. The milk matters little in the bean drink! On the quality matters for which hot beverage you decide now, everyone is up to. It is only important that you pay attention to the quality. For coffee and tea are natural products, where every little thing can have decisive impact on taste and quality. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy coffee, for example, when a good coffee roaster and tea in the shops!

Matador Tires

Strange all the same creature – man, hopes to "maybe" or a miracle instead of being masters of their destiny …. It would seem that the time is "Shoed" your favorite, hard-won and coveted a car, but no continue to drive in bad weather on his iron horse on summer tires sparing neither himself nor ego.Glupo rely on luck. And if you're not lucky – this is at best cost, nerves, bad mood! So is it worth the risk? Output is simple: spend a vacation in a timely manner "pereobuvku" of his car. In this case, changing summer tires to winter. The first thing to identify the right tires or friction, directional pattern or asymmetric tread. Selection of winter tires – it is responsible and, well, hits the pocket. Therefore, motorists carefully and very sensitive approach to the choice of tires.

Do not rely on the opinions of friends and acquaintances, because as we all know – is a subjective opinion. To buy winter tires, which are ideally suited to your car you need to consider many factors and preferences, depending on driving conditions car and where do you ride in town or on the road and climate conditions. On the market a huge selection of winter tires of different manufacturers (Bridgestone, Dunlop, Fulda, Mishelin, Goodyear, Nokian, Kumho, Matador, Cordiant, Amtel, Debica Matador Fulda Tigar Marshal and others) and in different price diapason from budget models to models of premium class. Everyone chooses a shoe for your pet to your own taste, as well as their capabilities. Do not tighten with perobuvkoy tires, do not risk to get into trouble. No chance! Driver! All in your hands, wheels, and only for you!

New Year Miracle

And if you believe in New Year's miracle? In childhood tale surrounds us everywhere. In the contrived mythical castles, fantastic animals and, of course, travels in a ghost country. But, as adults, people lose this fantastic illusion become more serious and boring. We get a second chance to relive it, this time with the help of our children, reading them bedtime stories, or writing to them with a new tale, the story, but with such marvelous Harry Potter and Star Wars. New Year's Eve – It's a special holiday! This is when the party atmosphere, people are full of happiness, desires are fulfilled, we would like to give everyone around him is good, and everyone expects a miracle! And you really never had a desire to become involved in the New Year's Miracle? One of the easiest ways to accomplish this – to make a call Santa Claus! Santa alone, or with his granddaughter granddaughter will allow your family, friends and colleagues may return to the time childhood, to feel light-hearted fun. And if your family has children, you just need to call Santa Claus home. After all, kids are for sure know that they need a year to behave well, be obedient, and then in the New Year Night will come Santa Claus and give him a welcome gift. Imagine how he would be happy!


The last letter Exupery "And you will be very special star … – What? – You look at the night sky, and yet there is such a star, where I live, where I laugh – and you hear that all the stars are laughing. You'll have stars that are able to laugh! " (Antoine de Saint-Exupery, 'The Little Prince'), Grand Hotel, Lyon, May 4, 1939 … returning from a long trip, I was passing through Lyon, … and that's before me your letter – they brought me more joy than you can imagine … imagine you are doing this planet a bit more habitable.

This is because I collect myself a foster family – from those who've never cheated … of course, meet a man – a gift. But people do not find – they find each other. Gain little by little, like a lost child as a child, one finds scattered throughout the world loved … If people would spend a little more effort on what to look for and discover what unites them, rather than multiply that their shares – perhaps we could live in peace.

Somehow I had in Mexico with my dinner companions, whom I had never seen. It turned out that we think alike – about life, about art, about the accomplishments of this first … I it seemed perfectly natural, and then I suddenly realized that this is – a miracle. We brought in ten thousand miles away from each other, in such different environments, we have inherited so dissimilar civilizations, acquired as different biases – and yet we were so much alike, as if we were suckled the same mother. Mysterious Mother, which we do not have memories … You know, there is one image – I think he's very inspiring. Boaters ply in a continuous mist, each on board his boat. Each lost in the white desert, nothing is visible for twenty yards, you believe that you are alone in the world. But from time to time someone from calling to them: "Aegeus!" And others boaters meet him the same. And everyone is encouraged and encouraged lively friendly presence. No more, no fog, no loneliness. Aegeus! – Fly to meet each other miraculous shouts. Each boatman owned wealth – these reminiscent of cheers, and when there is among them, comes from somewhere in the depths of the fog a new voice, so – there, in the fog, comes a new miracle of human presence – then the boatman leans on the paddle with a heart full of heat. Aegeus – I wish that we saw each other again. Your friend, Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Reduce Costs And Service Level Increase

LogControl software solutions for freight forwarders and logistics service providers on Pforzheim/Ulm, Ulm logistics day may 2010 LogControl as an exhibitor at the Ulm logistics day on May 5 in the Danube Hall. “Titled success in networks perspectives and strategies” practice-oriented lectures, as well as an exhibitor portfolio solutions offered to trade visitors on a manageable platform for logistics service providers. The targeted optimization of all processes along the supply chain brings important cost and competitive advantages. In order to use all potential, internal as well as external processes around the value chain is to integrate, to organize and to improve. To overcome this very challenge, logistics service providers rely on future-oriented software solutions. At stand 17 in the Danube Hall Foyer, the Pforzheim software Foundry LogControl presents tailored software packages for carriers and other logistics service providers. The integrated, modular solution makes the following processes efficiently from warehouse management: LogControl -WHM (WareHouseManager) the powerful solution offers numerous optional modules for storage monitoring, bearing evaluations / Web reporting, shipment optimization, inventory sampling, Visual Organization, ERP integration (such as SAP) and much more supply chain optimization: LogControl -SCM (supply chain management) for optimization of the entire supply chain and transparent processes – even across company boundaries inventory controlling: LogControl -SLO + (service and Stock Level Optimizer) to optimize the disposition and the systematic reduction of stocks the future-proof LogControl designed solutions for logistics service providers quickly and flexibly customizable to ever-changing requirements of the customers.

LogControl -WHM features such as configurable storage fees billing, client management, multilingualism, cross docking, Touroptimierte picking, List Builder, RFID-controlled storage, Web-based information and ordering systems, and much more. The modular design the standard software allows a simple and quick introduction (“such as the introduction of Flash / rapid standard use”) and one growth according to the respective business activities. Headquartered in Pforzheim, created about LogControl LogControl, founded in 1990 and distributes innovative standard software for warehouse management, shipment processing, dispatching optimization and inventory controlling, sample inventory and supply chain management. If logistics providers, controls manufacturing or trade, the modular and customisable LogControl software and optimizes the logistic processes. Analysis and consulting services to the takeover of the general contractor of logistics projects complete the offer.