Antivirus Center Warns ICQ

Experts of "Antivirus Center" pay attention to the frequent cases of fraud among users of the program ICQ. According to the company last week was kidnapped from a huge number of ICQ-numbers. As explained by the head of the expert group of "Antivirus Center Nikolai Ionov, theft ICQ – rooms come with malware – trojans and most of them aimed at abduction of six-digit number, which owns quite a limited range of ICQ-users. Hackers use a variety of methods: they are all related to the theft ICQ – numbers and use them to commit misconduct. Typically, stealing numbers, "Acequia" attackers have several aims: In – the first – its further sale. For most users, the program ICQ in fashion" six-digit numbers. Many dream become happy owners of facilities "ICQ", which coincides, for example, with the number of personal phone.

Therefore, very popular now gaining internet – auctions, where there is a trade ICQ-numbers, most of them stolen. At such auctions, the cost of a number of "beautiful" numbers can reach several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If we consider that the theft rates for the attacker is practically no risk to bear for their actions punishment, it becomes clear why the extent of ICQ-fraud have increased steadily. In – the second, stealing the ICQ-number of the user, often for fraud is a list of his contacts. Then, under the guise of the familiar man, hackers can ask, for example, "urgent rescue and transfer a sum of money. Recently, one of the users received a message reading: "Hi, Alex! Listen, I'm stuck in a traffic jam to me an urgent need to make a call from out of town client, and the balance to zero.