Chronic Walls

He is not rare somebody to appeal the language figures to try to say of form that finds clear what it does not want or at least she does not have courage to say literally. Perhaps for education, tato that is which will be the form to nominate the reason, has people that they create its imaginary barriers, does not lower the guard and they do not confide for a situation that, who knows, could be interesting. I do not want to say that all the people are thus the time all and that this is characteristic of this or of that human being. In the deep one, perhaps, all we are or will be thus in some situation. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with PCRM. I confess that I exactly admire the certainty of who ahead of any fact or situation if keeps frozen as if icebergs inhabited the most recondite places where is given credit to be the sensitivity of the humanity, at least in what respect is said lay we, such as heart, eyes and smile. Stranger is that as many times these same people if move or melindram with, says, lesser things, as joke of in such a way duvisoso taste, word not understood, but that they use as horses of battles to aggravate situations that nothing had of uncommon. Who we are we stop judging the form as other people face definitive situation. They are as many subjective criteria to evaluate itself: the context where the fact occurred, the emotional load of the people who give or receive the notice, involved physical or emotional pains in that it would be plus a simple urban picture, at last as where it is more than evident the complexity human being, who can move better for worse or no longer other as. To deepen your understanding Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City is the source. examples then? It has situation in itself that the proper emotional load is dense barrier and if the person wants to get worse the things can yes and this depends on its intellectuality.

Vision Internal

Growth person, it is partly a matter of searching, press and create opportunities for self-improvement. Michael Waters internal perception always has been manifested in the master there in us, willing to liberate ourselves from our own crutches, clarify that self-consciousness is no longer a State of being in two minds, which coincidentally also means a State of indecision and hesitation, of paralysis psychic-precisely, this self-consciousness becomes when you want to handle dualisticamente, taking real things like conventions of thought and Word that separate the Yo si himself, as also to the mind of the body, the spirit of the subject, the Knower of what is known. In separation, the I that I know I need know is never and controlled is never that need control. Steffan Lehnhoff does not necessarily agree. In Zen, the teacher truly teaches nothing to the student, but it forces you to discover if same and, Furthermore, not be sees himself as a teacher, every time there are only teachers from the point of view of the disciple that he has not awakened. Here, the importance of being attentive, because we are in transit through the world of perishable, characteristic of this physical plane forms to discover by ourselves, not by teachers but by absence in such a way where we not feel the feeling, need to rely on others, alienate us, numbing the genius that us is manifestedactivate the gnomes of original thoughts emanating from the source of the supraconciecia. It has a teacher who woke up to surprise with his own role in the true inner stage, said that what is important are not particular things that must be done, but the attitude, inner understanding and disposition that makes. Filed under: CDF. What is needed is not a new kind of technique, but a new kind of man and how an ancient Taoist book points out: When inappropriate man uses the correct media, correct media function improperly. . . Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PCRM.

Federal Government

Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 14: 00-15:30, Brandenburg Gate: theatre performance of the Alliance ‘ SOS for human rights’ against the disregard of the rights of refugee children. Particularly suitable for the image reporting. On the 5th of April 19 years ago, the Federal Republic has signed the UN Convention on the rights of the child. Until today it is however not fully implemented. Their rights are denied in particular refugee children. Steffan Lehnhoff: the source for more info.

With a theatrical action at the Brandenburg Gate, we would draw attention on this situation and call for the implementation of children’s rights for all children and young people. We discuss possible reasons for escape, the fatal escape from crisis regions to Europe and often precarious residence in Germany. “In different languages are the key demands from an appeal to youth without borders” read. Since the withdrawal of reservation of aliens to the children rights Convention in the spring of 2010, the Federal Government, the UN children’s rights in Germany should also for refugee children fully apply. “In practice refugee children and young people are exposed is still multiple discrimination and restrictions in Germany, for example: asylum seekers power law, reduction of social assistance to up to 47 percent under the current subsistence minimum for children in the Hartz IV-related as well as exclusion from the new training package” inadequate medical care according to the asylum seeker performance law restricted access to school, often ban by training and study restriction of freedom of movement inhumane living conditions in collective centres separation from family members, arbitrary age estimates and altermachen of the withdrawal of the reservation of aliens must finally concrete measures follow on political, legislative and administrative level, so that refugee children are exposed to stop bullying and humiliating authorities act. All immigration measures must be precedence over the well-being of the child. At the Theatre action rights are speakers of the SOS campaign for human for interviews available. Press contact: Lucie Haardt, SOS for human rights, E-Mail:, Tel: 030 24 74 97 83, mobile: 0176-75464216, address: GRIPS, Klosterstrasse 68, 10179 Berlin

The Relationship

Predvidimmore indignation: "How so? We're talking about love, friendship and vdrugvsplyvaet a mercantile word, as the contract! Are we on ? "Of course, not everything is so horrible and cynical, but the words of the song nevykinesh. Contract at this stage is a must, and here why. If you build relationships, communicate, and then for some reason you need it. What tohoroshee you get from this relationship: it can be a joy from the fact that you are together, an interesting pastime, opening for themselves and experiences, mutual support. On the other hand, and you, too, something daetepartneru, otherwise he would not meet with you. Jim Joseph Foundation takes a slightly different approach. Here, Jo Mackness expresses very clear opinions on the subject. That is, it has something to give you, you have something to give him.

Where there is an exchange, always voznikayutpravila exchange – a contract. This may be tacit agreement ilizaverenny a notary, but it is. Managed Funds Association often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Not having at least neglasnogodogovora, you'll never know what to expect from a partner. That respect and common affairs – everyone should do their chastraboty, and this better align advance. In our sluchaepredmetom contract will be the relationship. A leading source for info: Steffan Lehnhoff. Since we already know that we spartnerom different, and often want different, then the situation stolknoveniyainteresov inevitable. What to do in this case? Traditsionnobolshinstvo pair solves the contradiction 'by scandal. " Our opytpokazyvaet that this is not the most efficient method.

Emotions overflowed, and the partners often make mistakes, which later regret. Poetomuprotivorechie better to resolve before it will result in semeynuyurazborku. – My dear, today we are going to visit.