Atkins Diet Protein

The truth about the Atkins Diet probably heard talk about this diet to lose weight and prevent weight. However despite the acquired fame, we need to know its benefits but interested also its consequences unfavourable. which person not in having the spectacular body of a famous Hollywood star? Sometimes we do not repair in harmful diet and do anything that is fashionable to lose weight, although seriously affect health. Be fat often is consequence of a life sedentary, lack of time for physical activity or fast food (usually caloric). These factors seriously affect health and hinder the stability of our weight.Physical condition deteriorates, however the greatest problems is the emotional and mental deterioration that we can lead to low self-esteem and consequently to depression.

People in the desire to lose weight and prevent weight rely on products that indiscriminately promise almost magical results, which not only provide no solution but that some in the majority of cases seriously resent our body. We must take care in our election and in all cases with medical supervision. Diet doctor Robert Atkins (its creator) became famous in 1972, being quite effective and successful. Based on that carbohydrates are the main reason for weight gain. It is said that to reduce the intake of items such as sugar, cellulose and starch, will be lost several kilos.

According to Dr. Atkins avoiding eating potatoes, pastas, grains, vegetable starch and sugar, transforms the metabolism and body functions as a true fat burner. However approves all matter rich in protein and fat intake, especially recommends the consumption of animal protein. Although this diet has many fans and has been successful in some cases, another similar amount of people subjected it to severe criticism. This is due to that this diet meals contain insignificant amounts of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients. It raises cholesterol. In addition for being based on consumption animal protein, vegetarians have difficulties to adopt it. The American Heart Association (AHA) is an organization nonprofit, whose mission is to improve the health of the population decreasing cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular accidents. To fulfill its mission the AHA has different programs focused on the prevention, food and education. This association is of the view that a high protein diet is not sufficient to avoid weight, in addition to causing a nutritional deficiency and other problems associated with cholesterol (heart failure) in the long term. Finally, critics believe that eating meat and other products of high protein can lead to osteoporosis, the colon cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease. We must be informed of guaranteed sources when choosing a diet to lose weight and avoid excessive weight, taking into account the contribution of nutrients essential to our body and moderate consumption of fats. Do not forget the importance of balance in any case mental, emotional and physical.