Funeral Rites

So, at the lower levels of cultural development a rather indifferent attitude to the dead. In particular, the body could easily be employed in the food. But man is not a hyena and not the neck, and therefore, especially in the absence of the refrigerator still prefer fresh meat.

Here why, if the tribe someone was sick relatives often did not wait for his death and resorted to euthanasia. The benefit of this was a double – avoided dying dying agony, and his family decided food program. Probably eating his cousin, they appreciated (how else?) Reminisced about him. However, not everyone wanted to eat their relatives (apparently out of respect for him), and instead they traded them for other deceased, who then ate. Hopefully, too, with gratitude. But sometimes, in the case of extreme hunger, when there was no time to wait until someone gets sick there, the food were elderly. For example, only some 100 years back to Tierra del Fuego in the absence of other foods eaten by the natives, first of all the old ladies, and only after dogs.