Forgiveness And A Course In Miracles

True forgiveness does not judge, nor condemns, or find some reason to forgive. True forgiveness takes the darkness of sleep before the light of truth, and in it, the darkness fades and sleep disappears. True forgiveness does not forgive anything, because it recognizes the meaninglessness of forgive an illusion, and in that recognition, all is forgiven. True forgiveness uses sleep as an instrument, because it knows that this world is the vehicle that will lead you back to your true home you can delay your turn, but in no way you can avoid it. Only when we perceive the innocence in all and everywhere, are prepared to unite with God in eternity of his love, and that innocence is that seen as practicing forgiveness, we removed the guilt that remains hidden in our unconscious mind. After removing all the obstacles that we have put on the road to love, our return to unity is immediate and definitive. True forgiveness is the hand that draw the veil hiding the presence of the love eternal and immutable.

The forgiveness which denies the reality of that in your world seems to happen, is the true forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t recognise the mistake to then forgive him. When we forgive from an attitude of giving reality to the error, or what is the same, when we perceive the absence of innocence, we do more than place ourselves in a place that not us corresponds, as the judges, is not a role that stands between our real functions. Forgiveness as is commonly known, is not true forgiveness, because he sits on the bases of the arrogance of the ego itself when we forgive the error, we are putting over the other person. We are saying to each other: look, you’re wrong, and I have reason, but as I am much better you, and also more spiritual, I am willing to forgive you this does nothing but increase the distance between your brother and you, and thus perpetuating the false idea that you are a separate entity in your interior. This is how many of those calls behave spiritual. So it is how it teaches us the religion that we must act in order to reach heaven, and this is how the ego world prolongs its existence. Forgive your brother, but since the recognition of his total innocence, that is yours also, and thus, the day in which no longer have anything else to forgive, because peace and love have regained the place that corresponds to them, and which have been never absent, except in the illusion.

Forgive your brother, and the day that you no longer have more need to perceive the universe of shapes and forms will disappear come before thee, will reveal the real universe, the universe of light. No more shadows, no more blame, no more projections, no more perception. Let’s step at creating true fruit of a thought of total love, and the joy of sharing our holiness. You are spirit. You are innocent and total. All is forgiven and freed. Amen original author and source of the article