A Miracle For All

In the country were inexplicable events occurring during the last days and people started to use a word frequently to refer to them: miracles. As told in the marketplace, on roads where the meadow saw the fig tree and stand erect in the fields and places where the vine was cultivated it to extract valuable blood were wonderful events happening and nobody was a successful form to justify them. So came to faith and religion as a way to find the truth. And all pointed to a prophet as the author of the alleged miracles. According to the stories of ordinary people that man by the power of the angels was capable of turning water into wine, to heal every disease and sickness, to relieve severe pain, to free the possessed and to remove all the ills to epileptic and paralytic. For his great charisma, but above all for its power to heal, always great crowds followed him.

His fame had grown so much that the king felt jealousy of him. And a little fear. Shortly before the powerful rulers had beheaded a prophet, the baptized in the river, he had denounced his adultery with the wife of his brothers. But now the prophet seemed to have risen and was more popular than the king himself among the citizens of the nation. The president proposed to capture this man, be it a spirit raised from those who slept the eternal sleep, or a common mortal of those whom they can head off with a sharp sword through his heart or the spear of a righteous of his faithful soldados.Pero the prophet did not appear anywhere apparently not yet had time to give face to separate the king from his throne, or to lay down his life for the good of the country.