Chinchilla is very beautiful and charming creature. Lively, cheerful, like a fluffy ball, Chinchilla will leave no one indifferent to his person. With proper care and feeding of Chinchillas live about 20 – years. No problem Train is a miracle, and he will gladly replace your puppy or kitten. The most interesting thing in the chinchilla – her character. Every day, it can be different and it should not be intimidating.

If you decide to tame a Chinchilla, it is desirable not to frighten or squeeze the first time. Allow freedom of movement, try to talk more, and at the same time that a permit and show it. They are very tame animals quickly become accustomed to the habits of the family. The most important thing to love and Chinchilla to repay you loyalty and friendship. Our nursery is located in Moscow and breeding of these animals we are doing ourselves. The first family were purchased in early 2007 and currently we have 20 tribal families of the German breeds. In color can offer chinchillas: Standard gray; Sapphire velvet beige velvet black, White Wilson, White Ebony. The most important thing – is that we are not resellers and do not deal with imported animals. All chinchillas were grown us with great love and hope that they will get in your caring hands.