Business And Crises

Conventional wisdom suggests that in times of crisis is sold less. But this is an analysis which in MEDIFORMPLUS, the Management Consulting and Strategic Marketing works with nearly 400 offices throughout Spain, it is superficial and biased. "Looking in detail the evolution of sales in parapharmacy, we can confirm that it is not quite true. In times of crisis have changed. Understanding them is essential in developing strategies in the pharmaceutical, promotional, policy or price stickiness, as explained Diana Galan, Mediformplus external consultant and assistant professor at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. And is that for this renowned consultancy need only refer to key data and accurate as the survey conducted by the British firm M & C Saatchi, entitled "Reacting to Recession" (Responding to the crisis) which identifies different types of customers according to their reactions to the crisis to realize that it is sold less because the economy accompany. "Bridging the gap between our country and the British can draw some important conclusions in deciding how to work with our customers," says Galan.

The crash-dieters, or followers of strict regime (20% in the UK market). In order of importance for market volume story, our neighbors placed first in this figure. They are a segment of women over lower middle class, whose aim is to spend as little as possible. "In the drug pharmacy are buying only because parapharmacy items are purchased in other stores (mainly supermarkets and discounts). There is no business. " We follow the curtailed (18.7%).