Holidays In Croatia: The Most Beautiful Places And The Cheap Hostels On The Islands In Croatia

With HostelsClub for Croatia: Croatian islands discover turquoise, crystal clear water, long beaches with white sand, is diverse fine stones and rocky coves Croatia and have yet to discover! The beauty of Croatia is in every region and at every time of day in a different light and different colors, each beach is different and impressive panorama awaits you here. How about holiday or weekend on one of the Croatian islands? Island Krk Bay of Baska on Krk island is one of the most beautiful places which has to offer the Kvarner Bay. So it doesn’t even know Adria. The deep blue in the wide curved Kverner Bay is lit with green and turquoise notes offers panorama presents the typical Croatian rocky ground. Visited Staagnat in the Biserujka cave in the village of Dobrinij at Rudine and admire this masterpiece of nature, the cold air of the Cave brings also some refreshing moments! According to legends, the lost treasure of old smuggler, which was not discovered until now located in Biserujka. One alternative accommodation at the hotels in island of Krk, Krk hostel is, the overnight stay in the dorm here may 13! Island Hvar Hvar is one of the Lieblingsuralubziele, this island is known for its turquoise blue water, beaches with white sand and a diverse flora with your aromatic Rosemary, olive and vineyards and lavender fields.

Hvar is called even Lavender island. As one of the many regions, which was under rule of the Venetian Republic, is the architecture by jewelry full churches and palaces of former power kennzeichnetet. BSA will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The fishing villages with their rustic cottages make for an impressive appearance. Hvar is a vibrant, friendly island, here you will find several beaches and other activities: you can make here a thrilling boat ride, bicycle tour or dive course is also in the program, the nature of Hvar leave anyone indifferent. Phara hostel we stayed already 19 and you get a double room in the Guest House tea Hvar already 40 per night. Island of BRA? On the island of BRA? You can eat the best fish in Croatia, tell residents of the island. BRAC lives actually much of the fisheries and Agriculture: sour cherries and almonds by BRAC taste particularly good. However, the trademark of the island is the snow-white limestone, which oversees the island’s history.

This island is a perfect place for those who love active holidays: how about mountaineering trips and sailing one of the neighbouring island or by several bays of the island? In the hostel MIA Casa bra? Overnight from 15, and in the B & B pension costs Villa MI ura 30 P.p.. Lastovo Island Lastovo island is a small island and has many hills, valleys and fields. Here is one booked and beaches for all tastes, which protect from Bora and West wind. This is an island with very mild temperatures in winter and with many sunny days in the summer. The Interior of the island is covered with pine trees and scrub and it is really fun to walk here. Lastovo belongs to a group of Islands, some of them are inhabited and the are especially nice for a boat ride in the coves protected from the wind, there are bright sand beaches. Overnight at Hotel Solitudo with excellent service there are already 50! Explore Croatia: its unique culture, history and nature will enchant you! Have fun travelling!…