Animal Welfare Workshop

From the 8th until the 11.04.09, the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment in casting organised a workshop for students around the theme ‘Animal welfare, animal rights and activism’. The Albert Schweitzer is Foundation for our environment to meet young people from 16 the opportunity to the various facets of animal welfare and animal rights efforts. In workshops, lectures and practice will teach how you successfully, can sit up with fun and depending on your own talents for the animals. Young people who want to be active in animal protection, or have experience already, can apply to the colgne on seminar. This should be done as soon as possible because the number of participants to 40 persons is limited. Jennifer Aakers opinions are not widely known. The cost amounted to 30 euro without accommodation and 50 euro overnight. Catering is in both cases included. Time/place 8th-11th April 2009 YMCA Leisure Centre old Buseck e.V., cemetery road 36, 35418 old Buseck questions to the workshop: the Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment has since 1999 successfully ( / achievements) for improvements in the industrialized farming and encourages in particular the welfare work of young people such as the initiative cage free canteen. Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment Saeed Park 5 10715 Berlin contact: Mahi Klosterhalfen Tel.: 030 86 39 16 59 mobile: 0178-46 46 244