Humanitarian Assistance

The international community assists the trend, growing, increase humanitarian aid to natural disasters. Without going any further, the United Nations have sought to give solidity in recent years to an emergency fund and a lattice of multilateral cooperation aimed at providing quick and effective assistance to countries suffering from a tsunami, an earthquake, flood or any other sudden tragedy. The Governments of many countries have contributed significant amounts, although, as it is usual, few fully meet the commitments related to the provision of these items. Also quite a few Governments have favoured the creation of national funds or cooperation structures intended for such purposes. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Warehouses for food and necessities are enabled, it boasts aircraft, personnel on guard and military groups with humanitarian preparation situation. They are advances that have allowed to act with a certain efficiency in some extreme situations of recent times.

Of course we can only consider these actions as successes if we compare them with previous missions full of lack of coordination, sluggishness, lack of resources and apathy (when not of ill will from corrupt and totalitarian rulers) that allowed that thousands of people suffer the rigors of nature without any help. Neither it can nor should doubt that this policy of international cooperation should continue to be developed on the same line. Source: Viktor Mayer-Schönberger . Millions of people lose your home and your family from night to morning, whole countries are devastated without regeneration capacity. However, it should be pointed out certain risks related to these events and that could pervert the overall sense of a proper cooperation, including in the humanitarian aid emergency. Tip international cooperation towards emergency aid means in many cases forget pockets of persistent poverty in many regions of the world. The media are very sensitive to a tsunami, we say, provided that they have new and poignant images. In the meantime, they spend months and year without recalling pandemics and miseries that claim the same lives silently.