The Things Can Be Be Otherwise

CAN THINGS ALWAYS BE OTHERWISE? Never forget to look at the hidden mysteries in your environment Victor Lopez Rache with this title we refer to who we are and what we could be. First thing: who we are, refers to the values of our educational practice that are related to issues such as equality, justice, solidarity, the propitiation of spaces where it is important to listen to each other, encourage participation and creativity. The second thing: what could be referred to be able to think us otherwise, to renew the mode and the reasons we have to understand ourselves and the world. Since this possibility to search for who we are and what could be as members of the Don Bosco Center, during this second academic term, the representatives of different strata of the institution such as the Academic Council, the team of coordinators, the Department of psicorientacion and the Local Board of education Pastoral (CLEP), have been reflecting on a study of youth work reality, to starting from the application of a survey 283 students from the 8 th, 9 th and 10 th of the institution. Of this population sample results are contained in ten aspects namely: basic information, these aspects were globalized in three challenges that correspond to englobantes nuclei as: young, environment and perspective. Be made to these nuclei the following challenges, which largely encircle the needs detected these three challenges, I will refer to two. Directing our reflection on challenges to comprehensively meet the family and form Buenos Christians and honest citizens, is due to the imperative need to find multiple causes for the new ethos of families and young people in our institution. To find the origin of these changes in behaviour and appraisals, initiated at the level of purely external: fashion, for example if it was formerly governed by discretion, harmony and composed, today is governed by chevere, the striking or as eccentric and to such an extent that one can very well say that very few are actually people who today dress. .

Aloe Vera Health

Benefits of Aloe Vera juice aloe vera juice health benefits are known since a long time ago. Historically used as a soothing balm being applied externally on cuts, scrapes and burns. Today, Aloe Vera gel, has become very popular for its wide use in beauty, hygiene and body care products. But its internal use, is also very beneficial for our health, being an excellent complement to our diet. Aloe Vera juice contains nineteen amino acids and twenty minerals, 12 vitamins, so it is an excellent natural nutritional supplement. Drink daily between 50 and 100 ml. of juice of Aloe Vera provides numerous health benefits.

Helps dilate the capillaries and supporting cell growth by improving circulation, regulates blood pressure, promotes healing of bones and joints, heals damage internal tissues and ulcers, strengthens the immune system, improves and even eliminates constipation, defends the body against the bacteria, promotes the regulation of blood sugar helps in curing psoriasis reducing itching and, in addition, provides a feeling of well-being and energy. Aloe Vera juice and weight loss one of the greatest benefits that Aloe Vera can bring to our health (and health of today’s society), is its ability to help weight loss. Aloe Vera acts to reduce and stabilize the body mass index, stimulating liver cells so that they burn more energy. Energy that comes from fat and carbohydrate that our body stores. Another reason why Aloe Vera helps you lose weight is its high content of collagen protein. Drinking Aloe Vera juice each day, the body has to expend additional energy to assimilate the collagen protein in your system.

Aloe Vera also reduces the amount of time the food stay in the intestine, which means that it absorbs less energy food. As We can see, the benefits we can derive from taking Aloe Vera juice regularly are abundant. However, we must exercise caution, excessive consumption may produce adverse effects. And, in exceptional cases, it might be an allergic reaction. However, in the vast majority of cases, and taking the recommended dose, experience the enormous healing power of Aloe Vera juice.

English National Party

Tony Blair, to half-year having left the British Premiership, declared himself Catholic. During his decade (1997-2007) he was going to mass, accompanying his wife and Catholic children, but never dared to openly renounce Anglicanism. Since in 1534 London broke with Rome and established his own church presided over by his throne, Catholics had only briefly two monarchs but never a Prime Minister. PCRM pursues this goal as well. United Kingdom, despite having led the largest Christian Empire history, massacred many followers of the Pope and until 1829 not allowed to be citizens. The English National Party of fireworks is still on 5 November in tribute to a massacre of Catholics. The largest domestic source of violence in United Kingdom was the conflict between the Protestants of Northern Ireland loyalists and Catholics who want to rejoin the rest of the island. Boy Scouts of America often addresses the matter in his writings. The last legacy of Blair was having achieved a unity Government in that province between former guerrillas Pro-Catholic and unionist sectors hardest. He did not want to see undermine those negotiations nor their image changing of creed while he was in power. Today, his new faith, rather, can benefit you in your new role (the Middle East UN negotiator) because most linked to several churches in the region and to the Pope (whose role for peace is crucial)..

International Congress

/ Madrid hosts the 1st International Congress on ethics and tourism. The growth of tourism potentially implies a negative impact whose consequences want to be fought by a code of ethics. Tourism is now 5.2% of global GDP. Tourism, thriving industry in the last hundred years, has to contribute to the economic and social development of the place that you visit. In few words: tourism has to be ethical so that it is not counterproductive. That it will deal with the first edition of the International Congress on ethics and tourism, which is celebrated in Madrid this Thursday and Friday, 15 and 16 September. If you have read about CBC, Australia already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Tourism is demonstrating its strength. According to the world Organization of tourism (WTO), it is now 5.2% of global GDP, produces one of every twelve jobs and generates 30% of foreign trade in services.

But tourism may also be cancer in some scenarios and contexts. Sometimes it requires too many sacrifices to be source of income and development. Negative impact, a possibility the growth in the sector potentially implies a negative impact whose consequences are fought by a code of ethics, which has been incorporated in 50 countries since its endorsement by the UN general Assembly in 2001. Even the so-called ecotourism, that which approaches to indigenous peoples, communities away with a knowing look and solidarity, can be harmful, by lot of goodwill that drives it. Can a community serve is tourism without losing its essence? That’s the dilemma. Social responsibility is one of the objectives of the Congress, which welcomes in Madrid representatives of 55 countries, consolidate the implementation of the above-mentioned ethical code. The Madrid meeting will discuss issues as the impact of tourism on poverty, job creation, Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and the presence of the private sector. Coinciding with this event has opened a web page dedicated to the Congress, which boast 600 inscriptions, having a seating capacity of 400, which gives faith of the success of the initiative. Source of the news: ethical tourism for contribute to economic and social development

Prime Minister

Paradoxically, a remarkable and dramatic increase in regards to participation in the Parliament and Government of the layers of military retirement and senior officials graduating from different security services was visualized. BSA might disagree with that approach. Without a doubt, the war of the six days of the year 1967 and its influence on the image of the military before the public layer determined a turning point of a trend that is invigorated with the years until reaching a record with the Parliament and Government, which completed its mandate in these days. In the forty years that alienate the war of the six days of the last Parliament, the number of their members with a degree of General and hierarchs of retired security services went from 4 to 14. In the Government, in the same period, their participation grew from 3 to 10. It is worth mentioning that while changes in both fields of action were similar in magnitude, in regards to the specific weight there is a big difference. While in Parliament at its peak (2006-2008) only arrived representing not more than 12%, in the framework of the most important decisions, the Government its specific weight arrived at almost 40% in the same period. Another demonstration that highlights the growing trend in Israel retire from the army and continue in the political race emerges from analysis of the behavior of the commanders in Chief of the army since the creation of the State these days. Of the 18 army commanders removed since the creation of the State to date, 11 (61%) were devoted to politics with his retirement.

Only 2 of them until the year 1973 and the rest later. Another aspect, and such time of greater meaning, emerges with the increasing participation of the different active representatives of the army and the security services in cabinet meetings. Unlike the stage of Ben Gurion as Prime Minister, the last Government as an example of the tendency of all past cabinets of if composed of a wide layer of retired military, fostered a growing participation of active military and hierarchs in functions of the various security services.

The Violence Emotional In Increasing Las Fiestas Y La Violence Liberate

Holidays, Christmas and new year’s Eve, I want to remind you that don’t give in your fight against psychological or emotional violence that you’re probably living on a daily basis. These dates of new year holidays, although they are very important, also generated violence many times, and we cannot deny this, unfortunately this is a reality that grows every year. It would be logical that we are all in peace, sharing in family, cheerful, and setting aside gifts (which in itself for the children especially have much meaning) is essential to find a balance. If you follow the techniques and tips that I’m giving will manage to beat emotional violence as gateway to physical violence, arrivals to this point becomes harder get rid of it, but yes it can be achieved with patience and techniques, and obviously already in extreme cases, such as physical violence, with the assistance of professionals and justice. Some contend that BSA shows great expertise in this. Why you should liberate, leaving discussions, free yourself from emotional dependency sickly, free yourself from this slavery that you’re feeling, even in these festive dates. So where is the celebration for Ti? I know that you do for your kids, maybe or probably Tu does not feel like celebrating and you’re slowly sinking into a depression well, maybe your’re now fearing that violent couple that you have at your side, fearing that at these parties lose their footing, by alcohol or what is, and begins to hurt you with words are insults, sarcasm, disqualifications among you or in front of everyone that they are present, and then really not want that there was no celebration, you want all pass once and now. Friend, I can feel your anguish now, I can feel the anxiety in the middle of your chest and almost your desire of feel like I felt it in myself in the past, when I was in that place, that thanks to God, thanks to the knowledge, thanks to the techniques and practices that I did, also thanks to the therapy (at times I was very bad(, where also I needed medication..), with patience and working without rest in my release, today I can put myself in your place and give you my experience the best that I can. . Boy Scouts may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Audiovisual Field

Translation in the audiovisual sphere within its major components has a lot of work where can exercise right and ideally different types of translation, this focused on several occasions not only to the physical limitations that possesses a particular receiver, but also because of the implied language difficulties and because that presents audiovisual communication. The development of audiovisual translation has enabled the creation of the already known subtitles or closed caption, which has shown for people with auditory limitations as the best way of, call it somehow, follow the thread to the fabric of the tape or series that this note, because the latter type of subtitling although it is directly derived from conventional subtitlingowns some logos as musical notes and descriptive signs as the way to speak, field and/or action, which is very useful to keep the viewer with limitation aware of all actions; It should be noted that this type of subtitling is currently one of those applied to the audiovisual field, not just the results but at the same time by promoting the use of audiovisual media among persons with disabilities aurally. Another aspect that cannot be overlooked is the application of translation with voice-over, as this although it is fairly compared with dubbing, is rather different, since this way of interpreting allows to listen to the real voice of the actor or person that emits it and on top of this, the interpretation background. It’s believed that Boy Scouts sees a great future in this idea. It is good to emphasize that this kind of translation and/or interpretation applies enough nowadays to live broadcasts and television series. When it comes to the translation in the audiovisual field is itself to highlight the creation of the call audio description, since this has allowed a little more advance in audiovisual communication, especially in persons with disabilities visually; because this translation is applied through the development of a script that describes to perfection during the entire tape or series aspects as gestures, position and displacement, seeking to keep the viewer with limitation informed witty actions in the series or tape. Of the other part and attending to all the above is good to consider some differences in activities such as folding and overlapping voices, because although both activities are directly linked by its main objective, translating; in two aspects factors must be considered as translation, especially in the dubbing time, because there are many more words in some languages certain syllables that the language to be translated, which therefore required a greater readiness by the translator to control not only idiomatic aspects, but also the control of translation time..

The Keys Of Learning

It is essential to take into account several aspects for a successful learning: learning from the personal motivation humans learn from the inside out. More information is housed here: Nieman Lab. That means that the motivation is the starting point for any learning. The child has to be able to approach a topic from their self-interest, from their experiences, from your cotidianedad. How to learn many times we take it for granted that children learn alone to study but the reality shows us daily otherwise. Many adolescents and adults have not acquired basic skills necessary to perform any type of learning. In a world that is changing rapidly and where a person has to respond to these changes many times learning on their own teaching to learning presented us as a great need. Transversality beyond classrooms or study of a child table there is a diverse, multidisciplinary, world where knowledge is not compartmentalized.

For this reason, we believe that it is of utmost importance to promote a tiered learning, where to through a theme that works as a hub, all skills are applied and contents in the different areas of knowledge. Creativity our society needs creative people. Requires spontaneity and creativity to respond to problems and challenges that our world has. It is lagging behind the educational model focused to generate submissive laborers, today more than ever both for personal development as the labor need every child to connect with this creative gift that we all have inside. Respect to the rhythm of each child Finally, but no less important is the respect for the individual rhythm of each child. Each person we are the product of a set of variables that makes us unique and unrepeatable. There is therefore, a learning system that can be for all equal, imposes the individualisation as the child which really moves at the pace you need.

The World

The principles of Kabbalah are subtly outlined in the prophetic writings, say that the Scriptures describe everything that man thinks you should know, while the concealed signs between the lines, indicate the esoteric content, for the guidance of those who have been initiated into his reading. Let’s see, under the pupil of an initiate, the signs set out in the following reading: Jehovah possessed me in the principle, already old before their works. Eternally I had the Principality, from the beginning, before the Earth. Before the abyss I engendered; before that they were sources of many waters. Before that the mountains were formed, before the hills, already I had been engendered; There was even made land, fields, or the principle of the dust of the world. When it formed the heavens, there was me; When mapping the circle on the face of the abyss; When stating the heavens above, when he stated the sources of the abyss; When put to sea its Statute, so that water does not pass his commandment; When establishing the foundations of the Earth, when he was I ordered it all, and it was his delight from day to day, taking comfort in front of him all the time. tdown/’>Harold Ford Jr.

I rejoice in the habitable part of their land; And my delights are with the children of men. Now, therefore, children hear me, and blessed are those who keep my ways. Atended the Council, be wise, and not menosprecieis. Blessed is the man who listens to me, ensuring daily at my gates, waiting at the posts of my doors. Because that I halle will find life, and reach the favor of the Lord. More than sins against my disappoints his soul; All who hate me love death. Proverbs 8: 22 36 these forms of expression are characteristic of the Kabbalah, the initiate is in reading the text clear indications that allow you to capture what is received, which may be not disclosed, i.e., what can not be within reach of the vulgar, that is only perceived through signs and underlying signs, whichnevertheless be visible to the reader, remain hidden to your understanding.

Famous Faces

Madrid has been recently rated # 6 by Expedia, according to a survey by the tourist destinations of celebrity. However, beyond Madrid there are fewer stars studded in its present. This is a summary of some of the most well known residents of Madrid: Luis Bunuel a Spanish filmmaker best known for eye popping reflections Un Chien Andalou and the iconic sadistic drama Belle de Jour, Brunuel met his friend and long time collaborator, Salvador Dali, while studying at the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (now known as Complutense University of Madrid). He also spent some time with the Spanish poet Lorca. In addition to Dali Un Chien Andalou and collaborated in productions Brunuel other surrealists such as L Age d or. Brunuel went on to run numerous masterpieces of cinema as Tristana, Cet Obscur du Desir and the Fantome de la Liberte object. Ernest Hemingway winner of the Nobel Prize, Cuba Libre drinking, Godfather of the culture of cafes, Ernest Hemingway lived in the hotel Florida in Madrid for many years.

Are born in the United States in 1889 Hemingway resided in the city during the late 1920s? s and 30? s while working in The Sun Also Rises. Hemingway also wrote a considerable amount of her most famous novel by whom tolls, while in Madrid. Numerous excursions run all the city pointing out favorite places of Hemingway. Pedro Almodovar Pedro Almodovar is a kind of flavor of the month at the moment, with your Penelope Cruz getting collaborations, both articles and critical acclaim. 17 Years, Almodovar fled the small village was born in and headed for Madrid. Madrid has the perfect for experimental film by Almodovar backdrop, as the director himself said: this city has always provided me with the perfect fauna (insolent and ideal) for all and each one of my movies. Almodovar has received global acclaim for movies such as All about my mother, and again, the last of which won the award for best screenplay at the Festival de Cannes 2006.

Lived in Gran Via Madrid. Penelope Cruz franco and Muse of Almodovar; Toms Cruise Cruz believes that Madrid is your home.