Being Number One

Since I’ve been in business online, one of the objectives is to be at the top in search engines, especially in large G. However, when you’re trying to make money online, being number one is not unique. I have met many people and spend extraordinary amounts of time, money and effort to be number one in search engines. Some have done so, others here we go. However, there is something to be clarified. Being number one in a search engine is not going to give money.

At least not as you imagine. Many people go to the illusion that the way up in the search will take tons of traffic and, therefore, money. no. That someone views your site on the first page only can give a visitor. It’s your site, your content and your offer will give you the money. I suppose you’ve been to places that only give crappy pity and anger for having lost 5 seconds of your life have fallen there. It is important that your visitors do not have that impression of you.

Otherwise, all your work is useless. With I do not mean it is not important to optimize your site for search engines, but you have to know that it is most important. An online business requires several things are in place to work and you have to just get into everything. The organic traffic from search engines is focused and free, but those sales are going to pay for all his efforts. It’s sad, but if your site sucks, what you’ve invested in your optimization campaign will go through a tube, especially if the changes you make will change the variables you have in the first place on search engines. So worry by search engines, but, above all, optimized for humans, who are those who visit your site. Get everything right for an algorithm can give you a reason to brag with your acquaintances, but not necessarily give you money. Design with marketing in mind. Then you can optimize all you want. Well, that if you want to make money online. V