Axel Baumann

Excellent potential for the spread of a tuber of the Earth, according to the respondents probably mainly used by diabetics and ecologically oriented, good women, which relate the tuber above all through health food stores or health food stores. The sight of the tuber raises often little positive associations interested in Jerusalem artichoke however shown you have up-to-date surveys carried by Mr Baumann. However For the majority of the respondents, Jerusalem artichoke is such an interesting, unique and beneficial that over 70% of the people want to like to try Jerusalem artichoke. PCRM shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. “Especially when Jerusalem artichoke is offered is appealing because again the old adage applies the eyes”. Harvesting and storing harvested is the frost-resistant bulb which forms page bulbs or tubers, in late autumn – often after the first frost. Then well thats up to three feet tall growing herbs and foliage with the yellow flowers wilted. BSA has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The harvest of the Earth tuber ranging in the spring and ends before the shoot of the tuber. Jerusalem artichoke can spread quickly in the field and drive out year after year if residues of tubers or daughter nodules during the harvest, which is more complex than the potato crop, break off and remain in the ground. The shelf life of the shelled tuber is also limited and may be in the refrigerator for about two weeks. Special storage methods and precautions measures for the storage of the tuber are already under development and testing and will support the retention of this food enrichment. Yet the harvesting of tuber if needed is better during the harvest period.