Christian Prayer

No matter where and why someone is in crisis, stuck in a rut or how it feels locked up, it is always the man himself, has led. The law of cause and effect, the karma that has us in its wings. Also the ancestral history of the Christian doctrines speak or we know well from the family constellations here plays an important role here. In seemingly hopeless situations, even the Unglaubigsten be prayer or seek God somehow and somewhere. Remember most of the time someone who perhaps graciously look on him and do something for him. For even more analysis, hear from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. A miracle is the least.

This is also the approach in which is located the perfect liberation. Finally, the prayer is the asking for a miracle. This prayer includes the belief that the impossible is possible. However, we may not see God as someone rather than pure consciousness. Anyone who creates it, his consciousness to raise miracles believes can learn miracles. No man can perform a miracle, but everyone can put themselves in such a State of consciousness, that miracle can flow through it. Everyone needs an individual instructions, as it comes to his personal wonders. Who followed them without ifs and buts with faith, can to welcome miracle in his life.

Who is all can be free of his hopeless situation already overnight or within a very short time. Own problems and the problems of many people who have sought advice and accompaniment at Sonja ch. Kelz, have inspired on the search to go, to be able to help people in this situation, to liberate themselves. To the point you manifested your own complete freedom with this method. At the same time it undertakes not to repeat the mistakes of the past and to make a contribution, so that they can multiply the love in the world by this miracle-bare experience. Sonja ch. Kelz