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So you decide to spend your vacation in Canada, we can say with confidence – this is the right choice. For assistance, try visiting Nieman Foundation. Canada is a beautiful country with beautiful scenery and a climate similar to ours. According to the latest expert Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa some of the cleanest cities in the world, here the most favorable conditions for living and recreation, and Calgary, and tops the list at all the cleanest cities in our land. According to statistics, Canadians prefer to vacation only in its country and it is not surprising, because there are all conditions for recreation. Well, of course, so when you got to this country and want to know what to do in Canada, first look at Niagara Falls – a stunner. For many miles you see a tall pillar-like cloud hanging over the waterfall. History of the waterfall – it's more than 12 thousand years, in the opinion of scientists before he was 11 kilometers downstream. All this time he gradually 'Moved' up, leaving a deep canyon.

During the first visit of a European back in 1678, the waterfall was located 50 meters below the river than it is today. In the 50 years of the twentieth century 'progress' came up to one meter per year. After the measures taken to regulate flow today, according to scientists, the movement slowed to 36 cm in 10 years. This waterfall effect manifests itself due to soil erosion under the upper dolomite and limestone layers. Soft rock stone washed, and the top of the pressure of falling water fell. Good and Toronto, which built the tallest tower in the world. Book a tour there and climbed to the observation deck admiring the spread on many kilometers of the city and its environs, with bated breath looks at the oldest lake in Ontario.

But the research center can look at the latest technology and science. All models of the existing center: you can become a captain, a leading ship on the St. Lawrence River or visit the role of astronauts, space ship landed on the moon. And do not forget about Vancouver, lying on the shore of one of the most beautiful bays in the world, between the mouth of the river Fraser and Barrard fjord at the foot of the coastal ridges of the Pacific. We remind you that Vancouver Island – the largest of all nestled American west coast. In these places has its own aura, the amazing nature, contrasting climate and clean air. One of the main attractions is a huge park Stanley. There is surprisingly easy to breathe in the middle of exotic evergreen, and such items as western hemlock and Virginia juniper, reach a height of 100 meters and crossed the age of 100 years. So if you love green and quiet vacation in the beautiful natural elements – Canada will welcome you open arms. Pleasant recreation.

New Golf Offer In Mallorca

“International Golf Club offers green fee at half price and real club life Mallorca Mallorca, 01.04 – part of an international golf community on Mallorca are, play with a full 50 per cent flat rate golf as well as take part in regular tournaments and interesting events around the topic of Golf: so is the offer of the International Golf Club in Mallorca” (IGM). Main media partner of the Club are the Mallorca Zeitung”and its Spanish sister paper Diario de Mallorca”. The IGM offers yearly memberships at a price of 120 euros plus value added tax. It can its members in the golf park Puntiro, only ten minutes ‘ drive from Palma removed, play all year round with a discount of 50 percent on the current price of green fees. Kidney Foundation shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Without any restrictions and as often as you want.

Moreover, the IGM exclusively for its members regular tournaments and events such as, for example, lectures on golf-specific issues (rules, health, etc.), as well as workshops organized with pros, Clubfittern or Sports physiotherapists. “” The IGM is supported by the German Island radio 95.8, as well as the golf news portals on the Internet “and”. All information concerning the offer of the IGM, tournament and event announcements and news, background reports and information of all golf courses of the island are from mid-March on the homepage of the Mallorca finding newspaper ( in the hotel’s own Golf Channel. Further details can be found at Chase Koch, an internet resource. Contact: International Golf Club Mallorca Carrer San Pere, 28 E-07620 Llucmajor/Mallorca (Spain) Tel: (+ 34) 660.668.995

United States

During the holidays, Europeans win the jackpot total European countries in a worldwide comparison have drawn the Joker: you are far more Vacation days than the Americans with 17 days or even the Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders with each 20 and 19.5 days. The Japanese have the least vacation. 16.5 available free days let also the average barely eight days unused. Overview: available days in Europe and overseas (o number) 1 France (37.5 days) 2 Italy (32.5 days) 3 Spain (32 days) 4 Denmark (29 days) 5. Norway / United Kingdom (28 days) 6 Germany / Sweden (27.5) 7 Australia / Canada (20) 8 New Zealand (19.5) 9 United States (17 days) 10 Japan (16.5 days) If you are interested to contact other results please the Press Office. Harris Interactive method led the online study commissioned by Expedia by between 13 and 22 April 2010 in the United States in the framework of a national cross-sectional survey of 513 working adults aged 18 and over. In the European study, professionals aged 16 and over were interviewed in a cross-sectional survey: 576 in the United Kingdom, 526 in France, 521 in Germany, in Spain, Sweden, 465 542 520 in Norway and 477 in Denmark.

608 working adults aged 18 and over were interviewed in Italy. It is not something Dr. Neal Barnard would like to discuss. The European data were weighted by region of origin, age, gender, level of education, income and frequency of Internet use per nation. Although theoretically no random selection basis is this online sample, Harris Interactive estimated that the results of random sampling of that size with a certainty of 95% is a sampling error of plus or minus four percent. The surveys in Australia and New Zealand have been research carried out in collaboration with real in Canada with Harris/Decima and in Japan with macro mill. You are also representative including on region, age and gender. 1999 founded online travel portal ( offers a complete and attractive product range around the theme of travel. As the first German online travel portal enabled besides booking flight, hotel, rental car, “Apartments, lastminute and packages, and cruises under the name click & mix the flexible composition (dynamic packaging”) flights, hotels or car rental, as well as diverse offerings in the category events & tickets “. The online travel portal is a founding member of the Association of Internet travel distribution VIR and s@fer-shopping was awarded for the sixth time in a row with the TuV Seal of approval.

“Also the very good customer service and the excellent service from are TuV tested in March 2008 the travel experts got the certificate ServiceQualitat” awarded. is a subsidiary of the world’s largest online travel agency Expedia, Inc.. This has been trading since August 2005 under the name Expedia and is publicly traded in the United States (NASDAQ: EXPE).

Holidays In Croatia: The Most Beautiful Places And The Cheap Hostels On The Islands In Croatia

With HostelsClub for Croatia: Croatian islands discover turquoise, crystal clear water, long beaches with white sand, is diverse fine stones and rocky coves Croatia and have yet to discover! The beauty of Croatia is in every region and at every time of day in a different light and different colors, each beach is different and impressive panorama awaits you here. How about holiday or weekend on one of the Croatian islands? Island Krk Bay of Baska on Krk island is one of the most beautiful places which has to offer the Kvarner Bay. So it doesn’t even know Adria. The deep blue in the wide curved Kverner Bay is lit with green and turquoise notes offers panorama presents the typical Croatian rocky ground. Visited Staagnat in the Biserujka cave in the village of Dobrinij at Rudine and admire this masterpiece of nature, the cold air of the Cave brings also some refreshing moments! According to legends, the lost treasure of old smuggler, which was not discovered until now located in Biserujka. One alternative accommodation at the hotels in island of Krk, Krk hostel is, the overnight stay in the dorm here may 13! Island Hvar Hvar is one of the Lieblingsuralubziele, this island is known for its turquoise blue water, beaches with white sand and a diverse flora with your aromatic Rosemary, olive and vineyards and lavender fields.

Hvar is called even Lavender island. As one of the many regions, which was under rule of the Venetian Republic, is the architecture by jewelry full churches and palaces of former power kennzeichnetet. BSA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The fishing villages with their rustic cottages make for an impressive appearance. Hvar is a vibrant, friendly island, here you will find several beaches and other activities: you can make here a thrilling boat ride, bicycle tour or dive course is also in the program, the nature of Hvar leave anyone indifferent. Phara hostel we stayed already 19 and you get a double room in the Guest House tea Hvar already 40 per night. Island of BRA? On the island of BRA? You can eat the best fish in Croatia, tell residents of the island. BRAC lives actually much of the fisheries and Agriculture: sour cherries and almonds by BRAC taste particularly good. However, the trademark of the island is the snow-white limestone, which oversees the island’s history.

This island is a perfect place for those who love active holidays: how about mountaineering trips and sailing one of the neighbouring island or by several bays of the island? In the hostel MIA Casa bra? Overnight from 15, and in the B & B pension costs Villa MI ura 30 P.p.. Lastovo Island Lastovo island is a small island and has many hills, valleys and fields. Here is one booked and beaches for all tastes, which protect from Bora and West wind. This is an island with very mild temperatures in winter and with many sunny days in the summer. The Interior of the island is covered with pine trees and scrub and it is really fun to walk here. Lastovo belongs to a group of Islands, some of them are inhabited and the are especially nice for a boat ride in the coves protected from the wind, there are bright sand beaches. Overnight at Hotel Solitudo with excellent service there are already 50! Explore Croatia: its unique culture, history and nature will enchant you! Have fun travelling!…


On the basis of appropriate criteria and the user here can create a completely individual holiday accommodation query keyword. The related search field located in the upper area of the accommodation portal. “White label link to the HolidayInsider page: individual holiday accommodation request who create here the key words of Rugen, farm, marine” enters, speed is just tailor-made accommodations on the shores of the Baltic Sea Island, which are real secret tips. Or maybe the break in the mountains? The Alps, hiking search query”filters over 1000 individual accommodation of the cottage to the rustic cabin, from the family-friendly bed and breakfast to the Alpine hotel with Spa facilities. The appearance of the search results can appear as a list or Gallery views.

The option map also shows the locations of all holiday accommodation results on Google maps and Google Street view. When you click on the A detailed description of the accommodation opens sites. “” “Requests are allowed: who even close information will for example rural living and working, and after milking cows, driving a tractor” or help “searches, you will find it on guaranteed. The accommodation proposals of this unique search based on over 100,000 objective and audited reviews from Here, if the user himself and helps others through its assessment in the search for the ideal holiday accommodation. A total of 55,000 objects are the user currently available holiday accommodation, of which other holidaymakers are already excited. By the way, all accommodations on are can be booked directly online.! And who consult it rather personally makes the own customer service on the phone helps the vacation planning.

Therefore, nothing in the way is the break in the green. And as easy as never before. is Germany’s new Holiday accommodation Portal! As a technology company, the claim of is for its users always, an excellent Web presence, a unique variety of holiday accommodation, only the latest and greatest technologies in the area of search, Web presence and booking process, and which is available 365 days customer service in the year, to provide. This unique transparency was in the accommodation market confirmed by happy guests, tested and recommended by service quality Germany and many public tourism organisations. is among other official partners of Ruhpolding tourist,, HNA-Hessische/Niedersachsische Allgemeine Zeitung, Google, Tourist Board of Rugen and the Black Forest tourism.

Rural Hotel Majorca – Hotel Holiday Times Differently

Small family hotel on Majorca with the special ambience as a country hotel or Finca Hotel Mallorca refers to small, idyllic family hotel with flair. The term agrotouristic or rural hotel indicate the holiday guest, that is it family-run holiday accommodation. Far away from the hotel castles and Ballermann feeling, the guests can relax and meet the other Mallorca. A rural Hotel Mallorca has only a few rooms and is situated amidst charming Majorcan landscape with palms, cacti, banana, lemon and orange trees. A Finca hotel or country house hotel on Majorca radiates a special originality and is paired with modern technology privately held by the owners. The small hotel located for decades, mostly family-owned and have been restored in the family atmosphere of the owners lovingly and authentically.

When the renovation usually strictly attention was that they remain fully in its country typical kind so how they once were built without it the charm and the character lose. Tourists can book cheap a Finca Hotel Mallorca. Room rates start from approx. 40/person/night. Most country hotels offer also breakfast with buffet and from the owner you can get always a good tip where you can take a wage-rate day trip. Products from own farm or from the surrounding area are often offered in the country hotel in Majorca. You can enjoy Majorcan specialties and work on the atmosphere. Holiday Mallorca in a typical country hotel and the still at very reasonable prices.

Children are welcome in a Finca on Mallorca. Increasingly, some hotels now also spas make available or offered massages and various treatments to pamper the guest. So, even while on vacation, one can relax and do something for his battered soul. Some agrotourism in Mallorca are surrounded by fields, allowing you to wake up in the morning by the ringing of the bells of sheep.

Communications Tel

A bustling city has evolved from former small fishing villages and ruins of the Maya, which has retained the old charm of quiet at the same time. A great and versatile offer on-site is accordingly for each guest. Professor of Internet Governance pursues this goal as well. For an active holiday, the geographical location offers a variety of possibilities: scuba diving, snorkeling, climbing on the ropes course, mountain bike through the jungle, or the sailboat enjoy the breathtaking sunset. There are over 30 Wellness Center available, providing an oasis of relaxation for guests who want to relax more, enjoy. In the evenings, Cancun offers culinary delights in the restaurants of the city.

Typical dishes with delicious fish and seafood dishes are a speciality for the region. Condor brings their Guests in the winter season at reasonable prices during the holiday: the flights to Cancun can already on a one-way price from 399,99 EUR in economy class, from 549,99 euros in premium economy and 1099,99 euros in the comfort class in all travel agencies, online at or call 01806 / 767767 (0.20 per call from a German landline, mobile max. 0,60 per call) be posted. The Condor Flugdienst GmbH flies its guests since 1956 on the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world. Every year fly 6.7 million passengers with Condor in around 75 destinations in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

“Condor is the most popular airline of the Germans: in a survey to the satisfaction of the German Institute for service quality (DISQ) in December 2012, Condor was test winner and very good as the only airline with the seal” rated. Since March 1, 2013, the German Charter airline Condor with the two airlines Thomas Cook is Belgium United Kingdom airlines and Thomas Cook Airlines as Thomas Cook airline segment merged. The airlines of the Thomas Cook Group fleet consists of 86 modern and environmentally friendly aircraft, of which 38 aircraft of the Condor fleet: twelve Airbus A320, Airbus A321, 13 Boeing 757-300 and twelve Boeing 767-300. The aircraft maintained by the airlines own technology operation. Press contact: Condor Flugdienst GmbH Johannes winter head Communications Tel.: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7804 fax: + 49 (0) 6107 939-7147 E-Mail:

Church Mitterfirmiansreut

A foundation in Mitterfirmiansreut in the Bavarian Forest has large before the 14-meter long, seven meters wide and almost four-meter high Church lasted until may, 1911, before it melted in the Spring Sun together. To commemorate this extraordinary building in winter 2010 / 2011 are a snow Church, 100 years earlier. The founded in 2009 Foundation 100 years snow Church Mitterfirmiansreut pursues this goal”. 1907 34 citizens of Mitterfirmiansreut founded a Church Association, but the project of a new Church stopped short for financial reasons. The next House of God was in Mauth, one and a half hours walk away.

It was therefore often not possible to visit the church regularly elderly and women with children. The winter 1910 / 1911 was very snowy, calculated to Christmas Eve a snowstorm was raging, and nobody could out of the village after Mauth. To draw attention to the plight of believers in the secluded Mitterfirmiansreut, the idea came up to build at least a church made of snow. Began in freezing February 1911 the construction men and women from the village cut blocks from the abundant solid snow and coated each other like tiles. In the cold nights, the successive heaped snow blocks found a very hard link that you could save out even arch and along the lines of the Passau Cathedral erected two towers on the front side. The first prayer in the snow Church was held on March 28, 1911. The snow Church kept only until the spring, but the project attracted attention far beyond the Bavarian Forest beyond. Many donations for the construction of a proper Church, received a photo of the snow Church appeared even in a US magazine.

1923 a stone Chapel of the school increased at the place of the snow Church, which was consecrated in 1925 and 1932 extends to the present Church of the municipality. Thus, the snow Church builders had reached their goal. On November 24, 2009, the Foundation 100 years snow Church Mitterfirmiansreut was”founded. He wants to keep awake the memory of the legendary project. At the founding meeting was decided to build a church out of snow in the winter 2010/2011 modelled on the first snow Church. As the original site of the first Church of the snow is no longer available, the new snow Church on a paddock near the Meadow Mountain lift in the family to be built ski area Mitterdorf. The snow Church is to the whole winter 2010/2011 on stand and be met by various cultural and spiritual events with life. A visit in Mitterfirmiansreut is worthwhile. Or better a little winter vacation? For recommend Landhotel Haus Waldeck. Dogs are expressly welcome in this three-star hotel with its family atmosphere. Mitterfirmiansreut has also a wide range of winter sports. Next to the House you will find a great penchant for sledging and bobsleigh rides. Convenient access to the cross-country network of cross-country ski runs, stretching about 35 miles from here. And with the junior ski circus to the family ski area Mitterdorf it is also not far. The ski centre around the Alpine mountain (1140 m) offers too Fun for adults with its five ski lifts, the ski slopes of varying difficulty opening up. At the place there is a ski school and a ski rental service.

Cyprus Sports Association

Everyday run – warm up in Cyprus and yet: indulge your sporting passion motivated and see almost on the sunny side, will shine and ruthlessly remind you, that you probably cannot mate this vest and your shorts for many more weeks with your nylon your dirty running shoes after recently riding with a charming puddle of mud and rain next to the door. Also for the relaxed run along the beach with the Sun at your back, it’s still ADE. But there is a way out. Choose yet, like over 1600 runners last year ahead of you, to board the plane South in March, and to participate in one of the most popular marathons in Europe! The Sun, the sport and the beaches are only three hours away! “” Motto: run along the waves “and run with a smile” with its crystal clear water and its magnificent scenery, which significantly between warm sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and striking mountains varies, offers one of the most beautiful Marathon routes in Cyprus without a doubt World. The selection of the three distances, the marathon, half marathon and 10 km race, makes it the ideal sporting destination for ambitious runners like amateurs. “” On the 18.3.2012 a health-race, arrive in Limassol in addition to the King discipline 5 km-corporate race, a student of race, as well as a charity walk instead, so that every man according to his skills along the waves ‘ start and with a smile “can finish. “Last but not least due to the spring-like temperatures in March, the very good organization such as the fast track with long straights of the Limassol Marathon Cyprus among runners as a warm-up is Marathon” very popular before the start of the season. Many international organizations appreciate the Mediterranean island for decades as ideal training base for their professional track and field teams.

Enjoy the fun-loving, generous Cypriots, whose hospitality is renowned worldwide, hospitality and culture on the island of Aphrodite to be with open arms and a smile always Welcome, and make sure that the Marathon on Cyprus will remain long in the memory. The Limassol Marathon is a major event of course also regionally, and guarantees you will get opportunity to participate in a range of traditional activities. After sporting kilometers you dance to the rhythm of Cypriot and Greek maybe and sounds but promising and is certainly more exciting than the salsa course around the corner under the Mediterranean sun. About the Limassol Marathon GSO: the Limassol Marathon Cyprus’s second city was called gymnastics sports the Olympia (GSO) in the life. (Association of international marathons and distance races) is accredited by the IAAF (International Association of Athletics Federations) and AIMS of the Limassol Marathon GSO of the only official Marathon of Cyprus and official marathon race of the Cyprus Sports Association (KAIZER). There likewise alone 1 625 participants from over 30 countries in the marathon in 2011.

The spring run on the third largest Mediterranean island provides fast and flat stretch along the coastline. The Olympus event management Ltd. is responsible for the Organization of the race The next course starts on March 18, 2012 in the disciplines of Marathon, half marathon, 10-km run, corporate race, student race and charity walk.