Exclusive Products

XclusiV presents cult products from Austria of 15 November this year was the day the producer and provider on the “market place Austria” in Vienna could present their quality products of Austrian quality interested buyers from all over the world. The already well established event of the Chamber of Commerce of Austria was a success again this year. With this XclusiV food & beverages, provider of exclusive products of highest quality and creativity. The range of drink, the cult drinks from Carinthia, and the internationally award-winning Wenger include tube else GO mustard. The quality of mustard in the Golden tube found appeal, a market which is known for being that high attention is paid to the packaging especially for visitors from Asia. PCRM is full of insight into the issues.

Thomas Basdera by XclusiV: “we have participated in this event for the first time and fortunately had a number of very promising talks. We are sure the next weeks be busy, all to work on these and to carry on.” Also chocolate of company Hanau in the distinctive design of the Viennese artist Prof. Basdera you could admire at the event at XclusiV and also give it a shot. Hanauer, headquartered in Vienna, has sought an adequate design for the packaging of high-quality hand-made chocolate and found the internationally award-winning designer Prof. Franz Basdera, who implemented this project. Franz Basdera, with its colorful cows and stick figure known worldwide, which already have Museum honor, the packaging of the Hanau chocolate has undergone a facelift. The interest in the attractive candy was on the market square of Austria. It will be so sure that you will find the exclusive products from Austria in some new markets around the globe.

ABAS Software AG: Successful Trade Fair Presentation

ABAS and partners were highly satisfied with the first appearance on the IT & business Karlsruhe, October 20, 2009 – the mood in the economy is improving rapidly and many businesses establish themselves new, front to be when the economy again. It felt that the company-IT plays a central role, of the ABAS Software AG employees exhibiting at the fair and their partners. If you would like to know more then you should visit Alona Tal. The interest in the abas business software was very great at all days of the fair. Ideal platform for ERP round 7,000 visitors found their way to the trade fair for software, infrastructure & IT-service – IT & business. The focus of the events organised by the 6.10 8.10.09 in Stuttgart was on ERP software. This is reflected also by the exhibitors. Additional information is available at Boy Scouts of America.

Instead of one-third of the 312 came from this area. And thus ABAS was able to welcome many decision makers with concrete buying interest on the trade fair stand that is open and inviting. The abas appearance was supported by two high-profile presentations in the Messe-Forum. Robert Wild by the ABAS consulting spoke about: “Successful project management is no coincidence! Presentation of the professional introduction strategy of the abas business software”. The speech aroused great interest and was called the presentation highlight of the first day of the fair in the newsletter of the computer magazine. Also the contribution of the abas user Ritz pumps on the second day of the fair was very well attended. Hans-Jurgen Steeb spoke about experiences with its enterprise IT: just a few of the statements, the CIO presented the numerous listeners were “we have since introduction of the abas business software can reduce our lead times by 25-50%, our delivery has risen to over 90%, with abas ERP we have a versatile sport boat in contrast to the cumbersome tanker of earlier today”.

Voices of the partner: Klaus Frey of the ABAS design is looking forward to the next time: “the quality of the contacts was outstanding. We were surprised by the variety of the talks. We were very, very pleased with the course of the first IT & business. Positive is also the conclusion of the ABAS Informationssysteme: “I presented almost continuously from the beginning of the exhibition to the end of the fair,” OLAF is happy pussy. Also Andreas Perneker shining: “our contacts were highly qualified, interested parties as well as on the client side. Here, we have received very specific tasks to the timely implementation of projects at the fair. In addition, we had a great booth, a great atmosphere and many great contacts. It doesn’t a highly successful event in total. Robert Wild by the ABAS consulting: “the booth was top. The abas stand stands out through its size alone. Everyone realizes now that quality it is.” Also, Julia Iltgen and Gunther lang of the ABAS Informationstechnologie were thrilled: “we had numerous leads from the Munich area. The company representatives, who came to the fair, have specific interest and want to decide soon. The visitors were very qualified. It has pays off for us to exhibit in Stuttgart.” That’s Peter Researches of the ABAS Software AG similar to: “on the IT & business we have filtered those interested in the field of ERP. “Every contact a hit.” Contact: ABAS Software AG, Christoph Harzer, Sudendstr. 42, 76135 Karlsruhe,, 67-23-0, de/presse/presse.htm

Heinze Kunststofftechnik

Process optimization of manufacturing, the company was founded in 1931 by Richard Heinze in Herford and initially manufactured furniture hinges and metal fittings. In the 1950s, the area of plastic injection molding the portfolio expanded. The scope of services is consistently developed through targeted acquisitions. In addition, the regions expanded research and development, tooling and fixtures, as well as introduced new interface technologies. Today the area offers a depth of value creation plastic engineering and surface technologies at Heinze Kunststofftechnik GmbH & co. KG, which is unique in Germany.

Heinze Kunststofftechnik successfully deploys the archive solution of dg hyparchive for years. The generated documents such as delivery notes, Warenbegleitscheine and forwarding orders via autoconnect are automatically generated from the ERP system Baan. Then, the relevant fields are read out, enriched with additional index values from the database, and archived. Now, the company has decided its existing strain gauge and To expand archive solution and includes the E-mail communication in information management. Heinze Kunststofftechnik uses Outlook Exchange Enterprise-wide as E-mail solution. The good experiences with dg hyparchive and the longtime, trustful cooperation with bpi solutions have resulted in the positive decision for dg mail when Heinze Kunststofftechnik in addition to the functional requirements. The introduction of E-mail archiving solution to relieve the MS Exchange Server, as well as significantly reduce the mailbox size for the respective user. Thanks to the real single instancing, the volume is reduced on average by 80%, attachments of emails that have been sent to multiple recipients, for example, be archived only once.

Predefined E-Mail Archiving policies, as well as the uncomplicated archiving concept ensures a user-friendly handling. Both the incoming and outgoing messages and their attachments are tamper-proof archived in the company using rule-based criteria. Each email will be reduced on a link of 2 KB and unnecessary copies of attachments are removed. The stored information will be quickly recovered with intelligent full-text search and restored if necessary at your fingertips.


Security on all travel – high quality flashlights in accordance with the StVZO NexTORCH which is particularly reliable and high-quality flashlights manufacturer in Government and army circles since 2006 well known finally NexTORCH specifically for police, emergency services and military special LED flashlights manufactures. This extremely robust and powerful LED lights are finally available since 2013 in Germany at nextorch.de. Currently one pleased at NexTORCH Germany especially, that all NexTORCH offer flashlights at the public, German transport companies such as the railway and all travel company, the z.B, bus travel on board can be used. The NexTORCH LED flashlights exceed all requirements pursuant to section 54b of the StVZO and are the best accompaniment as also for private travelers when it comes to security. In terms of reliability, NexTORCH are already getting very far forward flashlights.

Already in the development of the high power LED flashlights are all components for guaranteed durability trimmed. In the production of each individual NexTORCH LED flashlight is precision so only flashlights worked to extradite, that really give in every situation, in every usage of-40 C to + 85 C reliable light. Of course, the LED flashlights from NexTORCH are totally waterproof and shock-resistant. Now NexTORCH has set higher standards for LED lights: with the NexTORCH Saint Torch 3-a high-tech flashlight that literally puts all other lights in the shadows. The NexTORCH Saint Torch 3 brings it to a brightness of 2600 lumens, achieved a lighting range of guaranteed at least 445 metres this LED flashlight! The special battery of the NexTORCH Saint torch 3 flashlight is a high power over very long time off and allows for long missions. But, the additional functions are a special highlight of this high performance flashlight. So this LED flashlight can SOS automatically light up and the 2600 lumens light output.

There are a defensive mode, here that flashes NexTORCH Saint Torch 3 confused E.g. attacker with a Strobe Flash, immediately, the perspective taking each villain, and can be incapacitating, competes with the Saint Torch 3 so any thunderstorm at a brightness of 2600 lumens. Conclusion: The reliable NexTORCH flashlights are the perfect companion for all travel around the globe and the perfect companion for your everyday life.

Balanced Scorecard Partnership

A closer examination of, such as two companies a balanced scorecard can build sales partnership and achieve their goals. There are numerous opportunities to cooperate projects within the framework of the balanced scorecard for company. Such a partnership is first and foremost a fully automated affiliate program, which companies involved offers up to 30% revenue share. Depending on the request, adjustments to customer-specific requirements can be made here. You can register at any time sales for this partner program of the balanced scorecard, when it considers it appropriate. The distributor shall ensure that a balanced scorecard for customer business reflects its strategic objectives. Then they set up their decisions regarding the resales, the sales of higher-value products or additional and complementary features.

Regardless of how they make their sales, an easier start is very important. There exist no contractual obligations. As long as two Shops fit together can a smooth partnership be ensured, which benefits both sides. The strategic objectives of entrepreneurs should thereby on the balanced scorecard aligns designer which allows you access to all kinds of data from the software. With the help of the SQL counters partner can perform their sales activities without any registration the balanced scorecard.

The entrepreneurs have contacts to potential customers that they can work together, so a business balanced scorecard with great benefits can be used. The databases can be retrieved on it anywhere, because you can work online with SQL indicators. This is quite convenient for a company, because the online uploaded can at any time access information back, no matter from where. All data is stored in an open XML format. Developers can write scripts that are for the import from the Unternehmensscorecard of importance. Noteworthy is also that the company for a successful balanced scorecard partnership has partners with a common strategic goal. It is well known that a connected network is made possible by the use of a balanced scorecard. A KPI collection should have sufficient information to promote the product directly. Because even if you have on a single balanced scorecard for all users, all information therein are reflected. This is very important – especially if the strategic objectives of a company must be implemented as soon as possible. There are such programs as the KPI can support collection, the designer of BSC BSC BSC Toolkit, report, a collaboration between companies to a common goal and advance. Even if it does not directly sell the product, many benefits from this partnership can be achieved, especially if one focuses on a common Marktniche. It is simply a partnership for the balanced scorecard to enter products. The company should only have current information about the software you choose. Can be obtained this information with a recommendation on the part of a reliable network, the better. Also, acting together companies and on a common Web page should work. So, for example, both sides should enter their partner in a list. As a result, the partnership within the framework of the balanced scorecard sales is made known. Add unique and relevant content on its Web site, the visitors will have a better chance to find them. Sam Miller, BSCDesigner.

Green Line PCS

The PC green line family shows, what modern full inverter can Berlin, March 2012 – the PCS power converter solutions GmbH in Berlin expands its portfolio consistently for electricity generation in wind turbines. The inverter family PC green line represents the current state of the art. And with PC green line system, the company evolved into the system provider. Excerpts from the green line full inverter family as well as an exhibit of the reactive power converter solution 1000 presents Green Line PCS from 16 to 19 April 2012 on the EWEA in Copenhagen, Hall C3-C29, stand C 1-4. Wind energy has become the backbone of the energy revolution in Germany. Make sure the power supply from wind energy, wind turbines need reliable and efficient inverter. The full inverter family PC green line is suitable for turbines with electric and permanently excited synchronous generator. It is characterized by high reliability, a modular product concept and the specific know-how of the Berlin based company in the field of grid codes and network compatibility. Also the retrofit LVRT reactive solution PC green line is 1000 PCS green line family. The reactive current judge family is now available in two performance classes. It is designed for use in a single wind turbine and can also be integrated into the inverter system for existing plants. Easy integration as well as a first class value for money tipped the scales for the use of the Green line, for example, for e.n.o. energy power module in a certified overall system e.n.o. 82. 1000 IGBT-based and DCU family based on IGBT-based 4-quadrant converter solid converter of the PC green line. Its centerpiece, the 3-phase power module, provides for maximum performance. The mains and the generator-power converters are connected via a voltage intermediate circuit. The spatially dense arrangement of the three phases on a water heat sink reduces the leakage inductance in the voltage intermediate circuit. Rugged, durable film capacitors are used as intermediate circuit capacitors. A power module provides 500 kW (620 kVA). By Parallel reactors the inverters of the Green line family in increments of 500 kW are scalable. On the EWEA in Copenhagen, PCS demonstrates all aspects of the solution from the control and regulation functions of the modularity and flexibility up to part load. On the example of the Green line 1000 with the network-friendly wind power plants be retrofitted, will experience the outstanding know-how of PCS around the worldwide web a dining policies. Of course, also self-developed control DCU (drive control unit) presents the intelligence of the power converters PCS. The compact, modular and EMC compatible microprocessor-controlled electronics is responsible among other things for the scheme, the protection and the supply within the inverter. It was designed based on maintenance-free components and has an exceptionally high degree of integration. Grid code and network capability to meet the requirements of network operators, supplies the PC green line 1000 with short-term Power interruptions a reactive one. While the inverter actively compensated some of the harmonics. A required reactive current is provided within 12 ms. There is a chopper, which significantly increases the operational safety power failures in each performance closet. The energy emitted by the generator is implemented in the chopper resistance in heat, until the pitch control has turned the rotor blades of the wind and the system comes to a standstill. The technology has been already successfully tested under difficult climatic conditions and certified in the largest test center for wind power plants in China. More and more wind power plant operators are looking for an integrated total solution for the conversion of wind energy into electricity package of PC green line system. PC green line system stands as a complete solution consisting of inverters, generators, and transformers for a sophisticated integrated energy system. The basis for the successful establishment of PC green line system in the market is the intensive Cooperation of PCS with power-Geratebau GmbH (SGB) from Regensburg, Germany, one of the world’s leading providers of power transformers. A dynamic team with great experience PCS PCS is an independent manufacturer of inverters with a lot experience, around 240 skilled employees and a turnover of EUR 63 million. The electrical equipment of the Berlin company have proven themselves already over 70,000 copies in the harsh conditions of the use of rail (PCS rail) as well as for the highly dynamic requirements of the industry (PCS blue line). Since 2005, PCS in energy production from wind power ensures fresh air.

Federal Government

The Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs has extended up to 31.12.2015 (ddn) financial support for the demography network e.V.. “The job: managing demographic change through self-organized regional business networks within the framework of the overall strategy of the ddn” to support the official name of the project. Since its inception in 2006 ddn has won some 300 new members and eleven thematic and 17 regional working groups. In addition, the network has created among other things with its book series, its conferences, the demographics wiki, his website and his newsletter information offers, actively used by economics and politics. This great popularity shows how great is the need for information about the management of demographic change. This course should be continued in the next three years.

Ddn is to further expand the number of regional networks and specialized working group and broaden the range of guidance to the management of demographic change. In addition, the proven will ddn New quality of work (INQA) further intensifying cooperation with the initiative. Many entrepreneurs and business owners should have a chance in many regions of Germany to share with colleagues, and to learn from their experiences”Dr. Rainer Thiehoff, Managing Director of explains the course of network ddn. In addition, ddn is call a Board of Trustees of from renowned experts in the life, which aims to further strengthen the substantive work. For Board and headquarters, the extension of the promotion is a confirmation of their work, but also the occasion to thank. This success would not be possible without the many partners and supporters from politics, science and economics, but also without the many ddn members engaged and advance the substantive discussion,”Tairu is convinced.

Tairu groups affected ddn makes involved, extending the promotion is an incentive to intensify this course for us all”. The demography is ddn network a Association of over 350 companies and institutions, which together are responsible for more than two million workers. DDN is funded by the Federal Ministry of labour and Social Affairs and is anchored in the demo demography strategy of the Federal Government. DDN is part of the initiative new quality of work.


“More liquidity by factoring reduce errors when billing more liquidity through factoring reduce errors when billing exclusive figures to pallet movements in Germany lively discussion to the vocational drivers qualification Act: driver shortage is Mainz / food, November 25, 2010 100 transporters, forwarders and Fuhrparkverantwortliche met round worsen on 18 November on the occasion of this year’s transport info days” in Essen. Three lectures on innovative management methods and an exciting panel discussion on professional drivers qualifying law mediated practical knowledge and conversation piece for the exchange of ideas during the breaks. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Which is initiated by the Teleroute freight Exchange transport info days”are held for five years at different locations. “Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 towards a much improved liquidity Simon promised chess, Managing Director of the Association of factoring for SMEs” in his speech to the Receivables Management. You write the Bill on Monday and already have up to 90 percent of the proceeds in your account on Tuesday”, chess described the effects of the factoring. It sold all assets of a company on a so-called factor. This will immediately transfer the bulk of the due amount on the account of the provider and collects money for the Bill recipient. For this performance, the factor keeps two to three percent of sales.

In a sample calculation, chess illustrated that outweigh the costs for the service provider. The obtained liquidity beautiful the own credit line and make room to take discounts when the own invoices. Also eliminated the risk of bad debt losses. Chess, leading three company in addition to his work in the Association, recommended the factoring but first and foremost to the relieving of the own management. Instead of chasing the outstanding claims, you could concentrate again the corporate development or the acquisition of new customers. Wolfgang Sprunk, partner of d LOG value added services GmbH in his subsequent speech explained the typical error when writing invoices.

CCC Certificate

The CCIC Bremen GmbH, subsidiary of the CCIC headquartered in China, offers complete consulting services for exporting companies, which need a CCC certificate. China has grown into one of Germany’s main trading partners. However, exporters subject to the import regulations of the Chinese Government: one of the most common types of certification is the CCC (China compulsory certification) certification, which was introduced in 2002. This includes more than 22 product groups, over 160 products and parts and has hence great relevance for many companies exporters to China. While Chinese authorities such as the AQSIQ and the CNCA determine the guidelines for the import, certification authorities, such as the CQC, which is among the Group of CCIC, are entrusted with the implementation of the certification. The compulsory inspection for the China export belongs the CCIC Bremen GmbH since 1989 to the main services. . This is the first European subsidiary of CCIC group, the largest and at the same time most influential Certification firm in China and acts from Germany from across Europe with the same powers as the parent company.

The cooperation benefits German exporters with the Chinese authorities as the AQSIQ, which set the guidelines for imports of goods, therefore for years. Companies that abide by the import policies, can profitably use the many opportunities in the Chinese market. “The validity of the CCC-certificate is 5 years and must annually through so-called follow-up” audits are renewed. This requires an intensive preparation on the part of the companies that go through the application and testing process. The type test, which is performed on the spot in China, requires careful and detailed planning and preparation. A major advantage of the CCIC GmbH is the communication close to the Chinese bodies that company for its customers and shortens the entire process. As the cycle time plays an essential role for exporters, they benefit from the qualified support of the certification authority. By clarifying whether a product the CCC-certification compulsory subject to the definition of the required sample amount up to the audit preparation manufacturing companies are facing some challenges. The communication with the Chinese authorities and the specifics of the application often lead to the aggravation of the export conditions. The expert advice and support through the CCIC allows a quicker and more efficient access to the Chinese market so many manufacturers and eliminate regulatory hurdles in advance, because it could hinder the exports.

ABC Customers

Not always the strongest business sales data such as sales are also the most profitable customers or contributions can be judged according to how important they are in terms of specific goals such as customers or markets: A = very important, B = important, ABC analysis C = less important/unimportant allows with a focus of the totality of all items included in the investigation, to separate the essential from the non-essential and so the available property, Human and financial resources specifically to invest in profitable sales activities. An ABC analysis of customers can be created, for example, with a subdivision after solid sales sizes or with a subdivision according to percentages of the proportion of customers on the sales. An ABC assessment list can be created completely for all customers or for individual customer groups. With this ABC classification, the continuous credit monitoring of the A – and B customers can, as well as the Elimination of trivial C customers are based be. The importance of individual customer for the total turnover of the company shows the results of the analysis for ABC clients. This number can change in circumstances from year to year. It is important that based on these results, measures can be taken to secure the demand for the most important A customers increased sales activity.

Still possibly expected revenues could be compensated in particular A customer, in a timely manner through timely measures to increase revenue with B and C customers. Not all companies know their customers are profitable and which customers raise potentially negative effects on the result. The often practiced rating of customers after A -, B -, C – and D sales sizes is a license-rational grid and not suitable as a control instrument: sales of customer says only little is known about the profitability of the customers. It’s often the profitable customers who disproportionately take without loading or clearing services. The weaknesses avoiding the one-dimensional, purely sales-related ABC analysis can be in addition to the assessment scale of contribution margin, expand it. From 9 possible customer classes derive: the AA customers with high turnover and DB share have the highest customer value, the CC customers in contrast, the lowest value of the customer. Further information on detailed customer analysis and calculations: Becker, Jorg, intellectual capital report with customer barometer, 2009, ISBN 978 3 8370 5177 3 Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (www.beckinfo.de)